Fuel attendant blasts safe in fake robbery

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Fuel attendant blasts safe in fake robbery The attack started at around 7am, when the six robbers, wearing orange work suits but carrying concealed 9mm pistols, were dropped in the middle of a wheat field 200m from the Koala entrance by a green Isuzu vehicle. 

The Herald

Conrad Mupesa Mashonaland West Bureau


A Kadoma fuel attendant yesterday morning, allegedly faked a robbery by blasting a cash safe using explosives at Macshep business complex in the town.


The suspect who has since been arrested, allegedly tried to blow down the complex in a bid to conceal evidence after stealing an undisclosed amount of money.


He is said to have used explosives to blow the safe and destroyed part of the building while, a 20-litre container full of petrol was discovered in the building whose purpose is believed to have been to help blow the property.


Mr Jimaya Muduvuri, the owner of the complex confirmed the incident saying the whole building could have been destroyed from the explosion.


Police swiftly responded and managed to apprehend the suspect and recover some of the money.


Mr Jestinos Madzingira a line manager at the fuel station said he was at the complex when the explosion occurred.


“We were not so sure what could have been the cause of explosion until we recovered some of the explosives within the room where the safe was. This made us believe the fuel attendant on duty was behind it since he had the keys to the room,” he said.


Part of the money, amounting to, US$1200 was recovered underneath human feaces near a railway line a stone’s throw away from the complex.


Police spokeperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident adding the suspect was in custody.


Further investigations were carried out by forensic experts.

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