Copac faces US$20 000 suit


of advertisements that were flighted on Star FM Radio as part of the committee’s awareness campaigns.

It argues that it was involved in the production, recording, editing, scripting and packaging of the programmes but no payment was made.

Mr Phillip Nyakutombwa of Nyakutombwa Legal Counsel, who is acting for Hamtec, last week filed an application to recover the debt at the High Court.

Hamtec is claiming US$19 900 plus five percent interest calculated with effect from April  22  this year to the date of full payment.

It is claimed that between February to March 2013 Hamtec produced 18 advertisements that were 30-minutes long for Copac.

The advertisements were valued at US$597 each and calculations show that Copac owes Hamtec US$19 900.

The programmes were played on Star FM radio.

Hamtec contends that Star FM was paid for broadcasting services but Copac refused to pay Hamtec.

Copac co-chairperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora yesterday said he was not aware of Hamtec’s claim but said Copac had resolved to pay all outstanding debts.

“I am not aware of that Hamtec’s claim but our management committee yesterday made a resolution to clear all the outstanding debts provided there is proof of a contractual nexus with Copac,” he said.

Mr Mwonzora said Hamtec could be one of the companies that do not have documentary proof of a contract.

“We only pay those with proof of providing services to us. We have not received any information concerning Hamtec and that could be because they are failing to prove the existence of a contract,” said Mr Mwonzora.

The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.

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