Lover wants to take his wife, girlfriends home


Court Reporter
A Harare woman has pleaded with the court to stop her boyfriend from chasing her out of her own house following an altercation over the boyfriend wanting to bring his wife home.

Jessica Chakudzuka alleged that her boyfriend, Siyani Magaya, was making endless efforts to get rid of her.

Chakudzuka, who was seeking a protection order against Magaya, told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa that he told her that he wanted to bring his wife to the house leading the pair into a heated argument.

“We were cohabiting at my house but now he is chasing me out of my own house saying he wants to bring his wife and girlfriends,” she said.

“He assaulted me to the extent that I had to run away from the house leaving him there. Each time I try to go back to my house he assaults me.

“He also rebukes me calling me all types of insulting names and he used to sexually abuse me forcing me to have sexual intercourse with him when I was not in the mood,” Chakudzuka said.

Magaya denied Chakudzuka’s allegations. He told the court that the house in question was their matrimonial property which they jointly own.

“I have never abused her as she is alleging and the house she is claiming to be hers is ours because I am the one who built it,” Magaya said.

Mrs Marehwanazvo ordered Magaya to stop abusing Chakudzuka in any way and refrain from chasing her out of the house.

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