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Fake bank transfers land businessman behind bars

Fake bank transfers land businessman behind bars

Herald Reporter
Mike Harris Divaris Chiyangwa, the son of the late businessman James “Jimmy Jimalo” Chiyangwa, has been arrested for allegedly defrauding several people of over $15 000 through bank transfers and cloning bank cards.

Chiyangwa appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Gideon Ruvetsa last Friday facing charges of fraud and unauthorised use or possession of a credit or debit card.

He was remanded in custody to December 4.

Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on September 8 this year, Chiyangwa approached the first complainant, name withheld, and indicated that he could assist him with United States dollars.

He allegedly advised the complainant to send him the money through ZIPIT method and the complainant sent $2 000 to the accused’s Stewart bank account.

The court heard that Chiyangwa indicated that he would give the complainant his money after receiving a notification that the transfer had gone through.

It is alleged that the complainant later tried to locate Chiyangwa, but he became evasive, prompting him to report him to the police.

Further allegations are that Chiyangwa, while purporting to be one Chris Gonzo, defrauded his WhatsApp group administrator, who is the director of Dotchenet (Pvt) Ltd based in South Africa of $2 600.

It is alleged that on October 27 this year, Chiyangwa sent a message to the complainant indicating that he had free funds in South Africa and if he wanted the money he had to transfer money to Zimbabwe.

The complainant then transferred $2 600 to Chiyangwa’s Stewart bank account and sent him the proof of payment.

He also advised him to make the transfer into his First National Bank account in South Africa.

The court heard that on the same day, Chiyangwa sent the complainant an ABSA bank confirmation as proof of payment of ZAR75 000, which was more than their agreed amount of ZAR41 184.

Chiyangwa then allegedly told the complainant to transfer $1 500 to an Econet number belonging to one Delny Karidza.

The complainant managed to send him $140 as he had no money in his account.

On October 28, the complainant checked his FNB account and realised that there was no money and when he checked with Chiyangwa, he told him that it was due to a network problem.

It is alleged that Chiyangwa then requested for the complainant’s Standard Bank account so that he could make an instant transfer.

Chiyangwa allegedly sent another fake proof of payment for ZAR250 000. The complainant called his bank and was told that no money had been deposited into his account, and he reported the case to the police.

Chiyangwa is also facing charges of using cloned debit and credit cards belonging to five different people, names withheld, to buy goods and withdraw cash amounting to $10 295 .

The offence came to light when the complainants received notifications on their phones that their accounts had been debited.

This prompted them to report to the police, leading to Chiyangwa’s arrest.

The complainants were prejudiced of $15 035 and nothing was recovered.

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