Chitungwiza Municipality warns against fake offer letters Chitungwiza acting Mayor Kevin Mutimbanyoka

Yeukai Karengezeka Herald Correspondent

Chitungwiza Municipality is warning residents to be aware of fraudulent offer letters that are being issued by the suspended Housing Director Mr Alex Mukwewa.

Mr Mukwewa was suspended in 2021 on allegations of abuse of office and his position is currently being occupied by Mr Tendai Chinganga.

In a statement, Chitungwiza acting Mayor Kevin Mutimbanyoka said council did not grant him the power to issue offer letters while on suspension.

“It has come to our attention that some desperate residential and commercial stand seekers are still entertaining offer letters being issued in the name of Mr Mukwewa.

“For the record, Mr Mukwewa is also alleged to have been issuing fraudulent offer letters on behalf of the council since the time he has been on suspension to date,” he said.

Acting Mayor Mutimbanyoka said council will not be held liable and does not recognise such offer letters, urging clients to avoid being duped unnecessarily.

It is on record that over 500 residents in Chitungwiza are in a quandary after they were allegedly duped into purchasing stands with offer letters issued by Mr Mukwewa.

To date, offer letters are still being issued in his name.

He currently has numerous pending cases both at the Chitungwiza and Harare Magistrates Court.

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