War vet Mahiya arrested

Mr Mahiya

Mr Mahiya

Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association secretary for information and publicity Mr Douglas Mahiya has been arrested. Sources close to the matter said Mr Mahiya was picked by the police yesterday afternoon. Details relating to the charges he is facing were still sketchy by the time of writing. “Yes, he was picked by the police but I do not have much detail as yet,” said the source.

“If you can check tomorrow I can give you more details.” Mr Mahiya courted controversy after he presided over a war veterans meeting that denounced President Mugabe last Thursday.

At the same meeting, a treasonous communiqué was covertly issued to members of the media. Among other things, the communiqué purported that war veterans had renounced President Mugabe’s leadership.

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At the meeting, other participants took turns to denounce the President. Some of the participants who were vocal and blunt in attacking President Mugabe include Mr Francis Nhando and Mr Victor Matemadanda.

In his contribution at the meeting, Mr Nhando said no serious investor could commit his or her money in a country with a 92-year-old leader. War veterans, through their Minister Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube distanced themselves from the communiqué.

Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi said the treasonous communiqué could be the work of Fifth Columnists. It is understood that Government had already engaged its security apparatus to establish the origins of the communiqué and those behind its circulation.

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  • Mandiitawefodya

    We cannot achieve anything as a country when we unashamedly oppress our people like this. A government that specializes in intimidating and ill-treating its people has no place in the modern world, its the most backward dictatorship there can ever be. So no one should express their opinions except if they praise and worship the head of state?

    • Observer gonzo

      The youths being bought with parcels of undeveloped land should remember that these war vets squandered many opportunities to size down mugabe and allow people’s voices to prevail. Now they have a monstrous problem to deal with. Draw your lessons from the following :
      1. They farms they got with no title deeds or property rights are now being confiscated
      2. Their children are the biggest looser. ..many have never been gainfully employed and are living off parents pensions
      3. They now look up to the “private” media to get a fare voice. The same media they were used to hound down.
      4. To cap it all they are being arrested the same way Tsvangirayi was harassed as they cheered. They will soon have to remember the judges they hounded out of office in the late 90s.

      • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

        Let the law take its course. If he indeed is guilty that will come from the courts. But for you to insult us and say we squandered big opportunities is uncalled for. Probably if we did squander anything then that was the time we participated in the war to liberate stupid people like you.

        • wezhira wezheve

          what offence is he being arrested for? Is it not a democractic right for any citizen to call for their leader to resign. You went to war to install Mugabe as a leader, or to free us. And you call this liberation? Is this freedom when 100% are using fake names??? Why are we afraid when we are free?

          • yowe


        • Japana Hapana

          You are the most stupid one. Went to the war to fight a good white man, smith in order to install ** to rule over you. Stupid, keep quiet, tomorrow its you next in line to be treated like rubbish. The people you support are evil. Smith was a saint compared to them

        • yowe

          Do you still stand behind the Zanu Pf of this day???

    • Commander-in-thief

      This is what happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and the citizens decided enough was enough. We shall one day rise as a people and free Zimbabwe **

      • Cde in DIASPORA

        But the Libyans are now worse off economicaaly & their standard of living,while the West is looting oil. Even Obama admitted the West`s mistake on Libya. In Eqypt the West replaced the revolutionary elected government with a pro West regime.

        • Chamabondo

          There cant be anything worse for Zim than what we are saying now !

          • Cde in DIASPORA

            For Libyans & Iraqis the political instability in their countries is worse. The Egyptians did not freely choose the current government that replaced what they had elected after the riots. We should pray that our political differences dont involve the army. A split would mean civil war,Which would be worse. We must solve our problems peacefully by dialogue. Its not mathematical.

        • yowe

          So do you want us to just keep quiet when this government is working hard to destroy this country?? Why cant they accept that they have failed or even better why cant they arrest the corrupt people?? Everyday we read of millions being stolen but NO ONE has ever been brought to book.

          • Chief Legal Adviser

            The government was elected ,with the full support of the war vet leaders who are now saying the opposite. Why not use the party and national constitution to bring any necessary change,instead. Have you asked yourself about the role of the very war vets in 2013/14 national and their party elections? Who are they blaming? Are they on record having opposed what they are opposing now? Yes they may have changed now, but why not then focus on the 2018 elections and if change comes ,then it would be peaceful and legal change. If an elected government does not step down before next elections,that is constitutional ,in my view. Hoping for any Egypt, may be myopic and illegal.

          • yowe

            Thats the problem right there!!! Firstly this government is there for the people of Zimbabwe. They are continously failing through repeating failed policies and rampant corruption. Is it not the right of the people to tell them that things are not well and that we demand action from them??? You keep fearing Egypt as if anyone is calling for that form of action and through that you dismiss the concerns of the people. What will it take for them to arrest corrupt people, repeal some laws that make it impossible for investment to flow into the country?? These people should be wary of a leaderless revolution and not keep ignoring the people at some point things will explode and it will be disaster for everyone. They MUST LISTEN AND ACT if not for anyother reason but simply because its their JOB

      • Nooshie

        Zimbabweans have lost faith in elections as a remedy to their suffering. It is unfortunately possible that Zimbabwe as a result of Government being player and referee (remember the 6 week long “meeting” in 2008 to let the public know the results of the Presidential Poll, In any election, in the event of a dispute all relevant parties should be present at said “meeting”). People are in dire straits and many have nothing left to lose. A Libyan, Egyptian, Tunisian scenario may be be the unfortunate result.

  • future president

    If I may ask what is it that Is so treasonous about this communique?????bcz I dnt get y they are arresting this man .not that I’m in support of Zanu pf but can some1 just make m understand

    • #this flag

      animal farm madness dear citizen its all there is

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Arrested? What’s his crime? Please explain because last time I checked the constitution we have freedom of speech to express our happiness and sorrows. Saying Mugabe must go isn’t a crime. The rest of the country is saying so. You then arrest 15m people? Get real

    • Eagle-eyed

      Moe_Syzlack I am not a lawyer but to help you make your own judgment if the state has a case see the section that deals with treason under Zimbabwe law.

  • Nona

    Pamberi na cmde Mahiya!
    Pamberi na cmde Matemadanda!
    Pasina Mugabe!

  • Jones Musara

    so his crime is presiding over a meeting that peacefully denounced the president? there is no law prohibiting that. this is persecution, an illegal arrest.

  • eliah

    These war vets should mow think seriously about their position today and in future. It is my first time in the history world over to hear of freedom fights being subjected to this type of treatment. If this can happen to one ex-fighter, others should note that they can also get this mistreatment. Not so long ago war vets were sjamboked and tear gassed at Freedom Square and again it was another first. These guys deserve respect please and voicing concern is not a crime in any democratic state.

  • Fresh

    saka mhosva ndeipi apa?

  • musa

    ha herald, 1st you go mum on the war vets like it was a non-event when other media houses were reporting about it. then you denounce it through gvt ministers and bogus political analysts and now you report about it because mahiya has been arrested? wow! what of the news that 7 men were holding mahiya’s family hostage till he had to hand himself over to the police. are you going to be silent on that too?

  • Doug SA

    big mistake!!!! Like they did with Mai Mujuru…..arresting him wont kill him but will give him a bigger voice when he comes out. Arrrests dont work and have never worked ….he will be out on bail in less than a week!

  • Nzonzo

    How it treasonous to denounce a person this is not North Korea

  • Gary WekuZviyambe


  • cinhema

    Nothing treasonous at all about Mahiya’s statement. Chokwadi charwadza. Viva Mahiya, Mutsvangwa , Nhando and Matemadanda. Amadoda Sibili.

  • nmurimba

    Three is constitucional right to fervedor of speech, though I am not sure about its realista of existência. Arresting these who openly talk males it even more dangerous where people will clandestinely work against you because of fear.

  • Venda

    This Mr Mahiya committed some serious crimes against the people of modern day Zimbabwe in his capacity as a war vet leader and for that reason most of us should not really care about how he is being treated by his fellow comrades. However, as a progressive society which realises that this regime is on its way out, we should make sure that it does not become the norm that anyone who speaks his mind should be arrested. For that reason, we are interested in the charge sheet- and if anyone should by chance come across it- we certainly would not mind taking a look….

  • Tasvika

    kkkkkkk ah kkkkk he is now mr mahiya. Was comrade Now mr.


    • musa

      yah, comrades are only found in zany pf

  • Team lady Stop It

    Hand him over to the youths and the women, we know how to deal with him.

  • Judas Iscariot

    Why is the regime not this swift, and ruthless when it comes to dealing with corrupt bigwigs, who’re destroying our economy? The military junta has been consistent when it comes to silencing dissenting voices. They’re ruthless. Hopefully once again the justice system will come to Mahiya’s rescue,just as it did for pastor Mawarire. These cdes used to terrorize members of the public,who didn’t support the regime,now they’re on the receiving end. You helped create a monster cdes.

  • Thetruthshallcome

    Arrested for what? For telling the nation the truth and this is considered treasonous. I don’t think we know the meaning of treason surely! So no one whatsoever should criticize the president lest you are labeled a traitor and charged with treason like they did with plaster Evan. How on earth do you develop a nation when you arrest everyone who criticize you? Differences in opinions and ideas does not tantamount to treason lest you just want to poison him and he dies a silent death in the long run.
    With such arrests and threats, you expect foreign investors to come and invest in such a disjointed nation where only one voice has to be heard? All those youths who are protesting in support are supposed to be working in the industries but they have no jobs,mans that is why they have all the time on earth to do this. Even those ministers to throng the airport daily when the president goes or comes back show that they don’t know their job description. My God makandivharirei

  • Japana Hapana

    Vatotanga! Basa ravo kuparadza nekuuraya chete. Angoda kusimudza musoro, musoro uyoyo muroverei padombo afe. Takazviparira kuenda kuhondo kunorwira nyanya iyi yaakutipedza. Kudai hedu takaregera Smith aripo, zvaive nane

  • Ngonyama

    These are desperate attempt by the regime to punish and silence the war vets. From Mugabe’s speech yesterday, its clear he has no idea what freedom of speech and democracy means. If you have different views, then you are an enemy. It looks like we have to liberate ourselves again.

  • topez

    So we are supposed to like the president no matter what,it’s sad he has but soiled his legacy..He will be remembered for all wrong reasons

  • Taa

    What is this gentleman’s crime, he simply called for Mugabe to step down and since when is it a crime?

  • Simon Berejena

    The charges will be withdrawn I am sure some senior assistant commissioner just wants to be seen to be working. This is a democracy and our constitution is very clear about freedom of speech.

  • Hacha Duke of Chikomba

    So you stop being a cde if you criticise cde Mugabe. Kkkkkkkk. There is nothing more painful to a war vet than being called Mr.

  • Ray Mbada

    It seems there is a difference between war leaders and war veterans, something people didn’t expect, and something unheard of before. But remember, these are the guys who were at the front during the struggle and they have delivered every message to the masses and managed to win their hearts by then. It is my opinion that, there is need to lend them an ear for a while, educate them on what challenges the Government is facing and walk the talk together.

    This idea of using an iron feast against each other is likely to open old wounds and also create unnecessary room for enemies to take advantage of the gapes you create during the in-house fighting.

  • Tinovaziva

    Even war vets are not being sponsored by the West? Everyone is wrong, I am the only one who is right.

  • xoxo

    You are getting sick indeed. Is it a crime not to support he president ?

  • Tsotso

    Did you say to ascertain the origins of the document?? I have told you before and will tell you now again for free that the document belongs to Britain and America and the third hand could be France. These country hate our one and only anointed President. All their regime change agendas have dismally failed now they masquerade as war veterans. Please leave this innocent man alone to fend for his family because he is 100% one of us.

  • Etiwel

    The communique was treasonous in what sense

  • zimbotry

    Arrested for telling the truth. A sad commentary on life under this Dictatorship

  • muparavanda

    What crime did these guys commit? Treason? Really? I believe it should be the other way round. Its Zanu pf and its president who should be charged with treason. For holding this whole country at ransom and causing untold suffering to its citizens on the pretext that they liberated them. The economy is dead due to their mismanagement and corruption but anyone who exercises their right to give a voice is accused of treason and selling out. People have been murdered and some have disappeared and millions have been exiled due to Zanu’ actions yet they have the audacity to accuse others. Everything is done along party lines. They preach democracy but they cannot tolerate diversity. Anyone who is not zanu pf is treated as a lesser being who is easily manipulated by the west! It wouldnt surprise me if in the near future all of us who do not support zanu pf are stripped of our citizenship. A few days ago, a top government clearly stated that Zanu pf takes care of its members only even though everyone pays tax in this land. These are the people who love to accuse anyone who says things they do not want to hear of treason. Who knows, even what we say here on this platform could be used to charge us with treason!!

    • Chibata matosi

      well said

  • Tawanda mushure

    There is Mugabe fighting back vocifourously Mawarire ran away War Vets scull for cover. Where are we?

  • Lex Mapazho

    marovha tinenge tiriko takazara paachaenda kucourt.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Soon it will be treasonable to be hungry!

  • Chief Legal Adviser

    Mawarire was freed on a technicality. If he comes back to face the revised charges he will sink.His lawyers duly advised him to take care !

  • Fred Moyo

    In Zimbabwe there is freedom before speech, not freedom after speech.

  • Fred Moyo

    he and his fellow comrades have caused lots of suffering to the populace, esp in 2008.

  • Fred Moyo


  • Fred Moyo


  • Fred Moyo

    being ZANUpf is like riding a tiger. You get off it, it chews you!!

  • Garwe

    Arrested for what? Herald ka zvimwe manyanya

    • theheraldonline

      He was arrested. That is what we are ‘reporting’ here. It’s not our opinion. It happened, Garwe.

  • mundia

    Kugocha kunoda Amai kwe mwana kuno dzima moto. Manje apa Mai raresva kugocha nekudzimato. **

  • Griza the Lizard

    @Herald – Please do not give us half reports, yu did not mention how the whole arrest unfolded. Mr Mahiya’s family was placed under house arrest for 4 hours by seven unknown gunmen.

  • Harry

    Us Zimbabweans sadly have been so indoctrinated by the Zanu
    PF publicity and rhetoric that we can no longer see it is not a democratic land
    we live in but a dictatorship. We can no longer see the wrongdoings and abuse
    by the reigning government and therefore we must not complain if we suffer. We must
    understand it is now part of our live and shut up. Poverty, no jobs and no future is
    our own choice. So let’s stop complaining and accept it as it is.

  • Joa Patriot

    I think its Mandi Chimene who should be charged with treason for claiming we have a parallel government. These are serious allegations and investigations must follow while Mandi is in custody…*!

  • Major Musango

    Go to America one of the so-called modern democracies and you will come back talking a different story ….

  • musa

    still thinking about the war-vets butchered relatives in 2008… let them get a taste of their own medicine.

  • Sifiso Xolile Ndlovu Zgwanyanw

    Ultimately they will have to arrest everyone except themselves, then Zimbabwe will have a population of 11m in prison and about 40 000 ‘free’ – but wait a minute; that is the case already!

  • Griza the Lizard

    But you are giving people half stories. Report on the events that unfolded before he handed himself to the police, chete chete. Then we know kuti you are not sugar coating serious things.

  • Herald

    hoo, he is now “Mr” Mahiya and “Mr” Matemadanda..What happened to the prefix “comrade” Matemadanda? You wonder if this story was written by a journalist or a Zanupf official..Herald please explain..

  • Rigayi Ikonomi


    • Fred Moyo

      He must taste his bitter medicine

  • Rigayi Ikonomi

    we will descend on the court come hearing day! Ndiyani judge angaswerera ** enyaya akadai iwaya? **

  • #Madzibaba Wimbo

    These charges will suffer the same fate as the Mawarire charges. The Herald is a joke. Why is Mahiya and Co. suddenly “Mr.” not Cde? Was this article penned by a journo or a Guky party political commissar?

  • Richard Chingoma


  • Nooshie

    Treason all depends on the day and date. The charge against this man will not stick though! No-one can tell an individual to conform in thought because he is a war veteran, a black person or even a member of the ruling party.The liberation war has come and gone and here we are in chains of one kind or another inflicted upon us by our local Saviour.

  • Masedzano

    Sorry mate. Poverty was chosen for Zimbabweans by ZANU PF. Kana snout yako iri mu ZANU feeding trough that is ok but yours is not an honest living. Which is the SIN

  • aussiemigrant

    will this tyrannical regime even let him see the light of day again, toooo many secrets…ndizvozvo, you lie with dogs you get up with fleas

  • Tinovaziva

    The government knows this ain’t gonna stick. When have you heard of anyone being convicted of treason? It’s just a way to distract people from real problems facing this country.

  • yowe

    Thats a silly point. Our concerns are about bread and butter a desire for a better life in our own country. Millions of our people left this country for a better life not for a place with better politics. Tikwanire

    • Major Musango

      and you think you are making sense?

      • yowe

        Yes I am unless if you are too thick to understand

  • Bad News Scott(BNS)

    Arrested 4 the truth, shame on this tyrannical regime.

  • Symbol

    3rd force, 5th columnist, treasonous communiqué kkkkkk hooo yaaa, what’s next?

  • obert

    good let them arrest him! The war vets were happy to support this nonsense when they had their snouts in the trough. Now, suddently, 33 years too late, they are complaining. You were on the hyena’s back, hoping not to fall off, hoping not to be eaten. And now you’ve been eaten. ha ha ha!

  • Major Musango

    I am not implying …………… many people want to compare Zimbabwe and the US and they always want to tell us about the movie lifestyles but the truth is that America is not better than Zimbabwe ………………. Economically yes but politically NO