Hip-hop producer persecuted over love

Hip-hop producer persecuted over love

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Arts Reporter
Hip-Hop best producer for 2015, “Anonzi Xander” (real name Alexander Mutumha), has become a target of massive criticism from fellow artistes, friends and fans following the revelation of his affair with fashion model and socialite Zaleekhah Khan. Khan, a single mother, has been dating the producer for almost six months and this did not go down well with his associates in the industry that have brewed a storm over the affair on social media.

In an interview, Anonzi Xander said he was happily in love with his fiancée and nothing can stop him. “People should learn to focus and mind on what matters to them most. Of late, ever since my relationship with Zaleekhah went public, I have lost friends and certain clients who seem not to approve of a bachelor dating a single mother.

“Some artists have taken to social media to blast me in a negative way by saying that I’m dumb or uneducated and silly, because I’m taking care of a child that is not biologically mine,” he said.

Anonzi Xander said both their families are happy with the decision. “Our families have accepted our relationship. We are planning to wed later in the year. The young boy is six years old and innocent. I love him. He is very bright and caring.

“What saddens me the most is all those that blast me on social media were mostly taken care of by their mothers in the absence of their fathers. Don’t they also want their mothers to be loved as well?” he said.

He said people should separate his business and love life.

“Because we are a true example that love exists and that one can still be happy after being abandoned with a child, I don’t think people should involve our love life and business. I am surprised with those dissing or leaving my stable,” he said.

Commenting on the issue, Khan said nothing will change.

“Well, when I look at him and our relationship I do not see a man I am dating or in love with only. I see my future husband, I see the father of my kids to come and a great daddy to Keyaan. My whole future will be with him,” she said.

Meanwhile Anonzi Xander, said he will continue producing good music despite the personal criticism.

“I have Christian hip-hop producer of year award 2014, Best Zim hiphop award 2015. I am still in the game.

“It’s no surprise my studio is the most consistent in releasing hip-hop year in year out.

“I’m the only producer who’s been nominated every year ever since the awards started five years ago,” he said.

The producer said 2016 started on a good note for him as he is walking the talk.

“I’m working on my album called ‘Call Box’, to be released soon. 2016 started on a good note for me.

“I am now being dressed by Raffles Fashions. I do social media management and branding for companies, working on creating a distribution platform that endorses and bridges the gap between hip-hop and local listeners.”

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