War veterans elect new executive

Cde Nyaruwata

Cde Nyaruwata

Lovemore Meya Herald Correspondent
The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has elected a new national executive committee that will lead the organisation to elections in December.

The change of guard was announced at a Press conference in Harare yesterday. Cde Patrick Nyaruwata chairs the national executive committee.

“The committee of the national executive has unanimously elected new leadership at the top hierarchy which will spearhead the preparation for the elections to take place during the month of December,” said Cde Nyaruwata.

“On the position of the chairmanship of this organisation, Cde Patrick Nyaruwata will be the chairman of the committee, deputised by Cde George Mlala. The political commissar will be Cde Samuel Mazhamba.

“We elevated the secretary-general, who was deputy secretary, Cde Michael Mapfumo to be the substantive secretary-general of the organisation.” He said other positions would remain as elected at congress in Masvingo in 2014. This means that Cde Robert Ncube retains the treasurer’s post.

Speaking at the same event, Cde Mlala said: “As members of the national executive selected on November 16, 2014 at Masvingo general congress, we fully acknowledge that the selection process was held under the executive order issued by the Zanu-PF First Secretary and Patron of the ZNLWVA, Cde Mugabe.

“It is therefore in our capacity to also fully comprehend that at the moment ZNLWVA’s constitution remains suspended until the resolutions made at the general congress are fully resolved.

“It is at this meeting that the new national executive, as from November 16, 2014, was charged with amending the constitution to cater for the various problems that are affecting our association,” he said. Cde Mlala branded the Christopher Mutsvangwa-led war veterans “rogue elements”.

“Therefore, as the national executive, we refuse to be led by rogue elements who have been expelled from the party and have of late, not shown any remorse, but rather vowed to join retrogressive elements sponsored by our erstwhile enemies.

“We also in this same vein bar the fugitive Douglas Mahiya from representing our organisation in any capacity. We are fully aware of his dubious co-option into the structures of the national executive.”

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  • Baba Na

    Ana Nyaruwata should just concentrate on farming or form their own war vets association. Mutsvangwa is not Sibanda hokoyo necourt order just like Mandi muchanyarara mese.

  • Samanyika

    Wasting time. Its not that easy. You think mahiya, Chris et al will give up that easy? It’s gonna be an interesting cage match . Watch the space

  • eliah

    What then happens to Chris ,all along we thought he is irreplaceable? Lets watch this one carefully it will be very interesting when he starts responding by unleashing those jawbreakers.

    • gerro

      Ma jawbreakers ake anondi sparka.

  • Tengenenge

    Was the “deposed” executive present? Or the reporter could not get their side of the story? Has Nyaruwata now returned the war vet’s company missing money?

  • Ray Mbada

    You need to be a bit serious guys because representing people is more of a fathering position and with that, we don’t buy into your castigating of other war veterans who see things differently unless you are in that buy trying to buy some sponsorship or sympathy from the outside world. We are saying he who has been found not suitable to lead should follow because the status is not founded on educational grounds or on nepotism but it is a status worked for.

    From day one we have always taken the position of helping each other find a way back (Kudzorana) and that can not change because we getting old or because we intend to please someone.

  • mabwe

    Time to buy popcorn and big coke, sit back and relax as we watch the movie

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Having two groups of differing leaders claiming to represent the same war veterans is a monumental absurdity in law. Its like any political party leadership splitting, each side claiming to be more representative of membership than the other. In the final analysis and in political practice , not theory, the issue is not decided by a law court injunction , which is just a temporary palliative, instead of a cure of the problem. It is up to the majority of the silent war veterans to decide by voting transparently to show who are their leadership. The trajectory to go back to the membership to decide appears to me , more plausible. Only those who fear not being re-elected will cry otherwise. It not the current name of the war vets association that is crucial , but the wishes of the members because a new name for the majority can always be legally coined. It is true that the ZNLWVA has always worked closely with ZANU PF politically. The majority of war vets are of this understanding , while the expelled from ZANU PF leadership is now disclaiming that background. Its therefore, only the majority of war vets who will decide which is which, not the two opposing leadership pockets, in my learned view. Hold a congress transparently and allow the membership to decide between the two pockets of so called leadership. Politically, both sides will not benefit if their differences result in ZANU PF losing elections in 2018. Amen.

    • Tsotso

      Thank you prof for the first time I see you use some prof speak. However, two points stand out:
      1) There has never been, nor can there be any transparency when it comes to elections so far as zanu pf and its affiliates are concerned. The minority rules.
      2) Both opposing pockets of leaders WILL BENEFIT IMMENSELY if zanu pf LOSES 2018 elections. Zimbabwe might have a new lease of life without daily fire fighting

    • Tengenenge

      Where do you live ?? SECRETARY for war vet’s ministry has already banned Chris and Co. from contesting the proposed “elections”

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        I live on my A1 plot in Goromonzi and Mabvuku -dale in Harare! The ban you are referring to, if true, then agrees with my point that war vets have always been operating under ZANU leadership , Ministry of Defense and now also our own liberation heroes Ministry. The meeting in Masvingo which saw the rise of war vets Mutsvangwa and others to leadership was overseen by the Defense Chiefs. Such clear facts call for introspection by all wise and sober dramatis personae on the issue. No amount of legal gymnastics will erase such practical facts in my learned view , in any quest for a practical resolution of the issue. We can be spectators as those directly concerned fight to give war vets leadership that is practical in terms of both their ongoing quest for welfare and our revolutionary politics. I submit my learned comment.

        • Msongelwa Dube

          You are right Professore, the war veterans leadership has been loyal to ZANU but you forgot to add that the G40 clique led by the NPC, the FL and Sorodamba is now running the show.. this is the undeniable truth.Party cadres and some in the military veterans leadership who resisted the hostile takeover of the Party by G40 nincompoops or have expressed concern about the ideological bankruptcy of some in the ever-scheming G40 faction have been purged,suspended or demoted.

    • masvukupete

      Cde Muzvi. But does the body have its constitution? What does it say about election and choosing leadership? When a body has a constitution and its members have a dispute, the courts can be brought in to “fix” the dispute (civil matter). In this case the dispute was brought before the courts and according to the interpretation by the courts Chris is still the legal chairman. Now I do not know what the war vets constitution says but there should be a clause that specifies when elections are due (periodically) and there must also be a clause on what events need to happen in order to have elections before the period is up.

      In the end calling for elections now might just be against the constitution of the war vets body.

      In normal democratic system rules, regulations and constitutions drive the operations of such bodies. Like I said in normal democracies, sadly our Zimbabwe holds some other unknown brand of elections regularly but is far from being a real electoral democracy.

    • zimbotry

      There are many War Vets who are totally fed up with being used and lied to by ZanuPF. They fought for and deserve much better than what they are getting today. The War Vets as a whole will never agree collectively as some are more interested in keeping underachievers in power than the good of the country and its people. Do you think they are happy being denied basic medical care while watching others head of to Singapore or to South Africa for a sore foot?

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Thanks for coming into this debate . I have contributed my personal views on the issue. By the way, I am far away from those directly involved or required to resolve the issue. Best wishes to them. I only pray for a solution that does not vitiate the trajectory for ZANU PF to win in 2018. I believe the majority of war vets still support ZANU PF and will ensure it wins in 2018. The issue of leadership for war vets or in ZANU PF and government cannot override the need for our party to remain governing and implement our revolutionary policies. Leaders come and depart to wherever , but our party and national interests are paramount in my informed and learned view. I see a scenario that will unite war vets who support ZANU PF , and triumphing into the 2018 elections. To me, that is the big picture.

        • hove

          The bigger picture is the welfare of the country my brother. Parties are just a collection of individuals hiding behind a name but the country will be there long after ZANU PF and MDC. Its a pity that some individuals think that party politics is the alpha and omega like some poorly run Dairy

        • zimbotry

          Hopefully your scenario is that all the money that has left Zimbabwe under ZanuPF eyes will mysteriously be returned…….and the elite will stop spending money on pointless overseas shopping and medical trips

  • eliah

    I think by now its in

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Yes judicial orders can be given. But such orders are based of existing law , a law that was enacted not anticipating certain issues for those for whom it was intended. This is why laws or constitutions have provisions for amendments when practice demands so. The courts can be subjected to amended law, where necessary. During my days as student of Jurisprudence, I came across a legal maxim which says, “The law does not enforce an impossibility. “ E .g. we are all awaiting the implementation of the court decision in Kenya within 60 days, after controversial elections. Judges in their learned wisdom, via majority voting , gave a timeline for rerun of elections without being well informed about practical exigencies for such an exercise time-wise. In practical life, what is legally concluded may not be easily or practically implementable. But human society will go on until the law and practical politics find each. This is why in practice the law sometimes suffer from revolutionary attack. Anyway, what if a new name is found for another group that meets to elect new leaders? ? Scenario? I submit my debatable comments.

    • Muzambiringa

      Who voted them in?

  • sarah Mahoka

    you cannot just declare without congress .There is a court order anyway why is govt so desperate to have the war vets they threw out of zanupf back in the fold? are they now no longer dispensable despite all the vetriol from Mugabe and wife. Va gadzirire saizi yavo Mutsvangwa Vajaira. Pamberi mberi na Cde Mutsvangwaa!