First Lady’s teachings inspire the church

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First Lady’s teachings inspire the church First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa is welcomed by Methodist Church in Zimbabwe girls at their Girls Christian Union convention in Mashonaland West during the weekend. — Pictures: John Manzongo

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Blessings Chidakwa Herald Reporter

First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa’s wise counsel under her Gota/Nhanga/Ixhiba programme in which she seeks to instil discipline and promote cultural values in children, has inspired the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe’s leadership to invite her to a Girls Christian Union (GCU) convention to enable the young girls in the church to tap into her fountain of knowledge.

Amai Mnangagwa was the guest speaker at the three-day GCU convention held at Moleli High School in Mashonaland West province from Friday to yesterday, under the theme, “Waiting upon the Lord’.

The convention is a platform for young girls to receive guidance and counselling from pastors’ wives and senior women in the church.

Amai Mnangagwa, who is also a senior member of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, had an open discussion with the girls, teaching them to be morally upright, hardworking and self-empowered.

She also taught the girls to be respectful, safeguard their virginity, avoid peer pressure and early marriages, while being good ambassadors in society.

As a mother visiting her children, Amai Mnangagwa did not go empty handed, but donated an assortment of goodies which included rice, sugar, reusable sanitary pads and school stationery, through the Angel of Hope Foundation.

The congregants were drawn from the church’s four districts including Kadoma covering areas such as Gokwe, part of Chinhoyi and Kariba, then Marondera district which cuts across Manicaland province, Harare East district covering Mt Darwin, Mukumbura, Nyamapanda and Harare West district covering the Mhondoro-Ngezi area.

It was a joyful day for the girls who had an opportunity to sing various church hymns, while also dancing together with Amai Mnangagwa, who was also donning her Methodist Church in Zimbabwe Ruwadzano/Manyano uniform.

Wife to Bishop of the host district, Mrs Siwenyu Simba, said inspired by Dr Mnangagwa’s teachings, they saw it fit to invite her as a church to tackle social ills affecting children.

“A lot of children are now engaging in many social ills, illicit dealings and drug abuse, so we decided to teach our girls on such issues,” she said. “We noted that our First Lady Amai Mnangagwa is moving countrywide teaching both girls and boys on such issues.

“We then saw it fit to invite her so that she can put more emphasis on these social ills. With Amai’s teachings, we hope our children will be inspired to be morally upright and God-fearing people. We are more than grateful that Amai has graced us and taught our girls the right path to follow.”

Methodist Church in Zimbabwe women distribute reusable sanitary wear and books, among other things, which were donated by First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa through her Angel of Hope Foundation to girls during her interaction with the Girls Christian Union in Mashonaland West during the weekend.

A God-fearing woman, Amai Mnangagwa taught the girls that life without God was meaningless.

“I am glad that this is the day the Lord has set aside for us so that we teach each other moral lessons,” she said. “You were chosen by God to be in the church, hence your ways should reflect that you are separate from the rest.

“We wish that wherever you are, be it at home or in the streets, you should be exemplary. Inspire other girls through your good deeds.

“Most young girls are now wayward. Even their dressing is shameful, others walking half naked in the streets.

Some actually have piercings on the navel. Please avoid engaging in such acts, even being drunkards and smokers, it’s shameful, especially for a dignified lady.” Dr Mnangagwa said while being mindful that today’s children were being raised in a fast-paced world, good morals should continue to be upheld at all costs.

“Value your virginity, girls,” she said. “Where you are now, determines your future. Seek career guidance instead of falling prey to peer pressure. Avoid rushing into early marriages, first work hard to improve your well-being.

“Some of you are being lured by the so-called ‘blessers’. Please desist from this as you will end up being infected with sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Take your time to prepare yourself for your future, safeguard your body jealousy.”

Amai Mnangagwa emphasised the need to pursue education, at the same time challenging the girls to embark on various income generating projects to empower themselves economically.

“You are all born differently; some are academically gifted while others struggle in that field,” she said. “The academically gifted l will assist them with scholarships.

“However, those who are not academically gifted should be empowered to work with their own hands doing various projects.”

Dr Mnangagwa thanked the Methodist Church leadership, mostly the pastors’ wives and elderly women in the church, for taking time to teach good morals to the girls.

“If you are good ambassadors, even the name of the church will have dignity and be honoured,” she said.

Methodist Church in Zimbabwe girls sing and dance during their Girls Christian Union convention in Mashonaland West during the weekend

A Harare West district member, Trish Murandu, thanked God for sending Amai Mnangagwa to teach them on being morally upright.

“The First Lady taught us as girls that we should be self-empowered through working with our own hands instead of depending on boys or blessers,” she said. “I want to thank Amai for giving us reusable sanitary pads, which means a lot to us girls as some of us were struggling to afford them.”

Gladis Ngorima of John White Circuit under Marondera district thanked Dr Mnangagwa for humbling herself to meet and teach them on the importance of safeguarding their virginity by avoiding sex before marriage.

“Amai also taught us to be respectful, be it at family or societal level,” she said. “She also blessed us with reusable sanitary pads, school stationery and food hampers. May the Lord continue to bless Amai abundantly for extending a hand to us.”

Harare East district member, Tapiwanashe Masvaure, said it was a great honour that Amai Mnangagwa graced the girls convention.

“I learnt to take very good care of my body and always be morally upright,” she said. “Amai Mnangagwa also taught us to be empowered academically first instead of rushing into relationships with boys as that can be done at a later stage.”

A Kadoma district member, Paidamoyo Phiri, said she was taught to value her body as sacred and resist being lured by old men commonly referred to as blessers who use cash in exchange for sexual favours.

Another girl, Tanyaradza Mutenzwa, thanked Dr Mnangagwa for her wise words of encouragement, teaching them to be good ambassadors in society by being God fearing girls that are morally upright.

Mashonaland West Minister of Provincial Affairs and Devolution Mary Mliswa-Chikoka said it was an honour for the girls to meet the First Lady.

“Amai your wish is self-empowerment of girls even spiritually,” she said. “Self-sufficiency programmes are also a key that will help lead to the quick realisation of Vision 2030.

“Through your programmes Amai no one and no place is being left behind. We are at Moleli today implying no place is being left behind. Young ladies you are blessed, God has remembered you by being among the first church girls to fellowship with Amai.”

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