Novelist targets promoting children’s dreams

Talent Chimutambgi Arts Reporter

Novelist Abraham Makamera is writing a book targeting children to help them with talent identification at a tender age in order to become experts in their areas of interest.

In an interview, Makamera who is employed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said as a writer, he was following the “catch them young” mantra in order to identify talented children..

The book titled “Chipo the Little Farmer” was published by Mwanaka Publishers as a collaborative work with Kenyan writer Amos Ndinyo Wanyama.

“This book targets children between the age of seven to 12, it is at this stage we should identify our children’s talent and capabilities in order to nurture and shape our young ones.

“After identifying our children’s aptitudes, we begin to support them from that tender age. Most parents and guardians expect their children to pursue academic disciplines to become a doctor or pilot, but some of them were born footballers, actors, farmers, or sculptors and even potters.”

In the book, Makamera urged parents and guardians to identify the gifts bestowed upon their children as they grow.

He also implored children to incessantly pursue their dreams without distractions.

“The book encourages parents and guardians and those with children under their custody to identify and embrace them as part of fine-tuning their capabilities and aptitudes.

“To the young ones, follow your dream, do it with passion and you will reach greater heights. Don’t despair.”

Makamera made headways into the arts industry after publishing books which were nominated for the National Arts Merit Awards under the outstanding fiction category. They included “Itai” and “Mboni” in 2019 and 2022 respectively.

Makamera highlighted the importance of the collaboration as part of making inroads into international scene, and he roped in Wanyama to do illustrations.

He said some of the copies were well-received by the Kenyan community.

“My book can also be accessed by the Kenyans. My partner is also highly recognised owing to his excellent work. He is a seasoned illustrator who is currently working with different publishers in his country and beyond.”

Makamera gave a brief summary of the book: “Chipo lives in the village with her parents. She is a brilliant girl at school and her dream was to become a great farmer when she grows up. This surprises her parents, but they agree to support their daughter’s ambition until she becomes famous in their village.

“Chipo is awarded a goat by his father after she came first in her class. She is frustrated after her goat eats her vegetable and is encouraged to remain resolute by a friend. Until at the end Chipo enrols at a university to study agriculture.”

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