Eriza to perform at ‘2016 Ignition Concert’

Eriza to perform at ‘2016 Ignition Concert’ Lady Storm
Lady Storm

Lady Storm

Arts Correspondent
Featuring on Jah Prayzah’s “Eriza” video has brought fame to dancer Lady Storm and it seems gates of fortune are now opening up for her. Lady Storm has been invited to perform at the 2016 Ignition Concert that takes place on Friday at 7Arts Theatre in Avondale where Jah Prayzah and Winky D will be the main acts.

She has automatically earned herself the nickname Eriza and has become a darling of male fans because of her attractive dances and vivacious looks.

Organisers of the show said they have roped in Lady Storm because of the instant popularity that she has garnered since the release of “Eriza” video.

“It is no secret that Lady Storm has taken the industry by storm after her Eriza role and many people are talking about her,” said one of the organisers.

“Before the Eriza role, Lady Storm was not this popular and we feel she has an opportunity to breakthrough and it is our role as promoters to help her capitalise on this opportunity. She has done well on the video and it is now time for her to showcase her talent on stage.

“She will come with her group to do her own acts and she will also perform Eriza with Jah Prayzah.”

It will be the first time for Lady Storm to do her “Eriza” dances on stage and fans are likely to have a memorable treat on the night.

She has the stage experience, having been in the industry for many years and posing serious competition to others in her genre that include Bev and Zoey.

Bev and Zoey are now feeling the pressure following Lady Storm’s instant fame. The threat has pushed the duo, known as sworn enemies, to join hands and declare war against Lady Storm.

They claim that she has suddenly become big-headed because of overnight fame and they want to clip her wings. But yesterday Lady Storm said she is determined to focus on her career despite threats from competitors and she challenged those who want to see her prowess on stage to come to the Ignition Concert.

“I am just doing what I have done over the past years – music and dance. I am surprised that some people are getting jealous over my success. I do not play such games. I just do my work. People should come to Ignition Concert and see what I do. I put maximum effort in whatever I do and I promise the best at the Friday show,” she said.

Tickets to 2016 Ignition Concert are already on sale at Sopranos Restaurant in Avondale, Red Rose Hair Salons, Pennywise Liquor Centre, SK2 at Pick ‘n’ Pay Kamfinsa and Talk City shop at Joina City.

Organisers said tickets will also be available at 7Arts Theatre on Friday from 9am. The tickets are going for $15 and $25.

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