Farmers happy with inputs assistance


Sydney Mubaiwa in Zaka
Farmers here have expressed satisfaction with progress recorded during the current agricultural season, especially with the assistance from the Presidential Inputs Support Scheme.

Farmers believe the Government initiative had come at the most opportune time for the communal farmers. In an interview, Zaka District Agritex Officer Mr Esau Mutuzungari said farmers in the area were very happy to receive the inputs. He said the farmers had also intensified monitoring of the inputs following reports that some villagers were already selling seed and fertiliser that were given to them.

Mr Mutuzungari said Government was mobilising resources to deal with an outbreak of the fall armyworm that is threatening projected harvests under the special scheme. He also reiterated that Government would not condone any abuse of inputs and warned those who are diverting them that they would be arraigned before the courts.

“We are impressed with the progress on the ground and our farmers are motivated. We are also monitoring the programme because in the past years, we have been receiving reports that there were some farmers selling the free inputs availed to them, so we want to encourage our farmers to shun that practice,” he said.

Mr Mutuzungari reminded the farmers that the input scheme was not a vote-buying gimmick ahead of the 2018 plebiscite.


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