Civil servants bonus payments begin

Runyararo Muzavazi and Tanaka Vunganai
Civil Servants will be paid their 2016 annual bonuses starting today, as Government continues to stagger the payments until all civil service sectors are covered.Speaking at the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) 36th annual conference, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Tapiwanashe Matangaidze said Government regretted the delay in payment of bonuses.

“Bonuses will be paid as from April 27, 2017 until all sectors have been covered,” he said. “Government sincerely regrets the delays in payment of salaries and staggering of bonuses, but efforts will continue to improve on this position.

“Modalities for the payment of 2017 bonuses will be discussed and finalised in the National Joint Negotiating Council.”

Deputy Minister Matangaidze said Government, in partnership with the National Social Security Authority, was setting up a National Health Insurance Scheme.

The scheme is meant to assist workers to access affordable medical cover.

“The National Health Insurance Scheme will help cushion the 91 percent workers who have no medical insurance in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“This scheme is envisaged to culminate in NSSA entering strategic partnerships with seasoned actors in the health sector for the benefit of the Zimbabwean populace.”

Discussing the new curriculum, conditions of service and collective bargaining at the ZIMTA conference, teachers bemoaned the delay in payment of salaries.

They also demanded the realignment of the Education Act and the Public Service Act.

Educationist Professor Caiphas Nziramasanga challenged the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, as it implements the new curriculum, to ensure information demanded by the public is effectively communicated.

“As the new curriculum is being implemented, the ministry needs to explain consistently on issues such as subjects being taught and how Mass Displays as a component of physical education has come to be defined as a stand-alone subject, among other issues.”

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