West treats Zim unfairly, says China

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Lovemore Chikova in BEIJING, China—
The reciprocal State visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping last year was meant to reassure Zimbabwe of the Asian country’s readiness to assist it, an official has said. Speaking to African journalists on a 10-month study here under the China Africa Press Centre on Tuesday, Chinese director-general of the Department of African Affairs Mr Lin Songtian said Zimbabwe was being treated unfairly by the West.

“President Xi visited Zimbabwe last year to reassure people that we stand by that country,” he said. “The State visit was carried out before the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summit in Johannesburg (South Africa) which was important.”

Mr Lin said the West started labelling President Mugabe a dictator after he embarked on land reform, which sought to promote equality. “You see, before 2000, President Mugabe was loved by the West, but when he started redistributing land to the people to them he became a dictator,” he said.

“Things started disappearing from supermarket shelves and there was nothing. Now, Zimbabwe is on the recovery path, struggling, falling and rising up.”

China signed mega deals with Zimbabwe worth billions of dollars in different sectors when President Mugabe visited the Asian country in 2014. More deals were signed during President Xi’s reciprocal State visit last year.

Deals in areas such as infrastructure, energy and power generation, agriculture and trade are at various stages of implementation. Earlier on, Mr Lin had given the journalists a lecture titled: “Introduction to Sino-African Relations and Cooperation” where he reiterated China’s commitment to helping Africa.

He said a number of African countries needed to put their house in order for help from China to become relevant. “In Sub-Saharan Africa, not every country is ready,” he said. “Enabling laws and regulations must be put in place and there must be efficiency.

“When China goes to Africa, please be assured that we have learnt our lessons to enhance the countries’ Gross Domestic Product and create jobs. “We are not going there to loot resources. In the next three years, Sino-Africa relations will be at a higher level with more companies going there to invest and help create wealth. “We will share with you everything about our experiences.”

Mr Lin said Africa needed help in three areas of proving infrastructure, especially for water and electricity supply, funding and professionals. He said Africa had a great potential “to explode” economically given the resources at its disposal.

“China views Africa as a strategic partner,” he said. “China hopes to see that the relations are profound and sustainable. They should be based on mutual trust to benefit each other economically.

“We shall support each other for peace and have unity with each other.” Mr Lin said China was doing its best to take its citizens out of poverty, hoping to ensure 70 million people out of 200 million live out of the poverty datum line in the next five years.

China has a population of nearly 1,4 billion. Mr Lin said the Asian country’s development was being made possible because of stability and unity. Delivering the first lecture to the African journalists on Monday titled: “Understanding of Chinese Political System” at Renmin University, Professor Wang Yiwei said the country had a long history of progress because of its discipline in politics.

He said China’s approach was based on collectivism, compared to individualism as demonstrated by Western countries. “In China we understand the differences between the two,” he said. “We believe in our system of a One Party State where there is deliberative democracy where people are united for their views.

“The Chinese Communist Party is the dominant force and the most important challenge for government is to deal with the flood (problems). We need collectivism to deal with the flood.”

An opening ceremony for the China Africa Press Centre 2016 enrollment was held yesterday and attended by ambassadors from several African countries.

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  • Judas Iscariot

    So it’s ok for China, to demand that African countries,should put their houses in order, before they can expect aid from China? But it’s illegal for the West, to make the same demands? By efficiency,he is referring to awarding contracts, to companies that possess, resources and skills to have things done, rather than those that are always the first, to buy tables at ZANU PF fundraising events, or contributing money for the Feb 21st movement. If what the Chinese did in Marange, is what they call friendship,who needs enemies? The West criticised,the manner in which the land redistribution was done,it was chaotic,the white farmers weren’t given time, to harvest their produce,their farm equipment was looted,others were violently removed from their farms. Yesterday China was asking the gov’t,to follow the rules when dealing with Chinese miners, who have been stopped,from continuing to loot our diamonds. If the villagers in Marange are allowed to loot,mining equipment from the Chinese,China will stop doing business with us too.This article is nothing but politics.

    • Boorangoma

      Judas, The West demands regime change in Africa, that is different from demanding orderliness.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Stop lamenting our land reform you idiot. How did your Boer masters remove our forefathers /mothers from our land during their colonial rule? DId they use their so called rule of law bullshit? The satanic West never raised any colonial finger over our Matabeleland /Midlands human rights issue during Dissidents /Gukurahundi ugly problem.But to only talk of boer “human“and land “rights“! Your wish for strained relations between Zim and China is influenced by your frustrated MDC politics ! Without this country`s support from China and Russia the West , at worst , wanted to use military power to remove our legitimate government in favour of your MDC stooge regime.

      • Letsdowhatsright1st

        Clarity. How can you be proud of yourself kana pasina clarity yezvinhu?? Do you ever stop for a moment before criticizing others and think of what is best for us all?? I doubt very much. Let me give you something to think about. In ways of reasoning..What If is always invalid..but allow me to convey my message so. What if the government took all the land and put it under ministry of lands(parastatal farming). What if the government had introduced indigenisation during land reform before just claiming land without proper knowledge of using it?? What if the land(especially productive land was allocated 1st to Chibhero college black students who were qualified to become farm managers and so on?? Putting national granaries at interest? Is it wrong for me to think otherwise?? Why cant we allow for positive criticism?? How can we grow if we do not have room for new theories, ideas and strategies?? What if we all learn to lead by example and walk the talk. Handidi chemahara asi ndoda kuzvishandira in a conducive environment. What if corruption was not there?? Nehuchenjeri wenyu Cde makatadza here kusima vanhu pamberi pevarungu vanova vaiava ne experience in fariming Inga wani we had more black prominent farmers like ana Chimuka and the likes. Issue of settlement or resettlement for accommodation purposes was supposed to be dealt with separately to that of commercial farming..Some of us born frees hatina kana pekugara asi land yakatorwa kare. Is it my fault for not grabbing land when I was 13 years old in 2000?? Izvezvi mhiri kwatakadzidza vamwe vana vevakarwa Hondo vari ma born free vatori nemapurazi asi avasingagone kushandisa avari kutoita ekuripisa mwaka wega wega kune anoda kurima. Saka ndizvo here zvamunodawo kuti ndifarirewo ini ndisina changu?? But I do remember the standards of living before ESAP and 1997 when everything just changed for good. Handi sapote murungu pachokwadi asi ko isu vamwe venyu vatema mati todii?? Hamuna basa nesu kaa?? Why not let hupfumi hwenyika filtrate to others?? Kana husipo already you have influential positions why not create it??? Isu takatomirirawo mabasa ekugadzira migwagwa yemumarokesheni nekuti kurima handigone..ipai vanogona kurima ivhu kwete kusarura nekuda kweganda kana kwatinobva. Vatema ndivo vari muhutongi saka ivhu nderenyika inotongwa nehurumende..Hurumende ndiyo ngaive inosarudza kupa anokodzera kurima arime..isu POVO motipa hedu pekugara Cde.In my opinion government needs to recall all the land and make sure they give it to peple that will use it wisely not selfishly. Not because kufodya ndiko kune mari totoona munhu ari paMazowe, Guruve, Concession achirima fodya No. Those areas are suitable for staples. So please do whats right for us all. Chandinodawo kukwanisa kuzviriritira nemhuri yangu tichikwana nepashoma ipapo. Accomodation, Food, Health, Education, and Sanitation chete chete Cde is that too much to ask for from a fellow black person??? Lets refrain from crying foul from the west isu takangotarisana. Thank you

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          I agree with you that there are weaknesses here and there. But we can only move forward by correcting the very ills and utilising our land properly We know our shortcomings but we wont apologize to you and your Boers. The situation would have been better if the satanic West had not imposed satanic sanctions in my revolutionary view. So don`t try to air a blinkered advice. Revolutionary land take over the only language Boers understood. Look at what is happening in SA and Namibia? What is your take?

          • masvukupete

            I like the way you think these days Cde Prof. Its like there has been a major Tsunami (pun intended) hitting our revolutionary brothers who claim to be the custodians of Zim patriotism.

            There has been screamings and screamings of how much better we could have done the land reform. Now one of your breakaway outfits calling itself ZPF was press conferencing yesterday and it sounded just like a Tsvangirai rally.

            Electoral reforms, army politics mix, accountability, ruthless system not different from Smith, blah blah blah.

            Mbwanana hadzisvinuri musi umwe chete.

            I would like to welcome you to the land of criticising (or sight).

      • Letsdowhatsright1st

        please don’t mind the typo errors but am sure you will easily calculate for substitution. Like pakati fariming = farming or peple=people

      • Khoisan

        What and where exactly is ‘your’ land Mr Mzvinavhu? When your foreign Bantu ancestors invaded and colonized this area of southern Africa around 1000 years ago, did they ask the true indigenous San and later Khoi natives for permission?
        Does 1000 years convert one into an indigenous person, is 500 years ago when Portuguese first started exploring southern Africa considered enough, what of Ndebele arrivals 180 years ago, or is simply being born on the territory sufficient?

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          I am not given to colonial apologies over our land issue. No amount of colonial historical pudding will enter by throat. Boers tried to justify their colonial tenure by giving warped up historical bullshit. Get lost!

  • sambiri

    And Zanu treating its citizens with utmost disgust. In house fighting , economy management failure, and corrupt individuals continue to wreck untold suffering whilst Zanu continue talk of the walk . Crimes being committed nationwide by the so called untouchables and some claim tot be above the law. Its an anarchy state.

    • sokomurehwa

      So are we getting sanctions for what is in-house? Mexico has drug and corruption problems, SA has serious violence; I could go on and on but have they been sanctioned? Guys let us call a spade a spade; the real motive for sanctions against us is the re-possession of our land. I do not support corruption, etc; but when it comes to our land..Uncle Bob is 1000% right. Varungu vakarwadziwa nenyaya iyi varume. I support our president through and through on this issue and zvekunzi hatigone kurima zvimwe izvo…one thing we should know is that the benefits will be realised by future generations.

      • sambiri

        We aren’t talking about Mexico or South Africa here mate. Address the massive elephant in the house that has brought avalanche of misfortunes.

  • Saul to Paul

    Could we possibly say we are being treat unfairly in by anyone? We are our own enemies! We took over a private entity called SMM and ran it down in the name of reconstruction. We have run down Ziscosteel. We need to introspect and the Chinese, if they are genuine, must point out these flash points. In China SMM and Ziscosteel would have entailed thorough investigations without fear or favour. The same would have been the case if such happenings had been in Germany, South Korea or Japan. We need to bring people to account for their actions. What happened to the multi billion dollar industry that SMM was?

  • koseivamweveduvachitambura?

    Well said Sambiri. Dai tanga tichidya tichiguta better. But nhamo yatikanga waya. Ini hangu handidi zvemahara asi tarisai maomero akaita hupenyu muZimbabwe.

  • Gushungo

    What else can China say? Its in their best interest if African countries especially Zimbabwe continue to fight with the west. China is the biggest investor in the american economy. Zimbabweans we need to wake up and smell the coffee. We must face reality. We must work hard to ensure proper governance of this country. Whether we look east or west we have no friends. And at least we the west there is a standard of doing things unlike our chinese friends who will give you poison with a smile. Wake up Zimbabwe!!!

  • John Madhiri

    lol, saka twakapusa tuvanhu utwu

  • my zanupf


  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    By no means. The West colonially looted from this country. The paltry aid is no where nearer reparations we should be claiming from them if Africa had the voice in the UN Security Council.! China gave us arms to fight the “civilised and christian“ West, ironically to get human rights , including the right to our self determination politically. We took back our land from the Boers and the evil West put sanctions on our economic shoulders. We are suffering because if sanctions and the West tries to cover up by giving so called aid, instead of huge reparations. So you are ignorant of the colonial balance sheet! Just shut up wena!

    • TincythaTruth

      Why finger sanctions when you say the West should stay out of our land. Don’t use sanctions, rather point at selfish politicians who are living five star lives at the expense of the mass. I believe we can be self-sufficient and the West we definitely is our red listed enemy, we don’t want their help, they are bloody scums who want to reap what they didn’t sow. If we blame sanctions it gives the West the wings to think they really matter, they will think their sanctions have worked. They rather keep the sanctions on because we don’t want to associate with them. And Cde every person has right to their opinion and so this platform is for all, the shut up didnt have to be said.