Ibumba Festival roars to life Iyasa


Arts Correspondent
Annual arts fete Ibumba Festival roars to life tomorrow in Bulawayo. This year’s edition is running under the theme “Full On” and has been spiced up as it will be held at seven locations. The organisers say the festival aims at being the largest arts event in Bulawayo community. “This year’s edition marks our seventh year presenting an international programme to Bulawayo, and we have got a jam-packed selection of outstanding and eccentric shows.

“We have lined up the best comedy in town. “New writings will be on offer both literary and on stage as adaptations. “Some of Zimbabwe’s new voices, sounds and talent will be revealed at Ibumba 2015,” said the organisers.

The festival has seven major shows in theatre, music and dance. “We will present more than 40 shows in seven temporary spaces, including the main site of Stanley Square in Makokoba.

“The organisers desire that the International Festival be a platform for local acts to be played out equally as the International acts. “Even then the visitors will take home in their hearts a positive Zimbabwean African culture.”

Acts headlining the festival include Cal_Vin, Dumi, Crime Voices, IYASA and Keith Nkosi. The festival will be seven days of first-class music, dance, film, literature, arts, poetry, and theatre performances in this historic township.

Ibumba Festival is presented and hosted by Siyaya Arts from funds raised through performances. The festival is supported by Sabela Music Projects (Ltd) and the recently-formed Friends of the Festival.

The first-ever Ibumba Festival was in Bulawayo in 1996, with the major support of World Vision Zimbabwe. The festival saw the participation of Black Umfolosi, Savannah Arts, Sunduza, the hosts Nasa Theatre (now known as Siyaya), and representatives from more than 20 local arts organisations and groups.

The six-day programme saw strong links of local cultural exchange being established. Some groups from Binga, Harare and South Africa were forced to cancel their trips to Bulawayo to attend the second festival in 1997.

The festival saw the visiting Rangi Moja Theatre and Women’s Theatre from Germany. The participation of theatre groups from Germany saw collaborations with artistes from Nasa Theatre and the creation of a duet show called Koenig Kinder Abantwana Benkosi which was premièred at the same festival and later on performed and exhibited at venues in Germany.

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