Zimpapers makes senior appointments

Caesar Zvayi

Caesar Zvayi

Herald Reporter
ZIMBABWE Newspapers (1980) Ltd has made key appointments in line with its thrust to consolidate its position as a market leader in publishing, broadcasting and digital platforms. Caesar Zvayi has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Herald tasked with spearheading the revamping of The Herald, with editions for major cities and towns as well as the creation of a stand-alone Saturday Herald and the enhancement of the paper’s digital footprint.

Prior to his latest assignment, Zvayi was Editor of The Herald since 2013. He started his career with Zimpapers in 2004 as a senior political reporter until he assumed editorship of the paper in 2013.

Mr Comfort Mbofana

On his latest appointment, Zvayi says he is looking forward to taking The Herald into the future with specific editions to cater for growing cities and towns.

“Audiences and lifestyles are shifting so are the demands and tastes in the market, which calls for continuous innovation when one is at the helm of the country’s biggest paper. These are exciting times and I am excited about this new challenge,” he said.

Mr Marks Shayamano has been appointed General Manager of the Group’s Digital and Publishing Division, which is where the company’s newspaper and digital media platforms fall. Prior to this appointment, Mr Shayamano was the General Manager of Bulawayo Branch which houses publications that include Chronicle, The Sunday News, B-Metro and others.

Mr Shayamano

Mr Shayamano

Mr Shayamano is largely credited for turning around the fortunes of the Bulawayo Branch from a loss making unit into a profitable business. His main focus as GM of the Digital and Publishing Division will be to consolidate the operations of the newly-formed division and align it to the group’s strategy which is to maximise group synergy.

He is tasked with dealing with the fragmentation and sibling rivalry that has largely characterised the business. Mr Comfort Mbofana has been appointed General Manager of the Radio Broadcasting Division after serving as Star FM General Manager for the past two years.

Under his watch Star FM rose to become the country’s leading radio station with over 50 percent market share. His latest role tasks him to oversee all radio projects under the group. Zimpapers currently owns two radio stations after launching Diamond FM, a regional station for Mutare, last year in May.

Zimpapers Group Chief Executive Mr Pikirayi Deketeke says these latest appointments come as part of an organisational redesign which is meant to centralise operations and improve operational efficiencies.

“We are a big company and our resources are sparsely located, which at times has seen us approaching things in a fragmented way. Our focus now is to improve synergies across the group, foster a high performance culture and increase capacity collaboration,” he said.

The Zimpapers Group currently has 11 newspaper titles and two digital publications. In 2012, the Group started its first radio project Star FM and the station has since become a top radio brand that listeners and advertisers trust.

It also has a television production unit, the Zimpapers Television Network. The group also owns the National Printing and Packaging Company (Natprint) which falls under its Commercial Printing Division. The new business divisions in Zimpapers come at a time when the business continues to roll out new products in line with changing trends and demands.

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  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    Congrates to the comrades. 2018 lies ahead, and surely these key appointments make sense. We will never let this country be ruled by stooges of the west, and therefore these comrades are there to make sure media is in the right hands, is being managed by the right minds. Aluta Continua!

    • Marufu Chihwandire

      Aluta continua!!! Pamberi nehondo. Asvota ngaabude munyika.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      Chamurikutonga chiiko mamvemve enyika aya. It’s not you who decide who rules but the majority. That’s how Trump got into power. Unless you don’t believe in democracy.

      • ivhukuvanhu chete, chete

        What Democracy are you referring to? Zimbabwe is a democratic Republic since 1980 when we liberated ourselves from The late Ian D. Smith’s satanic racist Rhodies regime.

        Since then we religiously conduct the electoral rituals without fail. Fortunately, the Revolutionary party Zanu P.F. has been overwhelmingly overcoming the quisling puppet opposition MDCs and whatever they represent.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Trump and his party were elected. ZANU PF and our President were elected. So what you idiot! . Ian Smith`s colonial spirit continues to torment your body and mind. Poor soul. You are being used in vain . You need some “bira“ cleansing iwe!

        • Moe_Scyslack2

          Some professor you are.

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            Yes, there are other Profs such Moyo, Ncube, Mtambara, et al with divergent political views. I dont think you like them all politically! KKKKkkkiii!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Nothing wrong with reporters being patriotic.If you go to UK or US reporters know the difference between national interests and foreign interests.When their country is at war with foreign interests they report in the national interests to boost the morale of the nation. We are fighting an economic war with the West over our land issue. Our reporters who are patriotic differ from those whose media houses are controlled by the West. Zimpapers is owned by two major shareholders Mass Media Trust and Old Mutual,apart from other minority shareholders. Old Mutual business of administering pensions is 99% local because the pensioners are majority black Zimbabweans. That gives the national interests flavor of Zimpapers. Patriotic reporters dont need bribes to work, but remain focused on their motherland interests .Period!

  • newsroom vip

    I thought Capatalk100.4FM is also under Zimpapers, May some one tell me the correct position.

    • Cde Njelele

      There are many subsidiaries in the Zimpapers Group.

  • Marufu Chihwandire

    But advertisers who drive this whole newspaper business see differently. Even yourself trust The Herald when it comes to adverts. Advertisements are what matter in this business. Thought of giving you this little education.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Yes ,advertisers are important stakeholders. But they do so in our nation. Businesses inimical to the economic stability of their environment are poor in social responsibility. We need a broader understanding of business. This is where the issue businesses with local roots come into play. Business interests still grounded in colonial environment mentality are not good stakeholders . If you go to China to do business you cannot start to lecture them against their mono party politics,if it is their political cultural preference. Politics is like religion. Countries differ . This notion of one polity fitting all countries is not acceptable. Hence journalists being used to propagate foreign political interests are not our cup of tea . Nehanda forbid!