Girls shining through equal opportunities

Girls shining through equal opportunities

FAITH CCOSA2015 A-Level results reveal that more girls passed as compared to the boys. Is this a sign that we are moving towards a time when girls will rule the world and problems of gender inequality will be a thing of the past?

I think being intelligent doesn’t mean you are a great leader even Isaac Newton the great scientist never expressed interest in ruling because these are two different fields. Ruling is not only about being intelligent. One has to also posses leadership qualities. Yes educating a woman is like educating the whole nation and yes great leaders come from women not necessarily meaning woman have the dominance over men but given the opportunity to rule, why not? Women are proving beyond doubt that they are intelligent so they may be intelligent rulers also.

Nyasha Chirebvu (16), Glen Norah 2 High School

* * *

No girls will rule over boys because they have passed but it is a remarkable thing showing that girls are more academically equipped as compared to the boys.

This will somehow ensure equal opportunities in the workplace as well as decision making in our country. Even if girls will not be rulers their words may be taken seriously in the future because they are showing the capacity and ability to rule.

Shaloom Jena, Glen Norah 2 High School

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I think it’s something that has always been happening over the years and it’s not only this year so this doesn’t mean girls will rule in future but it just proves that they are not less human. Actually girls are more intelligent when they are still in school they somehow tend to lose it as they grow older. Boys will always be dominating and it’s not about them passing exams but their masculine nature will always give them power to rule over powerless women.

Phillip Barangwe, Allan Wilson School

* * *

I think the boys did not put much effort this year and this doesn’t mean they are going to be under girls. It only means that the girls did better this year and there is a 50 percent chance of them being over the boys. At A-Level girls only worked hard last year which is remarkable and encourages other girls but boys will always be leaders.

Derick Deshu (16), People’s College

* * *

It just so happened that the boys were slacking last year as compared to the girls who put much effort and managed to dominate in the statistics. I then think it will be fair to say they all have the same chance to dominate over each other and yes if they boys continue to be like that they will leave the girls with no option but to dominate over the boys in the near future.

Virginia Mandabva (18), Crescent College

* * *

The results don’t really reflect the future prospects besides I think girls have not been under boys. It is just that boys are the ones to who have the physical outlook and features to make them dominant and not necessarily in school. Even if girls keep passing they will not be the rulers.

Blessing Kaseke (19), Pace College

* * *

I don’t think women will ever rule because men are known to be rulers .Boys just need to be serious and pass next time so that they assume their position as leaders in society. More boys have been concentrating on Zim dancehall music and this has disturbed their performance. They just need to stay off Zimdancehall you will realise that more boys will pass plus the ladies contribute to the boys failing because they dress up nicely that the boys will not be able to concentrate on their school work shifting their focus on to the ladies.

Simbarashe Chirara 19 Fresta Academy

* * *

May yes in the future girls will dominate because they are working hard and proving that even at school level they are more intelligent as compared to the boys.

This also shows that women are hard working because apart from the house chores they do after school they also do their academics very well and they are winning all the way. Boys should watch out because seriously girls are the future leaders.

Faith Sanuti (18), Form 6

* * *

Girls used to look down on themselves in the past because they did not have much time to read because of different chores that they do at home, cooking and cleaning the whole house is part of the girl’s daily job. Boys usually take advantage of the fact that girls have much work to do and then they relax, their pride make them fail. Definitely we looking at a future where girls rule the world and this is evident of the results that they are producing.

Lisa Fadzaiishe Nhakura (16), Mutendi High School

* * *

The reason why girls passed is because it is now their chance to shine. Of course we are looking at a future where girls rule the world because of their intelligence.

Long back it used to be boys but now the situation has changed.

Things change for the better and since girls are now treated the same as boys, their intelligence is now becoming visible, other than long back when boys seemed to be the main acts because there were the ones given the opportunity to learn, preferably more than the girls.

This is actually a good thing for the girl child because others of their age who are doing the same grade out there will be encouraged.

In any country, there is always competition, Look at how Hillary Clinton, the United States Candidate is doing, she is pushing regardless of the fact that she is up against male candidates, she might become the next president of the United States of America. This therefore shows that we are looking at a future where girls rule the world.

Leo Moyo (18), Churchill Boys High School

* * *

Boys will always be on top, it is only a matter of time, you cannot judge by only these 2015 A-Level results. It’s just that we have been concentrating on sports throughout the year, you know as boys we go to different tournaments. We are the ones who give the school a name in terms of popularity because sporting activities particularly when a school is winning games, the name of the school is lifted up and of cause we give the school prestige or something to be happy about. I know that we should show the same when it comes to our studies, but we have been busy with sports. Students travel for tournaments and we do not have much time to concentrate on studies but I am sure in 2016 this will change. Boys rule the world and we will continue to rule.

Anesu Mashanga (18), Kuwadzana High School

* * *

Boys have changed nowadays because of different aspects that are influencing them in society. There is too much partying amongst the youth, therefore the time to study is limited. The influence of Zimdancehall leading to teens forming different clans and doing drugs is affecting school work therefore girls start concentrating on their studies more than the parties and music, leading them to pass more than their counterparts. This therefore shows that girls have a brighter future than boys because it seems they will rule politically, economically as a result of their determination.

Dylan Nkomo (15), Long Life College

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