Zanu-PF gags party officials

sk moyo

Cde Simon Khaya Moyo

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
ZANU-PF yesterday issued a gag order barring its provincial chairpersons and all other officials from talking about developments in the party in the media.
The order was announced by the revolutionary party’s national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo after a meeting he held with provincial chairpersons in Harare yesterday.In an unusual development, the meeting of the provincial chairpersons coincided with another one convened by the Secretary for Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa with all provincial secretaries of administration.

Issues discussed in that meeting could not be verified last night, although indications were that it had to do with events of that past few weeks where some party leaders have been exposed as fighting against the appointment of the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe as Women’s League chairperson even though the issue is, to all intents and purposes, a fait accompli given that two constitutional organs of the party — the Women’s and Youth Leagues — endorsed the First Lady’s ascendancy to the helm of the Women’s League and both have resolutions to that effect.

Matters came to a head over the weekend when Zanu-PF Harare Province deputy youth chairperson Cde Edison Takataka was assaulted allegedly at the instigation of Politburo member Cde Tendai Savanhu for attending the Mazowe meeting held on the eve of the Youth Conference where the Youth League endorsed the decision calling on President Mugabe to appoint Amai Mugabe Women’s League boss at the December elective Congress.

The attack on Cde Takataka prompted the Women’s League in Harare to convene a meeting at Mhofu Primary School in Highfield, presided over by Cde Cleveria Chizema the most senior Politburo member in Harare, that reaffirmed the Women’s League support for the First Lady and rapped Cde Savanhu and Harare province chairperson Cde Amos Midzi calling for their ouster for failing to run the province.

In a strongly worded statement after the chairpersons meeting yesterday, Cde Khaya Moyo also warned party members against ‘’abusing the name of the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe to score cheap political goals’’.

Discipline, Cde Khaya Moyo said, was a cardinal rule that should be observed at all levels of the party.

“Zanu-PF is not a media party and its operations cannot be conducted through the media,” he said.

“Zanu-PF is a party of discipline and this must be reflected throughout its structures.

“On this note, I must warn the party members at every level, not to use the media to abuse the First Lady’s name for whatever reason. The First Family must be respected at all times.”

In any case, Cde Khaya Moyo said, members should focus on strengthening party structures ahead of the December National People’s Congress.

”Zanu-PF is a mammoth organisation, a revolutionary party with massive membership and therefore its structures must be intact and its membership registers verifiable all the time,” he said.

Some provincial chairpersons who attended the meeting expressed reservations with the  development saying they were shocked that the National Chairman, who chairs the party’s disciplinary committee, could convene a meeting with provincial chairpersons when six of them were implicated in the embarrassing vote manipulation and vote buying that afflicted the Youths Conference; and when a special Politburo to discuss the development was reportedly in the pipeline.

The chairpersons of Harare, Matabeleland South, Masvingo, Mashonaland West, Manicaland and Matabeleland North all stand accused of influencing the youths vote.

The Youths have since submitted a dossier of the alleged illegal activities by six of the party’s 10 provincial chairpersons.

A woman’s League member from Mashonaland Central, who spoke on condition of anonymity queried the call against discussing the First Lady in the media saying as women they found it strange that they were being told to keep quiet at a time they were celebrating First Lady’s endorsement by the Women’s and Youths conferences, and when the stories have been mostly positive.


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  • Observer

    Chairman calls for order, silence & discipline & some sections raise their voice to question the chairman’s order, showing disorder & illdiscipline. Is there any hierarchy in my party or it’s now free for all as everyone positions themselves for December & beyond?

    • EazyRyderPaper

      So when Mutasa and Mliswa were battering Mnangagwa SK had no problem with party members speaking to the media but now that Chris is taking on The likes of Va Mutasa&Mai Mujuru and the likes of Midzi and Savanhu are exposed for their opposition to the first family SK gags members??? Chairman must be a NATIONAL chairman not a factional chairman otherwise he will not be listened to…he must not show favouritism

  • ThembaniNyoni

    Surely we can not have every Tom and Jerry being a spokesperson of ZANU PF and later on allow the abuse of the name of the President and that of the First Lady. Bravo!

  • chiendambuya

    so much for freedom of speech


    MIDZI naSAVANHU (***)Ngavadzingwe ! Vanoziva chi-i. Harare Province yakaoreswa nemakonye aya. MIDZI ka dzokere kuAmbassadorial duties, POVO YARAMBA …!

  • EazyRyderPaper

    Why is National Chairman acting now to gag leaders? Why did he not act when VaMutasa was going around the whole country talking Mnangagwa this Mnangagwa that and yet never once did Mnangagwa respond,at least never in public…Ko when Mutasa was threatening Gamatox on party members why did SK not gag him? Ko when Mutasa was claiming Madiro stole cattle and diamond money why not gag him? Now when Madiro is acquitted in court and his name has been thru the mud has Cde Mutasa been censored for his public statements? Why now gag people for speaking out against Mutasa? And when Va Mutasa said in the presence of ivo Chairman ‘Kana ***…icho!!!’ Was that not worth a gag order??? Zvino kana ma Nationa Chair avakuita take sides pa factionalism vanokudzwa here??? Isn’t that what splits the party??? Why not correct each other ku musoro kuti bodo izvo zvakashata? ?? But to keep quiet bcoz so and so can give me supprt to land such an such position and ignore their faults and flaws?? And you wonder why people don’t listen? Ask yourself why barely a year after the so called dominant camp “won” provincial elections 7 youth chairs,4 women chairs and 4 provincial chairs have now turned against them to the extent of saying ndizvo vari kuputsa party ne vote buying and Kuda ma positions?? Gag haichashande bcoz since elections last year the structures and common man have been treated with contempt by the dominant camp In their quest for power

  • magonde

    POVHO YARAMBA, POVHO YARAMBA, POVHO YARAMBA, ZVEMA DHISINYONGORO, POVHO YARAMBA, ZVEMA DHISINYONGORO. End this now please. We voted for you to lead our country out of poverty.

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    It’s nice hearing party members most no longer afraid to speak out and expose their bosses’ true colours. Rinemanyanga hariputirwe. Not only do we see lack of direction from the yes men covering for their bosses’ incompetence but the clueless minds that have for decades failed miserably to run the country.The monster keeps on self destructing towards extinction until men of courage takeover and revive the country.