Iran pledges media collaboration

30 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Iran pledges media collaboration Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa (left) speaks with Islamic Republic of Iran Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Abbas Navazani during a courtesy call at Munhumutapa offices in Harare yesterday.

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Columbus Mabika Herald Reporter

Zimbabwe and Iran yesterday pledged media collaboration that will enhance the creation of a vibrant media industry moving with contemporary standards and technology.

Iran Ambassador Mr Abbas Navazani paid a courtesy call on Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa yesterday where they discussed media reforms that have taken place since 2018.

Expressing happiness with the developing process of Iran-Zimbabwe relations after the meeting, Minister Mutsvangwa said Zimbabwe was willing to cooperate with Iran for mutual benefit as part of its engagement and re-engagement drive.

“We’re quite excited to be meeting His Excellency the Ambassador from Iran which is a very friendly country. As you know Iran is one of the countries we have suffered with as they are also suffering from illegal sanctions imposed on them by the Americans as the same situation with us and we have a lot to learn,” she said.

“As a ministry our mandate is to educate, entertain and inform, so what we have been talking about is to deepen our relationship and find strategic cooperation so that we can actually benefit from what Iran has done like exchange of information, television programmes and even equipment.”

Minister Mutsvangwa said President Mnangagwa was committed to seeing citizens enjoy deep and quality press freedoms for the benefit of democratic discourse in Zimbabwe as evidenced by the issuance of out six commercial television stations and many community radio stations, under the Second Republic.

She also briefed the ambassador various reforms the Second Republic has undertaken.

Ambassador Navazani said it was time both nations stop moaning about sanctions and make close collaborations for the good of their citizens.

“First of all I thank the minister for giving me this time to review our relations.”

At this very important and critical time on which Americas poses sanctions on both nations this is the time both friendly and brotherly countries should have a very close cooperation in many fronts especially on information where we have a huge potential, we can cooperate about the technology, training, you know Iran has a very progressive technology base about the broadcasting system,” he said.

“So already our broadcasting organisations and companies are ready to cooperate with Zimbabwe, so we reviewed our cooperation and we agreed that we should revive this cooperation’s and we will have a good cooperation in future.”

“We used to stand alongside Zimbabwe when it was under sanctions, and today with regard to the US’ pressures on both countries, relations and cooperation should further deepen”.

He stressed that friendship between the two governments and nations is imperative, adding, “With regard to the current state of relations between the two countries, these relations should further deepen to the interest of both nations”.

He said in near future there are plans to institute a joint commission which Iran will host where ministries, companies and organisations will participate and make agreements in several fields

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