Zanu-PF heads for landslide, Clean sweeps six provinces, Party on course to two-thirds majority

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PRESIDENT Mugabe and Zanu-PF are headed for a landslide on the scale of the 1980 harmonised elections, amid reports the revolutionary party had made clean sweeps in six out of the country’s 10 provinces. In the remaining two provinces outside Harare and Bulawayo, Zanu-PF garnered more than 50 percent of the constituencies on offer.
Official results released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and information sent in by our news crews countrywide shows Zanu-PF making a clean sweep of Masvingo, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland Central and near clean sweeps of Mashonaland West, Manicaland and the Midlands where it is reported to have fallen short of the “upon upon’’ exhorted by its First Secretary and President, Cde Mugabe by single constituencies apiece.

Though full official results were still to be confirmed, results released by ZEC from 62 constituencies showed that Zanu-PF (represented by green on the map) had claimed 52 seats, while MDC-T (red) had managed 10.

More results will be released today.
Information gleaned from candidates and polling centre returns showed Zanu-PF making serious inroads into Harare where it garnered over a third of the vote, bagging six constituencies, up from the solitary Harare South it had consistently defended since the advent of MDC-T at the turn of the millennium.

Several MDC-T heavyweights fell by the wayside, among them Jameson Timba, Theresa Makone, Elton Mangoma, Douglas Mwonzora, and Giles Mutsekwa.
Countless surveys ahead of the elections from organisations as diverse as the US think-tank Council on Foreign Relations, Freedom House, Afrobarometer and pollsters like the Mass Public Opinion institute, MDC-T allies among them the NCA, Concerned ZCTU Affiliates, Sokwanele, and Zimbabwe vigil and media organisations like the New York Times, the Guardian, the Independent and the leftwing magazine Counterpunch had all pointed to a Zanu-PF victory.

On the eve of polling, reports emerged that the US State department had gagged Freedom House from releasing its latest survey results that indicated a crushing victory for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF in harmonised elections.

The Freedom House survey gave President Mugabe a 10 percent lead over Mr Tsvangirai and predicted a two thirds majority for Zanu-PF in the National Assembly where the revolutionary party was tipped to garner at least 140 seats in the 210 seat assembly.

From our indications, the embargoed survey was spot on as far as the two-thirds majority but just fell short on the margin of the presidential vote amid indications President Mugabe is likely to prevail by more than 70 percent of the votes cast, which is throwback to the 1980 plebiscite to which the harmonised elections have been likened that had Zanu-PF garnering 57 out of the 80 black roll seats, while PF-Zapu garnered 20 with Bishop Abel Muzorewa’s UANC which managed three seats.

Zanu-PF’s stunning performance in the key swing provinces of Manicaland and Masvingo drove the numbers. Our crews indicate that Zanu-PF swept all 26 seats in Masvingo up from the 12 the party garnered in 2008, while in Manicaland which was reported to be riven by internecine fighting ahead of the elections, Zanu-PF rose from a paltry six seats in 2008 to 22 out of the 26 on offer.

Where Zanu-PF won, it won by huge margins, while the margins were narrow in constituencies that were taken by the MDC-T, a development that bodes well for the party’s presidential candidate Cde Robert Mugabe as well as the senators and female quota members to be picked through proportional representation.

Zanu-PF national spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo hailed the poll outcome saying the elections were conducted in a calm and peaceful environment, adding the results would be legitimate.

“The turnout was good and the results trickling in are what we have. Everything was peaceful, free, fair and credible. We are expecting a landslide victory with not less than 75 percent for His Excellency President Robert Mugabe.

“From what we are getting from the ground, especially in Harare, Manicaland and Masvingo, we are impressed. We are yet to verify on what happened in Matabeleland and Mashonaland Central,” he said.

He said the party was optimistic of victory in most constituencies previously run by the MDC-T formations.
Zimbabwe Development Party president Mr Kisinot Mukwashe said the election environment was free and fair despite his party’s deprival of election funding.
“The voter turnout was good and the results coming out are acceptable.”

However, the MDC-T leader Mr Tsvangirai cried foul over the outcome of the hamornised elections so far, describing the process a “huge farce”.
Mr Tsvangirai claimed the election did not meet Sadc guidelines governing the conduct of polls adding that it was a sham election which he said did not reflect the will of the people.

“Thousands failed to register and were disenfranchised, voters roll not delivered timeously as required by law, no proper inspection of voters’ roll to verify authenticity, duplication of names on the voters’ roll and unauthorised movement of voters from their wards leading to almost 40 percent voters being turned away and disenfranchised.

“Manipulation of voters’ choice, voters forced to plead illiteracy and resort to assistance, use of traditional leaders to intimidate votes. Unauthorised voter migration – voters bussed into constituencies to vote for example in Harare South and Epworth,” alleged Mr Tsvangirai, who was lmost in tears.

Mr Tsvangirai also alleged militarisation of the electoral process and lack of transparency in the printing of ballots and the use of the postal voting system.
He also said there was also failure to implement Sadc reforms like media reform and security sector reform.

The MDC-T leader said he met the chairperson of the AU observer Mission, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and the head of the Sadc observer mission and told them that the election was not a credible one.

“For the above reasons, the election has been heavily manipulated. In our view, the outcome of this election is illegitimate. But more importantly, the shoddy manner in which it has been conducted and consequent illegitimacy of the result will plunge this country into serious crisis.

“We therefore call for Sadc and the AU audit teams to look into the process, in particular the voters roll, the ballots and the manner in which the whole process was conducted,” he said.

However, the AU observer mission head, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, and the leader of the Sadc Electoral Commissions Forum said the elections were held in a flawless, free, fair and credible manner.

Zimbabweans went to polls on Wednesday to choose a President, legislators and councilors.

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  • tony

    Zimbabwe, loses yet again.

  • Evans Mutandwa

    chitongai tione

    • Mudimbu

      Chi ital Opposition tione!

  • Samuel Nxumalo

    I have been one of those people who underestimated ZANU-PF support especially in light of the challenges the country has faced
    The Margin by which ZANU-PF is winning puts paid to these claims of RIGGING. I am based in South Africa and I think a lot of us did no and still do not understand the dynamics of Zimbabwean politics.
    I now wish ZANU-PF to emulate FRELIMO and MPLA and move from “populist economic” to proper economic policies that make a difference to our people.
    Go Gushungo govern the people have spoken

    • Masimba Zivo

      Govern how, with corruption?

    • zimbotry

      It did nothing for 34 years, Why will they change now?

      • zimbotry

        Sorry, I meant last 20 years, as the the time before that things were relatively stable.

        • Cde Ticha

          Also remove the 13 years of the illegal economic sanctions.

        • zimbotry

          Hijacking my name?

  • $17993481

    Povho yaramba…zvemadhinyongoro Povho yaramba

    • Rwatida Makuwe

      Nothing Zanu PF can celebrate, they know exactly what they did in terms of manipulating things into their favour through all unscrupulous means. The best is for the opposition to pull out completely from the Parliament and see how they do it alone. Ndizvo zvavanoda. And now they are going to amend the constitution, meaning all our contributions are coming to nought. And they knew it also when they agreed to the constitution begrudgingly, that they would try by hook or by crook to win the elections: Massive Fraud! First they created fear in people in 2008 and they used it effectively now. Secondly they manipulated the voters roll and advised Rigging General Mudede and ZEC not to give to the opposition until the last minute. Thirdly they bused in people from different constituencies into town to get seats from those MDC tough talking people. What marvelous treachery that is! Well done with your well oiled rigging machine ZPF. Go it alone. But may you please create jobs for people, build the Harare Beitbridge Road and make Zimbabwe work again. You are in charge so please do not start talking of sanctions because you are capable of going it alone.

      • Cde Ticha

        Yah warwadziwa hamayangu, nyararahako zvinopora.

      • Nigel Munach

        Rwatidzo Makuwe we a tired of these false accusations how many were bused to Hre 100 000 ??? how many buses?? there was supposed to be a congestion in Harare. Besides no one was going to vote in the rural areas since all the people were bused to Harare. MDC just took people for granted. all people who were turned away are in sealed in ballot boxes together with ballot papers anyone can apply to court and verify this than to be lied to that 1000 000 people were turned away (the whole of Hre was turned away???)

  • Mukoma Fads

    Seiko kungochema Morgan? I thought you need more time, free from the hassles of office work, to go about sampling more prospective wifes. You need to do that because Elizabeth is going to dessert you very soon, she says she does not want to be associated with monumental failures like you. Go back to Buhera where you can continue with your one hectare drip irrigation experiment, isu tichamboenda kuma purazi edu. Ufonere Bennett uti hanzi nedzoyi.

    • Cde Ticha


  • Amon Zulu

    Today is a sad day for Zimbabwe, a government unopposed in parliament is the worst outcomes we could have. Its worse sad to see the men and women who built Zimbabwe back from the dark ages being cast out.

    • zimbabwean

      I hope they consider at the least to allow Coltart to remain in the Ministry of Education. That man worked hard and wasnt much of a politicker.

      Otherwise is ZANUPF is still the same, the rest will be recycles of the same old people.

      • Masimba Zivo

        I think you have to win your seat to able to be a minister

        • zimbabwean

          If I am not mistaken, the president can appoint a minister who isnt sitting in parliament. Unless the constitution has changed on that matter. Remember Nkosana Moyo and that other one?

      • Gugugu Magorira

        that’s a good observation,Bulawayo east pple let Zimbabwe down,how can they vote a shabeen queen leaving out Coltart?

        • zimbabwean

          Both were opposition parties MDC-N and MDC-T. It is good and bad. Unfortunately someone had to lose, and its more about which party that person belonged to than what they can deliver. And you cant blame the people. Most thought he would win. The loss was very narrow. Happens

      • Cde Ticha

        You mean that Rhodesian Coltart who helped draft ZIDERA? We don’t want to hear about him. He has been rejected by the people and why do you want him retained, are you telling us that of all the Zimbabweans who have been voted in none of them qualifies to be minister of education? Varungu unonyanya kuvadisa iwe.

    • Mrs Mukanya

      Actually it’s not! Tsvangirai failed himself not anybody else! Where was he since 2008, (chasing and changing women), vamwe vachironga tsoro yakapenga. Now, we have these results, and he’s crying foul. You can’t impose the likes of Simba Makoni, on the people and expect everybody to smile about it. No, he failed and this ‘actor’ should have given somebody else the chance to lead the party in light of his personal scandals, maybe MDC could have had a huge chance like they did in 2000 and 2008. But no, he adopted this stance yekuti ‘ndini leader weMDC plus ‘actor’ haafe and that’s what buried him. We thought, they were a credible and democratic party but alas, their MDC leader proved us wrong and we chose the better leader Gushungo. Choose a new leader MDC-T and you might be lucky next time. Madzimai we voted for Bob in numbers this time around………………

  • Juwachuwa

    chakachaya pidigu dhi ii muna Save river

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Congratulations. Lets now get to the business of governing our lovely Zimbabwe without any fear at all. The next five years should see empowerment on a scale never seen before. Per capita income of Zimbabweans must increase dramatically and all income from mines must fund empowerment programs. Agriculture must be fully funded and Zimbabweans must work hard themselves and provide food not only to themselves but to the region and beyond. Local authorities must now be well run and a culture of servant leadership must return. Debts incurred by individuals between 2009 and 2013 must be reviewed and some moratorium reached to enable those entangled in these to move forward with the rest. Many individuals in both the public and private sectors borrowed from financial institutions at exorbitant interest rates and are currently struggling to pay. We need to put our heads together as a nation to see how we can go around these real challenges. We need every Zimbabwean to start on a clean sheet. Lets embrace those that voted for the opposition and bring them to the fold and show them that we do not mean any harm to them. The economic emancipation of Zimbabweans must begin now! Aluta continua!!

    • Masimba Zivo

      A leopard will never change its spots, what you mean is let the rot and corruption go unopposed, let there be a government that thinks about its well being and forget about the common man. The only people who will really benefit are the Chinese with their wicked ways and the man on top.

      • ZanuPF Ndizvo

        As with Tsvangirai the only people who were going to benefit are the Americans and the West. We can not stand and not fight for our independence papa, the Americans that your Tsvangirai wants to invite are thugs, bullies and thieves of this world. They killed Gaddafi in disguise of protecting civilians, they killed Saddam, they are killing people in Pakistan, Mali, Ethiopia, Palestine and through sanctions are are killing Iranians. Wtf would want to be associated with world bullies. You think if those morons come to Zim they will give u free fuel. Uchenjere kuuchirira n’anga inobata mai shamwari. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and not some imperialist mongrels from US n Britain. Pasi nezvimbwasungata. Pasi nevachena vasingade kugara nevamwe. Pamberi nenyika yeZimbabwe and all other nations fighting for their freedom and self determination. Bhora mugedhi shamwari, idiski egedini.

      • Cde Ticha

        Pfungwa dzako idzodzo ndidzo dzakaita kuti mudyiwe, common man waurikutaura haasiri iye here akavhotera Zanu Pf. Vanhu ve MDC munofunga kuti munhu akanzi common haachafungi, munonyadzisa.

    • vaecha

      Sweet Victory to Zimbabweans. It is high time to consolidate the gains of third Chimurenga and Indeginisation programmes. The incoming government should look at the welfare of black farmers and address their plights i.e. shortages of inputs, poor producer prices and non payment of delivered crops. To consolidate indeginisation programmes the gvt should make loans available to blacks and remove too much regulations that frustrate the locals. The Sweet Victory is the first step to the complete recovery of Zimbabwe’s economy

      • true zimbo

        sure, definitely sweet victory, the people have said no being treated as second class citizens,no to neo-emperialism, yes to indiginisation,and empowerment, yes to self rule ,yes to cde rg mugabe (gushungo), may God bless the people of zimbabwe

  • biti

    Keep it up ZANU PF
    You are mostly liked by your people
    Conglatuation Mr Pesident Mugabe

  • YOWE78

    ZANU YAKAOMA AKOMANA …kana chekutaura apa hapana

  • chibaya

    My observation is that Tsvangirai faile himself…in fact he failed both himself and his followers. The man is not a real politician, he had taken advantage of the sanctions and 2008 drought to lour Zimbabweans. Can one imagine how he reiterated on some apostolic sectors for accepting the presents of President R.G.Mugabe in their church? He actually talked a lot of shit instead of being nice to the people at a time when we were heading towards the elections.

    His permanent support comes from haters and some misinformed aliens who still hold on to the dream that one day they shall wake up and find boors running the industry as before. In actual fact, they left their home countries to look for employment after which they feel they have to go back home a bit changed. These people are not taking up chances as others are doing, and so, they take Tsvangirai’s employment creation promises for granted.

    Before this election, the man went to Mt. Darwin and he addressed thousands of people. But, if i can tell you that he pointed at the elders blaming them for following Z.A.N.U. pf whilst they don’t even have under-wears, and as much as I could gather what he was trying to say, it was not supposed to be said to such elders in the presents of their sons, daughters and in-laws. Tsvangirai should know that leading people requires knowing what they want and assisting them. Now that Z.A.N.U. P.F. had embarked on the land reform program, he was supposed to find out fist whether the resettled were happy with the move or not, but instead, he talked a lot of rubbish condemning the program.

    I think he is the not a politician by design but he is today because of poverty and the need to survive.

  • chimurenga

    This is Zimbabwe!


    The Zimbabwean soil has spoken. The fallen heroes have registered their control of the whole process. The churches have declared their preferred direction. How long can a black man be made to suffer and be subordinate on their own soil. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and making any childish complaints against the whole process which was under critical scrutiny from various observers and stakeholders, is an invitation for further self embarrassment. It is more respectable to respect the outcome from this landmark and historical event. Zimbabweans have proved to be a very unique nation which stands as a benchmark in Africa and other nations. This has been the most peaceful election held on the African soil. What the people have emphasised is the need to own their resources – as simple as that. Also what we need now is to work very hard to develop our country because we are the ones who should look after ourselves and be the benchmark in our continent and beyond. I am very proud of being a Zimbabwean. Bhora mugedhi for sure. Remember to work very hard in whatever you are doing vana vevhu. Thank you Zimbabwe. The Almighty loves you.

    • PG Madziwa

      Amen, alleluiah alleluiah! Tinotenda mwari!

  • mdc-t

    kikikiki!I guess zanu pf was not busing all those people to its rallies. you see, never underestimate the power of a well oiled machine like zanu pf!

    • zimbotry

      Yes it was and busing false people to polling stations. You can see the videos if you look.

      • Mudimbu

        How come MDC-T won in Mount Pleasant where you claim they rigged?

        • zimbotry

          Ok. I guess you are right there. Sometimes we do fall into making rushed conclusions because thats what we want to hear.

          • zimbotry

            Hijacking my name and putting false comments does not change the truth

      • jambanja

        nyatsoongorora video yacho,it was done by mdc-t actors,pane asingadewo mari yakadirwa neamericans kuti vate tarnish ma election aya.Ma crook vanhu ve mdc

  • Partyforever

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

    • Mudimbu

      In fact he does not even want to! Those spots are vital for his survival. An MDC-T does not change his kupusa

  • Ndini…

    Go out to the streets of Harare, the cbd, residential areas both high and low and tell me that people are celebrating Zanu Pf’s win…people are truly sombre and worried about tomorrow,their kids’ welfare etc…….How can you celebrate to rule over a people that did not vote for you?? You impose yourself on people and blindly think they like you…..Well,God will be the judge of that !!!!! I rest my case….

    • Mudimbu

      …. never had a case in the first place. Vile speculations, lies, wild guesses. Is that how you build your cases. Your handlers never taught you the right way because you were never meant to last. If Morgan had won, right now Branson and the EU and the US would be planning the next steps that would not include you at all except in the context of slaves.

    • Mchadura


    • zhangu

      That is the problem we have with MDC. Harare isnt Zimbabwe. We should not look down on rural folk and insult them using words like peasant. Those are the most vulnerable and the most easy to scare and convince. And the ones whos numbers really matter.

      Cities are nothing. Drops in an ocean

    • Ivhu ndereveZimbabwe muZimbab

      THe so-called urbanites are not so smart. They want to live on borrowed resources. They believe to work for the Whiteman is a trend, yet they have nothing to show.

  • BK

    Aiwa ndabvuma zvangu ZANU (PF) chiwororo. No we kno whi is going to retire. MT lied in our faces when he said he had the keys the state house. Tinganyeberane zvedu asi MT haapinde pa nyanga. The people have spoken. Back to the drawing board.

  • Shumba

    Indeed the people have spoken and the will of the people must and should be respected. Negative forces may spell doom and gloom but remember who installs leaders in positions of authority, it is God Himself, the Almighty. His thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways. He knows what is good for Zimbabwe and His plans are always good for us. Just watch the space, Zimbabwe is poised for phenomenal growth and she shall be the envy of many a nations. Who would imagine we would have such a peaceful plebiscite? This has never been experienced in any African democracy and Zimbabweans have demonstrated their resilience and their appreciation of ZANU PF as the party with the real concerns of the populace at heart. Now everything is in the hands of the revolutionary party and the coming government to deliver, implement the policies promised and be solely focused on nation building and development. We celebrate the victory. The Western dark forces have been dealt a heavy blow. Africa is for Africans, the time has come for us to be our own Masters and Zimbabwe is leading in that respect. Viva Gushungo!!!!!

  • Sick and Tired

    This is a merciless massacre, a emphatic drubbing, a heavy hammering, a holocaust from the ZANU PF jaggurnaut, WELL DONE ZANU PF. The truth has been revealed today. MDC T not ashamed of all these silly, stupid, unwitty,pointless excuses. Told you we shall see at voting allegations that people have been bussed to attend rallies, were saying people were browbeaten to attend, what can you say now, anything you say will not hold any water.
    A teaser; “Munhu hauna bhurugwa, hauna underwear, hanzi ndofira muzanu’-Tsvangirai
    Masoja, mapurisa vanandamubata havana kuvhota ne kuda kwekusagona kweZEC-Tsvangirai
    Mumba makazvarirwa sekuru vako, mukazvarirwa baba vako, ukazvarirwa imomo ndomaurikungogara, maunomuda wakachonjomara, mutangwena-Tsvangirai
    Watadza kupa mukadzi nhumbu, baba vake vomboenda naye, iwewe wobva wati baba ndipei one night chete-Tsvangirai
    Vane AIDS, mukondombera, mapiritsi ngaawande. mobwira, mukasadaro munofa-Tsvangirai
    Pane mukadzi akamborepwa here naTsvangirai, vanouya vega, uye vanoda kuenda kunoenda vazhinji nekuti vanoti kunombove nei. Tsvangirai ibhuru, kwedu tinemabhuru, hatina ngochani-Theresa Makone

    Imi mbuya imi sudurukai kana musina zvekutaura zvinemusoro, munofanira kuteerera kana vakuru vachitaura-Tsvangirai in Rusape when he was imposing Makoni

    Mupfana kana ukada kuita zvekutamba neni uchindiaccuser izvozvo, i will sue you to the mh.ta- Tendai Biti LIVE ON NATIONAL RADIO

    Its shocking to say this in front of grown up mean and women. This is direspectful, taking people for idiots, highly immoral, dictatorial,stupid, these are ignomaruses to the bone

    • PG Madziwa

      The word uncouth describes them well!

  • Chitepo

    ra gohwa…

  • baba tombi

    Tengai machangani bag ekutakurira ziim dollar vematumbu vacharamba vachifuta, imi vemaslipas akasungwa newaya munovhotera zvamurimkuona kuti hapana zvazvakaita for the past 33yrs muchadzishaya waya dzekusungisa maslipas

  • Zuruvi we KwaZvimba

    In a nut shell, when the new Govt comes to power; we would
    like ALL the Industries back on-line as promised Mr President. i.e. Willowvale,
    Bulawayo, Graniteside; Chitungwiza. Our sons and daughters need jobs. Health
    Delivery system should return to being one of the best in Africa. Proper
    Education must restored, so that our children have a proper foundation in this
    ever changing www. Our Universities repaired and sanity restored. Our local
    Banks should not turn away young and aspiring entrepreneurs who have been ever
    ready to venture into business. We do not have houses for security, however we
    have to be availed these much needed loans. We would like also to create value
    for ourselves as well as employment for the younger generation.

    Chinese products have been killing ALL our local industries
    including those locally produced products. These people should just get out of our country, we don`t need them, we can well do on our own. Besides they are
    looting our natural resources, we want them to ourselves as Zimbabweans.

    ALL City councils must start functioning properly. e.g the
    filth on our Streets should disappear. We need clean running water; we cannot
    keep on drinking sewage water. So these houses should be put in order
    immediately with out fail, if you have to fire someone at the top there, please

    In addition this country has turned out to be nation of
    vendors. We can`t have that any more. We need properly educated men and Women
    who should able to run this country in the near future. We don`t need
    Electricity CUTS, they should be a thing of the past; Electricity should be
    available 24 hrs a day. Gushungo; Sekuru mune basa huru raka kumirirayi if you
    are re-elected. We are a new breed of Zimbabweans and we will not accept
    anything less than this, we need actual change.

    PS: Ana kule`s na Mbuya`s vedu; young men and women who
    voted for you in the Rural areas need electricity and drinking water as well as
    proper road networks at their respective homesteads as well, lets not segregate
    them since the voting is over. They also
    need proper shopping centers that will cater for their daily needs; please do
    not forget them.

  • Daphnie

    3RD CHIMURENGA WAR OF THE Xs AND BASIC NEEDS HAS BEEN WON. LOBENGULA SOLD WT AN X TSVANGSON ALMOST SOLD FOR THE LOVE OF WOMEN BUT WE WON BACK WITH THAT X. guys just shut up u r sour losers u r embarrassing urselfs kikiki mari ichapera yamakapiwha nema bunhu haakupeyi futi imwe kikikiki aaah shame nematambudziko u were nt that hard to shake. MDC DEAD N BURIED MAYBE THIS TIME TRY MAKASA NOT TO GAMBLE WITH ZIMBABWEANS WE R TOO INTELLIGENT FOR YOU.

  • truzimbo


  • Cde Ticha

    Uchachema ukadzamara wanyarara zvako, sorry maningi.