Hyenas wreak havoc in Raffingora

Fortunate Gora Correspondent
Several farmers in the Raffingora area of Zvimba District have lost livestock to marauding hyenas. Villagers said the problem has persisted for about six months with the hyenas targeting mostly cattle, goats and sheep.

New resettlement areas such as Royal Bucks, Chinwe, Mapundo, Chiringa, Yomba and Mafuta farms have been the most affected. A Raffingora farmer Mr Alfred Joseph said despite making reports to the authorities, including the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), nothing has been done.

“These hyenas raid the kraals on a daily basis, especially during the night. It has become an everyday occurrence to hear noises at night. We lost livestock to the extent that we have lost count,” said Mr Joseph.

“The most painful thing is that we have approached our local leadership, who reported the matter to Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife (Management) Authority for help, but nothing has been done yet.”

“The hyenas are becoming more daring. Last month, I lost five goats in one night. I am a farmer who is into livestock production. I sell goats; just imagine my loss,” he said.

There are fears the wild animals will eventually attack humans. Efforts to get a comment from Zimparks were fruitless yesterday.

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