UK invasion plot exposed


Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki

Takunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
SOUTH Africa was under pressure from the Labour regime of British premier Tony Blair to co-operate in a military invasion of Zimbabwe to depose President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, but Pretoria refused, former South African president Cde Thabo Mbeki has revealed.Cde Mbeki made the revelations in an interview with Aljazeera on Saturday, saying the British wanted to replace President Mugabe with their cat’s paw, MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, who is on record pledging to violently unseat President Mugabe.

The three main British political parties – Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats – mooted the MDC under the ambit of the Westminster Foundation, and have been sponsoring the party since its launch on September 11 1999 in a bid to effect regime change in Zimbabwe, but the move has failed with Zanu-PF’s resounding victory in the harmonised elections touted by executive director of the Royal African Society Richard Dowden as the heaviest defeat for Britain’s Africa policy in 60 years.

Speaking on the programme “Talk to Al Jazeera”, Cde Mbeki said: “There is a retired chief of the British Armed Forces (Lord Charles Guthrie) who said he had to withstand pressure from then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair who was saying to the chief of the British Armed Forces you must work out a military plan so that we can physically remove Robert Mugabe.

“We knew that because we had come under the same pressure that we needed to cooperate in some scheme. It was a regime change scheme, even to the point of using military force and we were saying no.”

Lord Charles Guthrie was quoted in some sections of the British media as saying he had warned the blundering Blair that it would be suicidal to pit British troops against ‘‘the tried and tested veterans of the Congo,” in apparent reference to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ exploits during Operation Sovereign Legitimacy in the DRC that helped repel US-backed Ugandan and Rwandan rebels to usher peace that enabled the DRC to hold its first elections in 45 years.

Cde Mbeki, who facilitated inter-party talks that led to the formation of the now defunct inclusive Government made up of Zanu-PF and the MDC formations in 2008, took a swipe at the West for interfering in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations, particularly in Africa and the Middle East in a veiled bid to effect illegal regime change.

“Then we said no. You are coming from London you say you don’t like Robert Mugabe for whatever reason, people in London don’t like him we are going to remove him then you are going to put someone else in his place. Why does it become a British responsibility to decide who leads Zimbabwe?” he asked.

“We were saying no. Let Zimbabweans sit down. Let them agree what they do with their country. Our task is to make sure we stay with them. We work with them. So, the GPA they signed in 2008 was negotiated by the Zimbabweans. We facilitated. We chaired the meeting and so on, but it was them who negotiated the agreement.”

Cde Mbeki said the Syrian crisis and other similar global conflicts could only be resolved through negotiated settlements as opposed to the West’s regime change template.

He said the West believes that the Syrian crisis could only be resolved by removing the government of president Bashar al-Assad and warned such an approach was bound to fail.

“Let the Syrians get together,” said Mr Mbeki. “We will assist them to get to a solution which sorts out the Syrian thing, no different to a position we took with regards to Zimbabwe. Let Zimbabweans sort out their problem. Let Syrians do the same.”

Retired Lieutenant-General Mike Nyambuya described Tony Blair’s military ploy as naive.

“It just shows how naive the British are. Zimbabwe is a very unique country that has a crop of soldiers which is very seasoned, well trained and well experienced in fighting wars. Not only do we have people who participated in the liberation struggle, even after independence we fought in Mozambique and participated in peace operations in Somalia and the DRC, among other countries. We have shown that the country does not have a rag-tag army but a professional army that can stand up to anyone including the British. It could have been a miscalculation by the British,” he said.

Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association leader Cde Jabulani Sibanda said the British still habour those intentions even today and urged the nation to remain vigilant.

“What Mbeki is saying is true. What is happening in North Africa and the Middle East is the same strategy that they want to employ in southern Africa. The only difference is that the strategy has worked in the northern side of the equator judging by the history of coups in North Africa, on the southern side of the equator they have a problem with the strategy because most of the parties that are running governments are former liberation movements and they have been resisting such moves,” he said.

Cde Sibanda said Zimbabweans must remain on high alert politically and militarily as the enemy was not giving up on his intentions.
Political analyst and Midlands State University lecturer Mr Christopher Gwatidzo yesterday said Mr Mbeki must be applauded by all Zimbabweans for his Pan Africanist values and urged the country to remain vigilant as the West still habours intentions to effect illegal regime change.

“He is an example of a Pan Africanist. We must also awaken to reality, the Western world still habours regime change intentions and as we engage them through our foreign policy or through tourism or any other forum, we must always doubt their sincerity. We must not trust them. When on the table with them, we must use a long fork because anything is possible with them.”

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Dr Charity Manyeruke slammed the British government for trying to install a puppet regime in Zimbabwe.

“Behind the closed doors are big regime change agendas. We are Africans and even if you become friends with the British prime minister you will never become a British. We appreciate a lot of what Mr Mbeki has done.”

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  • temba

    This is an olllllllllllllllld story, yaaawn!

    • Mfanekhaya

      Is it though? Thabo Mbeki made these remarks only four days ago.

    • gutu chitovah

      Old story with current significance. Well done Mr Mbeki. thats why we will never allow Tsvangison in whatever way means or form to run this country. he is just a regime change agenda Work In Progress. by hook or crook he will never rule Zim. we cant resale the nation. nadha. even if 12 million people voted for him we who are closer to the sensitive infor will do everything in our capacity to block his ascendncy to the helm. and guess what we shall succeed coz even God will be on our side. we are fighting a real war. the 31st July defeat was borne more by the britons than Tsvangi himself coz we defeated Imperialists their agendas and their agents.

      • jojo

        from a man drinking sewage water in 2013 and now rolled back to the dark ages.i give up

        • Muzambiringa

          Good! Give up and Ef-Awf back to Never ever land!

  • Thumani

    Coups only produce more coups. Why resort to the use of coups & military force, to what end and for whose benefit? Would such a move benefit Zimbabweans or benefit the foreign?

    • gutu chitovah

      obviously its for the benefit of those who champions the move. they left a trail of destruction where ever they invaded. Libya there it is for you, Tunisia, Egypt Iraq you name them.they are No good at all. the want chaos so as to create an environment conducive for them to loot or make you their servants. but here we are we say No. thanks to our brother Pan Africanist Thabo Mbeki. Your contribution shall be remembered by many in the history of the nation. Its you again who helped to block their efforts to have Zimbabwe being put on UN sanctions for no apparent reason. God shall remain for Zimbabweans. Peace Loving God fearing citizens who are intellectual and hardworking.

  • deee

    welll said mr mbeki i also had the same question why the west is so much concerned about the affairs of Zimbabwe? only but to cause unrest and then loot our God given resources to develop their countries and further increase the already wide gap between the developed nations and the developing nations. These a ruthless tactics used by the west but in a more subtle way, taking advantage of blinding the current wanting ordinary Zimbabwe who is only wanting bread on his mouth for the mean time without considering the long term effect of letting go of the ownership of the resources.

    Economically i perceive that in the just years to come there will be a rise in demand of these natural resources and wars around ownership of these resources would be eminent. This would be so because the current Western economic model is driven by technology production which is not a primary need for the Humans and this model of current is saturated that”s why the low level of economic growth recorded in these countries. ( yes Zimbabweans we need food on our tables but let us not sell our country, resources to these Western guys and repeat the same mistake that was made by our fore Fathers of selling their brothers as slaves only for the want of an immediate consumable good and now we are suffering because of this selfish acts of made by them with the West thinking they are so superior after we developed their countries)

    (Just a sober Zimbabwean with no political affiliation)
    We Are Zimbabweans lets love one another you are my brother, Lets develop the nation are work our way out. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!

    • Nays

      The West are not that much concerned about Zimbabwe. Its just that the government has made so much noise about them to the extent that you have believed that they have interests in Zim. If your assumptions are true/correct, I think the west would have destablised S.A, Botswana, and other African countries who are so endowed with much valuable natural resources than Zimbabwe. Have you studied your economics rightly?What natural resources are you referring to? Who has benefited from them except for those in the current government. There has never been any changes in Zimbabwe in terms of infrastructural development and we still talking about natural resources benefiting us in the long run?. You must be blinded to the extent that you dont see things as they are. On the continent, Zimbabwe which was once prosperous has become a shame even with your much claimed natural resources. The country should be freed from the greedy and oppressive so that everyone can live freely and maybe enjoy the benefit of being a Zimbabwean i.e. having a share of the natural resources (through better medical facilities, education, roads etc). I suppose you are of my generation(young) and you and I have to think differently to what the older generation has been thinking like. We are in an age where those with capital can own the means of production for there to be “production”. If the British have the capital, then let them come and into Zimbabwe, mine or do agric so that there is production in the country rather than for us to be skeptical all the times thinking that they are there to steal whatever we as ordinary citizens dont even own.

      • Muza Sibanda

        You don’t know your country Nays, that is if ever you are Zimbabwean. Your geography is achaic. Zimbabwe is minerally richer than all southern African countries except the DRC. Go back to school on this one. Your understanding of international relations needs a huge overhaul.

        • Nays

          My geography is archaic?? What is that supposed to mean? In other words you are saying my geography is out dated?? Thats incorrect English Boss. On Zimbabwe, you were made to believe that its the richest country and the West are after its natural resources whereas that is not the case. You are so blinded to believe every word coming from the ZPF caucus. We cannot put monetary value to the natural resources that a country holds but can look at how much they have contributed to that nations GDP. Just look around you and see who has the natural resources and in abundance. Talk about S.A, Botswana, Zambia, Siera Leon, Nigeria, Libya, Liberia, Sudan etc. Just get one Mining Journal on Africa and get some insight on whats happening around you. They have better GDP figures that are supported by mostly mining (it includes oil) and its not like something from the fairy tale books; go to S.A, Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria and see for yourself and then come back to Zimbabwe and tell me that its rich in natural resources. Murombo unotongonzwawo achiti ini ndakapfuma. Yes, he will be correct zvezera rakewo. You are a funny guy, wadii watanga kuita ma stand up comedy?

          • Muza Sibanda

            You are high sounding nothing. “That’s incorrect English” my foot. You are still obsessed with speaking good English. Some of us have gone past that stage. Facts are stubborn, it is a fact that in terms of mineral wealth, Zimbabwe is number 2 to the DRC. South Africa’s is almost finished, depleted by years of exploitation. You are talking about the Nigerias and Libyas from your own hallucinating. I am talking about Southern Africa. GDP does not measure well being iwe dofo iwe. Right now Mozmbique has a higher GDP growth than Zimbabwe, that does not mean the welfare of Mozambicans is better than that of Zimbabwe. Go back to school. people live in stinking poverty in Mozambique but their economy is said to be growing at 7% every year. Zimbabwe is sought after. you don’t understand international relations. You still think ZIDERA was crafted by a whole America because Zimbabweans were “oppressed by Mugabe”? You still think Zimbabwe is debated in the House of Commons (UK) because the British care so much about Zimbabweans? Shame, shame, shame on you! Some of us know what we want and we shall get it.

          • Nays

            Go and ask the President this question: Who is living in a better country between a person living in a country with a positive GDP and one living in a country where there is no growth OR just ask one living in Mozambique or Zimbabwe? If you cant, then ask yourself why every one of your brothers and sisters has been flocking to Mozambique? Most probably because there is a better life there and not poverty as you allege.

          • thokozani

            You are the most ignorant person I have ever seen on the Internet, you are worse than twerkers seriously. If history has taught us anything is that whites are only in this continent to steal kill and destroy. You are another CNN lover who believes the lies of a bought congress, The Honorable Thabo Mbeki refused for his people to be used as gunuepigs by pharmaceuticals companies who do nothing but prolong the sicknesses for profits that never dry up. They use disease, wars and sanctions that starve and kill millions, please tell me this, who falls victim to sanctions? Is it Mogabe? He has since gone on about his business but the people have starved, a situation which he himself cannot help. If you care about a people then why continue with the very laws that reduce them to nothing? It is solely about profit, I may not endorse RM’s tactics but I salute him for not selling out, for standing up to the UK and America. Your comments are a result of those who study economics as a model, you don’t even know its origins and what really generates it. My advise, take a history class, better yet the internet is filled with so much history that has been slept under the carpet.

          • fred rwagyema

            and in zimbabwe they live in opulence??? how come so many zimbos are working in mocambique? You have passed the stage of speaking good english??how funny. thanks for educating me i wasnt aware that when one goes to school , learns good english, they will pass that stage and start speaking bad english… when zimbabwe had higher GDP than Mz, zambia etc you celebrated and said you were better. now that you are no longer up there you now want to disregard gdpcompletely. Even form 4 kids know that GDP doesnt communicate the distribution of income, but it is still the best measure of progress in a country., unless you have another plausable attribute to use.

          • zimbozvomene

            Fred, siyana navo matsaga ava! Vakaputirwa! They will expire with their ignorance singing ‘Zim will never be a colony again’. This Muza Sibanda guy is busy applying for jobs in Moza as we speak!

          • Muza Sibanda

            Tobacco farmers earned US$600 million in the 2013 selling season. Divide this by the population of Zimbabwe, say 12 million, you get US$50 million per Zimbabwean. Does this make sense to you? This is the whole essence of GNP per capita. If you still rely on this measure in this age then you are very lost.

          • Muzambiringa

            Yep, GDP per CAPITA muthafucka!

        • moriartyO

          I suppose you need to step out of Zimbabwe for a minute then reassess. Some of us used to think the same way you do and then you realize there is a very big wide world out there

      • thovhy

        Nays you really need to do your home work, SA is dysfunctional right and you don’t even know that?, Zimbabwe is rich in diamond and gold and you don’t that too?

        • Nays

          You are making me laugh dude!!! S.A. is dysfunctional? Dont talk nonsense. Its fully functional and its the richest country on the continent. Hauna nyadzi kuda ku compare the two (Zim vs SA). How much value is there in the diamonds that you keep on referring to. I grew up being told that Zimbabwe has the largest gold deposits in the world, but when I became of age and better understanding, I got to a point where I realized that its all lies. I love my country with my whole heart, but not to the point of stalling progress because we think someone is trying to steal some of our imaginary resources.

          • Keith

            who told you that zim has the largest gold fields??????????? I did geography 2008 was form one and what I remember from that book was SA HAS MORE GOLD THAN ANY OTHER FOLLWED BY GHANA then Zim in Africa

        • jojo

          what? South Africa is dysfunctional? what are you on about? spare us the nonsense and take off the blind folds.

        • Japana Hapana

          Hehehe wazondisetsawo nhasi. zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mu Zimbabwe. SA iri kungenga muface wangu.

      • the watcher

        How daft must you be Nays before you choke on your own ignorance ? U IS A HOUSE NIGGER. Did you think that they would just hand over this country to us and say sorry we have been benefitting from your land now we are stepping aside ? Mugabe is not alone if you thought its just the avowed Zanu Pf members who are the grandsons of Kwame Nkrumah. You are so damned naive do you even know that your boss is humping your wife ? Why is Khama aping our president and telling DE BEERS to fod off. Is he not now polishing his own diamonds in Gaborone ? Is he not saying Botswana for the tswanas ? As for South Africa, did not Ronnie Kasril a high ranking ANC member and former minister confess that the ANC sold its own people down the river when negotiating their transition to so called democracy ? That is besides lifting Mandela from Robben Island and lodging him in the Houghton leafy surburb during that period to massage his revolutionary zeal and stop him from getting his own back. You don’t read do you ?

        • Nays

          I didnt get your message. What are you trying to say??

          • the watcher

            Nays you are too daft to even know what the real issues are. So I give up on you. But you obviously think you are an ‘incisive commentator’. Oh to be young and foolish !

          • Muzambiringa


      • the watcher

        What do you mean think differently from the older generation because you are young ? Your grammar is bad kid and so is your thinking. Setting you straight, let me advise you to watch MTV and leave politics for the politicians. Wazvimbirwa.

        • Nays

          Are you a politician yourself? If yes, then you are a complete failure. I cant waste my time watching MTV. I have better things to do. I think you should do that. On my bad grammar, I think you should give me some lessons.

          • the watcher

            Kid you need schooling, or rather enlightenment. You have no sense of history. A trip to the Border Gezi training institute will do you a world of good.

      • Takeiteasy Marcaves

        I just wonder how some people think. Its true you are not a zimbabwean. True zimbabweans know the source of our problems, that the britons and their friends sabbotaged our economy so that they spread the word “ZANUPF YAFAILER” to the brainwashed like you Nays. Unless you are telling me that you was born in 1999 together with mdc. If so you dont have to comment about infrastuctural developments because you dont know what was there before independence and what is there today. So you want the country to be freed from the greedy to the oppressors. What will that solve? After all you dont even know how rich our country is, a clear sign that you dont belong to us ZIPUPPET/ZINGOCHANI.

        • Nays

          My blood is black, yellow, green, white and red. I am a true Zimbabwean and no one will change that. Zimbabwe’s problems were caused by the bad policies of ZPF. You are in such darkness that you will need ma gesti anobva Mars kuti uone. Its better to be a puppet and living to see tomorrow than to be a hopeless follower of the failed.

      • Muzambiringa

        You are young indeed gongi, you presume to think there is this grey area where you can dance with the devil without being caught in his loins nhai? Ndiyo inonzi NONSENSE manje iyoyo. Haisi mhosva yako though, takabva neko kumhunga hakunepwa!
        Another thing, it’s not about race (even though it is a competition lol), not really, it’s more to do with class than it is race and the “European Nobility” (ironically called the Black Nobility) are what we refer to as the West, not John Smith from Peckham. San Tzu in his art of war says, “Know thy enemy” (should have been GNAW THY ENEMY). Knowing who the enemy actually is determines the strategy you employ against him/her/it/them. You feel me sister?
        As for ZWEs natural endowments, ha ha ha! Wati wawoneyi? Gt 71M8A8W3 is perhaps the most mineralized country per capita in all the known universes!!

    • jojo

      tell that to a starving man in are obviously a well fed man and has never been hell with these resources they are not helping the ordinary starving man in the street.

  • Mutengesimukurukuru

    Looks like Mr Mbeki is struggling with his legacy issues.


      You are the one who is struggling trying to heal a dead western horse.

    • boeremag

      We all know those Zimbabweans we hate Mbeki are the sore loosers who were calling for him to be tried at the ICC for not agreeing to be the west puppet and attack Mugabe creating a regional conflict with a neighbouring country. Some people are really senseless!

  • pmanyati

    The West love/like Saudi Arabia, and some UAE counties. They holiday there, they invest there but these countries are led by Kings. Kings are a vestige of Feudalism. Kings are dictators/ Monarchs who have been in power since the East Slave trade but We do not hear them saying they want to effect a regime change in these countries. So why Zimbabwe, a country that never participated in the evils of slavery but whose pple have been enslaved should continue to suffer. The Chinese Dynasty since Mao hasn’t changed but they don’t talk about that. In Russia Putin has been at the helm of power for a very long time. Regime Change is not ‘the’ solution.

  • Popiro

    ” There is no Crisis in Zimbabwe ‘ – T. Mbeki 2008

  • Cashful

    here we go again… another great expose’ that will die a natural death

  • Japana Hapana

    The poor guy is struggling with legacy issues. In SA he’s been reduced to a nobody since the time he tried to stick onto power at Polokwane.he’s just trying to find relevance thru zim since his people rejected him. he’s is a snake and sa is very lucky to have gotten rid of this bloody thirsty African dictator in time. he’s always dreaming of Europeans invading Africa and the middle east. he refused his own people life saving arv drugs due to his conspiracy theories which he is carrying up to today. God bless south Africa.

    • Kuta Kinte

      Mbeki is a Pan-Africanist and not a traitor like Japana Hapana.

  • Jotham

    If you kiss a white man(thief) , kindly count your teeth. The British are outlandish people of the past who still harbour British imperialist ideologies of the 16th Century.

  • Mfanekhaya

    Africa is still very much under siege with the West using various tactics from military intervention to economic subotage. The imperialists will never let up as long as we control the bulk of the worlds natural resources. For them its a matter of survival as they simply don’t have the resources to sustain their populations. Africans must awaken to this fact and guard their resources jealously.

  • Mhofu Chaiyo

    I don’t see the actual “invasion” part in the article.

  • cde mangwiro

    Cde Thabo Mbeki did nothing for his own people in South Africa.
    Under his leadership, more people perished as result of his ulterior resistance to proven medical advancement – refusing his own citizens use of anti-retrovirals.
    Then he turned his back against the people of the Eastern Cape who still lag every other province and swimming in abject poverty, schools built with mud and students taking lessons under trees while the sitting President muted developing his rural home into a city (Nkandla).
    He seemed bent on pleasing the West in his economic policies than doing good for his own people.
    Why is he only talking about it now and not then?
    Wasnt this what let to pre-election and post election violence?
    Zimbabweans would have united and come to terms with reality and fight Tony Blair had they known that their enemy was not fellow Zimbabweans, rather the British. This is the logic.

    • Abnnet

      This is really too much on Mbeki. At that time, he was fighting against western pharmaceutical firms who wouldn’t allow SA to produce generic versions of the ARVs. So, as a politician, he was saying “if you are really serious about the causative relation between HIV and AIDS, give us the license to produce those medicines”. The problem, in my opinion, is that he underestimated the power of the western media. They blew the whole story out of proportion and focused our attention on the ‘denialist’ part.

    • Neo

      My only comment here is with regards to “Cde TM did nothing for his own people” that is not true – please go do research on South African Eco-Socio growth at his leadership. Nkandla is not a city its only benefiting president Zuma and his family …

      I know he had his own faults but SA flourished under his leadership … so your comments are really unwarranted!

    • boeremag

      @magwiro, shame you are sore looser and you are talking atture rubbish. South African economy was at its highest during Mbeki’s time. Are you saying he should have stolen from the South Africans like Zuma? No wonder Africa is in this state, people like you applaud thievery in the name of proggress. You wanted Mbeki to steal to improve his home region instead of going according to the government plans? Your post smells of deep rooted jealousy and ignorance. Grow up

    • the watcher

      Yes Mbeki is no saint. But his legacy is the BBBEE which has created a growing middle class and black entrepreneurs such as Patrice Motsepe who are now beginning to give away some of thier wealth. Mbeki was ahead of his time. They miss him now down there because he was pushing a meritocracy. Zuma , a hypocrite is busy harassing young Malema for daring to do business as a young black man in South Africa ? If a black man has a company and he is in politics then he must be corrupt ? Did not George Bush former US president, invade IRAQ for invading Kuwait where his family owned oil fields ? Don’t be naive. Was not Dick Cheney a director in one of the companies that won a tenders to “rebuild” Iraq.Look it up the company is called Bechtel. That’s capitalism my friend. You capitalise. Why push to be in power if not to serve your people which includes your own family ? You are out of your depth son here son. Stay off this platform. And if you were my comrade in arms and we used to break bread together in the war, if I own a garage would I let you stand at the back of the queue because I don’t want people to think we are corrupt ? Dang don’t be daft.

  • Kudzi

    Thank you Mbeki for helping keep peace in our country. We remember when you blocked UK’s call to declare Mugabe’s regime illegitimate at the UN Security council. You are a true hero for the African people

    • jojo

      that was a great mistake and we loathe this smellygoat for doing that.Zimbabwe would have been a better country by now.Mbeki is a disgrace .

      • Laura

        Jojo, better place based on what evidence? Examples like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt are they the depiction of better u r using. Shame!

        • moriartyO

          because Zimbabwe is working so well

      • ZVAZVIRI

        If you are being honest with yourself, you should ask whether Lybia is now a better place after the callous murder of Gaddaffi?! How about Iraq after the heinous murder of Saddam?! How about a post-Mubarak Egypt?!

      • the watcher

        Jojo son, you are like biblical Esau.He despised the birthright for a plate of lentils. He was hungry and he said to his brother what is this birthright to me ? He was hungry there and then and he needed food. Just like some of our Zimbo brethren who gripe about hunger right now. The birth right cannot be ceded for instant gratification.It’s a matter of principle brethren. Principle is costly.As the world’s Western economies convulse in economic meltdowns can they really pontificate to us about mismanagement ? It’s hilarious to say the least. And just watch the predation they are unleashing with the ICC. First it was ESAP, that ruinous economic program that paved the way for our economic enslavement. Our leaders trustingly imbibed it imagining that it was brought in good faith. But it was a program to disembowl the African and fill his tummy with sand. Chimbadzo. You spend forever pay the interest. Forget about even making the principal. Its a long chain of mischief of the highest order. Bob woke up and is doing the right thing now. Every African must support him in empowering the black man bourgiesie or povo.

        • Muzambiringa

          Bravo ol’chap!

      • vekare

        hezvo who is we nhai jojo? Show me one country where UK intervened in any way shape or form which is doing well.Isa ndangariro pasi.

  • tendai

    it seems this story is very old yet our economy is plunging into a big big hole dipper it was before GNU


      Vanhu veMDC-T you’re still bitter at the unbelievable & humiliating poll loss your party of puppets & sell-outs suffered, hence your fiendish glee at the economic problems!! But guess what, Zim will actually defy odds!!….

    • Muzambiringa

      Says who? Zongororo!

  • Nays

    Why didn’t the British implement such a plausible move. We would have been living in a different Zimbabwe by now.


      That is the problem of rushing to comment before you read the article. Please read this extract from above: “Lord Charles Guthrie was quoted in some sections of the British media as saying he had warned the blundering Blair that it would be suicidal to pit British troops against ‘‘the tried and tested veterans of the Congo,” in apparent reference to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ exploits during Operation Sovereign Legitimacy in the DRC that helped repel US-backed Ugandan and Rwandan rebels to usher peace that enabled the DRC to hold its first elections in 45 years.” Now you with your gay or homosexual picture still want the British to have proceeded against their risk analysis. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again although some like Nays will remain in their own colonized world.

      • Nays

        If COLONIZATION can bring to every soul in Zimbabwe bread and butter, access to better medical facilities, better education facilities, roads, clean drinking water, decent jobs, electricity, accountability, freedom of speech, free trade, then I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be colonized again. Right now, we are just under a stupid colonizer who did not bring us the above, but took everything away.

        • Takeiteasy Marcaves


          • Nays

            I guess you got the message right. Truth hurts.

        • the watcher

          dang kid you are really pissing me off.

          • Nays

            Then go to hell.

    • the watcher

      Zimbabwe ruins handiti check Libya, check Iraqi, check Egypt, check your puny little brain kiddo you are barking up the wrong tree ! You are so clueless.

      • Nays

        I don’t need to check Libya, Iraq or Egypt; they have their own circumstances that are different from ours. It would have been better for us to start from Zimbabwe ruins to a better Zimbabwe than for us to continue under a government where there are no hopes for the young. Its a bunch of school drop outs that have been fanning the ZPF flame on this forum. Not bringing anything that will help the country but busy defending ZPF and accusing the West.

        • the watcher

          As it happens kid, most of the top brass have degrees.Again your facts are wrong. In fact most of the people who went to the ‘bush’ were amongst some of the best , brightest and bravest of their generation…. but as with any revolution, there are excesses. They were hungry when they came back OF COURSE AND THEY TOOK MORE THAN THEY SHOULD HAVE in many instances. But no one can take their audacious sacrifice for Zimbabwe. Your dad could have also joined them if he had the balls. Alas, he cowered in the safety of the townships.Life mfanam’.

          • Nays

            Hautonyare ipapo here; bright ipi panana Made nana Chombo? Ana Moyo vanongouraya chese chavabata. ZBC is now down and out. Air Zim, down and struggling; NRZ down and struggling; Zesa struggliiing; Ma degree ariko but the question is i degree ripi ravanaro? Do they help the nation? Are they the right people? You cant hire a lawyer to be an accountant?

          • the watcher

            You didnt have a problem when Biti was finance minister did you ? The ministries have permanent secretaries, technocrats as it happens who majored in finance , economics etc

          • Muzambiringa

            In any case, by that reckoning kuti uite President unofanira kunge uine every degree under the sun ka? Ndiyo ngura mupfungwa kaiyi?

          • the watcher

            As for Moyo leave him alone. He may have his rough edges but he is a hard working operator. He turned the fortunes of many young musicians. He will come right whatever his mistakes are. It does not take 33 years to make a nation. Think of Zimbabwe as a beautiful virginal woman. There are so many would be suitors drooling over her breasts including UK and USA who once had her by force. Why , ask yourself, are they so worried about Zimbabwe’s governance ? Don’t they have their own house to fix ? As for human rights and elections did they not rob and disenfranchise millions of black voters in Florida in the 2000 US elections. Only 40 years ago blacks couldnt vote in America. Give us a break, apply for a green card and go live there. You are very welcome. We shall see how good they have it there with their democracy. Our issues are not insurmountable. We will come right.

  • yw101068

    Why Mbeki didn’t he tell us all along, why now? Disgraced Mbeki lost to Jacob Zuma for the ANC president and was recalled by the ANC to step down as south African president. Zimbabweans are educated and will never buy such stupidity from a man who likes to see us suffering. Mbeki is a man who believed that HIV/AIDS was a western ploy to destabilise Africa, and he refused to accept and roll out HIV/AIDS programmes and drugs for south Africa, thereby causing many to die and suffer in south Africa. Why didn’t he say it then. Bringing the oppressors and the oppressed to the same table is not feasible. Our Zim soldiers really participated in Mozambican and Congo civil wars, but if the truth be told what benefit did it bring. can we really claim to be victorious in those wars. The Zimbabwean public were not informed about any Zim casualties. In south Africa at least they are informed, you may take CAR as an example. Even those so called political analysts know very well that Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi were telling the world that the could defeat anybody who dare interfere in their sovereign country. Zimbabweans we have suffered enough at the hands of those who purport to be our saviours.

    • Terrah

      MBEKI’s defence of Africa cannot be equated to the political landscape within the ANC at any given point. The political and economic discussions Africa has today are underpinned by the same Nepad some are questioning. Africa is beginning to take independent economic decisions that are beginning to agitate the West and therefore no country in the Sub-Sahara will be spared,South Africa included. Zimbabwe’s resistance of the West has more gains than losses to people not obsessed by regime change. Zimbabwe is saved from civil wars modelled to countries in the North who welcomed the self governance pattern crafted by the West. Mbeki’s refusal for sponsored regime change did go down well in the West’s throat an its agents within the continent. On HIV/AIDS, Mbeki argued…scientists themselves, who are experts in the field, do not agree on the name and causes…therefore how do you bring a straight jacket approach to curing the pandemic. He argued that poverty eradication is equally important to the treatment of the disease. Thruth is it cannot be administered on a hungry stomach. Lest we have noticed a multi dimensional approach has been developed since the argument.

      • the watcher

        You are obviously well read bro thanks. Magic Johnson is ok right now and living his life since when ??? Eons ago. How so ? He can afford to eat well amonst other things…..

  • More

    May you please tell us wen was this interview or rather show us the video we need to see and hear for ourselves………

    • Takeiteasy Marcaves

      Tsvaga painternet.

    • sehlue

      go to aljazeera website as quoted in the story.

  • jojo


  • yw101068

    Disgraced Mbeki why didn’t he tell us all along? Why is now going to Al-Jazeera to tell this story now? Mbeki lost to Jacob Zuma for the ANC presidency and the ANC recalled him to step down as president of the republic of South Africa. This is the man who wanted Africa to believe that HIV/AIDS is a western plot to destabilise and control Africa. Mbeki is the man under whose leadership most South Africans died and suffered due to HIV/AIDS as Mbeki was refusing to roll out any HIV/AIDS programmes and drugs in order to mitigate the HIV/AIDS pandemic. What happened to Mbeki’s NEPAD? It is not in dispute that Zimbabwean troops participated in the Mozambican and DR Congo civil wars. But can we really claim to be victorious in those two wars? What benefits did we achieve? Zimbabweans were never informed of the casualties in these two wars neither do we know who was footing the costs. In South Africa at least they know the casualties they suffered in CAR. Bringing the oppressors and the oppressed on the negotiating table is not feasible. Why should leaders in Africa rule forever and ever, amassing wealth at the expense of the poor. Those out of depth political analysts should rather be quite rather than exposing their short comings. Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi were telling the whole world that they will crush whoever interferes in their sovereign countries, and we are all aware of what happened. Zimbabweans we have suffered enough at the hands of those who claim to be our saviours.


      You are the one who is creating your own suffering because of your puppet attitude. The Nzuma you are referring to cheated his way to the presidency by masquerading as a true Pan Africanist who could sing revolutionary songs before any meeting. Nzuma is a serious traitor like you because there is solid evidence of betrayal on the ground. You are talking of Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi yes, but what is the level of peace and development in their countries after they were killed. Say what you want and kana une dzakakwana, the July 31 results will tell you that ZIMBABWE WILL NEVER BE A COLONY AGAIN.

      • succuba

        Zimbabwe is becoming a colony of China right under your very nose…. you are just too dumb to see it.

        Zanu is mortgaging you children’s heritage piece by piece to the east. Soon it will be payback time and Zimbabwe will become another Tibet.

        • Muzambiringa


      • the watcher

        Mangwende une sense iwe muudze mwana uyu akadhakwa ne whisky yaka nwiswa tsvangison

      • Japana Hapana

        Bamboo dictators always make sure that chaos follows their departure. that’s just the nature of those vampires. they will continue to suck blood even from their graves. watch even closer here at home what’s going to happen soon after someone kicks the.bucket.

      • yw101068

        u can’t even spell Zuma. shame on you. If someone has got different views from yours, you label him a puppet. Give the evidence of betrayal on the ground that you are referring to. Singing revolutionary songs does not mean one is a pan Africanist. Also the meaning of the phrase pan Africanist is subjective. Yes Zanu pf ‘won’ the 31 july elections just like what has been happening in all the Zimbabwean elections since 1980. but are we prospering. There is no peace and development in Iraq and Lybia, but who is suppose to bring peace? is it not the responsibility of the people of those two countries? No, when some people think they own the country and make it their private property. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Historically there is no country that has been colonised twice, and there is no one who has the intention of colonising Zimbabwe.

    • Tafadzwa Zisanhi

      The only truth you are saying is that you are alive,,,,, rubbish!!!!

    • Qiniso

      I’m afraid there isn’t much you know about President Mbeki and the issue of his statements on aids. My suggestion is go and do serious research on the West regarding the issue of aids and eugenics, including the collusion of the pharmaceutical companies on Africa.

      • Jane….

        Well said…Quiniso

      • Japana Hapana

        So what. after your research u come back denying aids exist and refuse people arvs?

        • Mushona

          Thats not the issue, wanzi verenga, do research uhwisise. Yu will make yo own decision hapana decion yawanzi ipa. Gudo

        • skizo

          arvs are one of the many tools used by the west to depopulate black people. its a sustainable money making scheme. what are the psychological effects of these drugs? mind control. africans are becoming puppets, numb and dumb. these are drugs to tame.

    • gamalam ndingu

      You are such a fool not to appreciate what Mbeki has done not only for your country but for the Continent.You just nned to sit down..

    • boeremag

      I am sure you are white Saffer that is bitter about everything progressive in black countries. For your info. without Mbeki the grants given to Aids patients to allow them a meal with their Aids medication would have never happened. Enemies of Mbeki intentionally quote the gossip out of context. Do you know any person who have died of Aids or people die of opportunistic illnesses. Domkop. NEPAD was sabortaged by Mbekis recall and we all know that the same west supported Zuma and Mo Shake has been said to be a spy for the US by wikileaks. Go figure!!

    • HEZVO-KA

      Are you suggesting that TRUTH has a sell-by date?!…do you know why in the developed countries there is s/thing called the DE-CLASSIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS after some time?!

    • SteveBiko

      So you believe HIV/AIDS comes from monkeys? The medication that’s supposed to help is what’s killing them, not this imaginary disease. For fucks sake, there is no standardized test to diagnose it, anywhere! The “West” hasn’t got our best interests in mind, the sooner you figure that out, the better.

    • Aloni O Aloni

      unfortunate you feel the way you do about Mbeki, to people like you it would be
      better if you understood just a little more.

      NEPAD it’s getting a cold shoulder after Mbeki because being Africa, we do not follow-up
      programmes and policies by our predecessors; who is to blame for that? Ourselves.
      Or sorry, I forgot; it’s always someone else’s problem but never ours. It’s
      because of Ian Smith, it’s because of apartheid, it’s because of Britain, and
      it’s because of Americans.

      In fact
      it is because of them that is why we have uncontrolled sexual behavior; it’s
      because of them that we cannot unit as one to vote overwhelmingly in agreement.
      We would rather run away and flood other countries and become thieves and all
      sorts of things in their countries. It’s certainly easier and better that way
      than changing our situations back home.

      Little wonder
      our biggest problem with Mbeki revolves around Mbeki’s perception of HV and

      We are
      still not bothered by the fact that we sleep around and America has to foot the
      cost of our sexual recklessness.

      Yes, the
      West has done enough and continues to work towards the down fall of Africa, if
      you don’t know that, read more. However, the biggest problem in Africa today is
      ourselves; Lack of unity. Divisions along tribal lines and our never ending fit
      of jealousy. Can you please honestly tell us what the relationship between
      Ndebeles and Shonas is like in your country?

  • kutototo

    Its difficult to believe what Mbeki says because he is the same guy who said aids does not exist and he does not know anyone with aids. and he said “Those advocating AIDS treatment viewed black people as ”germ carriers and human beings of a lower order.”

    • boeremag

      I doubt very much you even believe what you are saying right now. Why dont you go read what Mbeki said in the SA parliamentary transcripts before acting like a foolish gossip monger. You are even taking the lie fed by your masters to another level saying he said Aids does not exist. Mshewwwww

  • Zimbo1

    A big thanks to Mbeki and a big tough luck to Britain, even after the slavery and colonization era and they claimed to be sorry after that plan crumbled, today their children still show the same colours of wanting to colonize and make Africans slaves. We ought to be very careful as Africans or our continent will be turned into another war zone.

  • kaycee

    this is just but a mishmash of plagiarised pluralism full of sound and fury but signifying nothing….wat a shame


    Some of us will for ever salute and appreciate Mbeki’s efforts in every respect as far as Zimbabwe is concerned. He is a true Pan Africanist and not a traitor like some wailing souls who are commenting from the British corner. Lord Charles Guthrie knew what he was talking about through his experiences in wars. Besides being tried and tested, the Zimbabwe Defense Forces use a lot of their cognitive domain and it will be suicidal to try them. As Jabulani Sibanda advised, it will also be suicidal for us to think that the enemy has given up. Right now the enemy is still crafting new tricks. The whole world should be advised that when you see the USA and the UK etc, being well developed, it is not because of their sound strategies and ideas of development but the mere fact that they used black slaves and developed with NO LABOUR COSTS. Now listen to some of the black slaves who are commenting that they do not want to be liberated.
    Zimbabawe will never be a colony again please.

    • succuba

      You are fighting an imaginary war with an imaginary enemy, you are either brainwashed or stupid, I can’t decide which.

      • chrisblackusa

        if you think that mangwende is imagining then the reality is that you are the perfect victim of stupidity,,,the western $$$ has no resources behind it except for Germany,,All others are playing off of Ponzi schemes that is pulling many leaders down that question the value of paper money,,the federal reserve is owned by who? the challenge of a certain group of financiers is being questioned for its real worth.

        • succuba

          What are you on about?

          What colour are the clouds in your sky?

    • moriartyO

      Just to say, Zimbabwe has not featured in ‘western news’ for years. Even the elections had very minute coverage. So if you are looking for an enemy you are far off the mark. NO ONE is obsessed with Zimbabwe as you think they are. NO ONE is talking about Mugabe. NO ONE wants to be involved in your mess! Live with it, you voted for it.

      • Al Bie

        This is also reported in Todays Daily Mail- A British Newspaper!!!

    • XP

      Tony Blair was indeed a fool and a sorry excuse for a Prime Minister. Most in Britain are as sick of him as Zimbabweans. However Britain today has no fight with Zimbabwe and no intention to interfere with the countries autonomy. If its colonisation your worried about, look East.

  • moriartyO

    It doesn’t make any sense. The British army was already fighting on two fronts, it was technically impossible for such a thing to occur. And dear Nyambuya, sadaam huisein also thought he had a seasoned army….

    • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

      British army has the ability to fight a world war, it is trained for that, plus president Mbeki himself said what we getting from this news so what are you saying?

      • moriartyO

        it does not make any sense at all. If it was mooted it had to be a flitting thing coz why would Britain risk losing its position in the world, its reputation because of Zimbabwe? seriously!! Esp not after Iraq, the british parliament unlike Zimbabwe has constituents to think of…the british public would NOT approve esp considering its a former colony and that its army is by most accounts rather weak. It would have more to lose than gain in this. does not add up.

  • Trumpi

    I seriously doubt that this article was written from a neutral point of view.

  • Zvakare

    The South African Goat is lying. He now shows his true colors that he was never an impartial mediator. Bloody goat idiot. If he sincerely believes that Zimbabweans are masters of their own destiny. Why did his government refused to release the report on the findings of a commission he instituted to investigate the Zimbabwe elections outcome and violence of 2002? The South African courts has ruled out on the case but still even the present SA Government is resisting the release of that report. What is in that report? Unfortunately MDC leaders heads are full of rubbish and unstrategic, why are they not taking this matter farther?

  • Zvakare

    Follow and believe this disgrace and fallen from grace Thabo “Taboo Goat” mbeki for your own peril. Was it not of his father credibility this kudu could have never made it. He was a huge mistake. Mandela was right in preferring Ramaphosa to this goat.

    • Kuta Kinte

      What about the Nzuma known for selling Africanism.

  • Sangwani Nkhwazi

    Good points and interesting points, but the article would have been a lot more balanced if Tony Blair or others with a different view, were inviteds to comment or express their position. Otherwise, what you are in danger of doing is write a Pan African article that has got a lot of truth in it, but that is somewhat biased towards one position disproportionately, therefore isolates moderates who want to explore the issue more objectively

    • igama lam

      Aljazeera is an international cable and I am sure that those mentioned have already by now seen the footage and luckily they are still alive too….maybe you rather shift your focus on why they have not responded as yet….

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    I am saddened and shocked.
    very horrified. i am angry that they wanted to invade Zimbabwe to maintain
    “white” colonialism and supremacy. Why is Zimbabwe keeping English
    in Zimbabwe if Britain feels like Zimbabwe is it property? Look at it Iran they
    do not rely on English they rely on their own language and that is why Iran is
    successful. North korea does the same. Zimbabwe the basis of Britain feeling
    that it own Zimbabwe is the presence of English in Zimbabwe, replace It with an
    African language.

  • Abnnet

    Is it not surprising that our friends at the BBC, CNN, etc. are silent on this?

    We need to build an independent, professional African media institution: that is the strategic solution!

    • succuba

      Like the Herald!!

  • vacho

    so what’s new,these are like stale wikileaks,so should we celebrate,dance,what do we do now?We are hungry that’s what’s on the ground and relevant to us right now not Mbeki’s “legacy” of quiet diplomacy while he lets us suffer,why didn’t he say it back then?Oh please give us a break,you have insulted the intelligence and wit of the people of Zimbabwe enough with your patronising media,lets solve bread and butter issues,it doesn’t help me one bit to be reminded who my enemy is on a daily basis,what helps is if you could bring food on the table we could listen better to what you are saying

  • Jacobeth

    Always reporting on what transpired over a decade ago, what does it benefit us today, go back to the journalism school of excellence

  • $4558738

    Therein lies the downfall of the MDC and the intentions of its very foundation, unwanted in Africa by Africans. Wake up please, pretense does not become you.

  • john wekuMabvuku

    someone please give me the latest “celebrity” sextape to watch,at least iwikileak riri recent,idzi dzaana Mbeki adzisisiri news

  • Mental-Tree

    LOL! None of this ever happened. Your media is lying to you Zimbabwe!

    • Takeiteasy Marcaves

      Truly you have a mental tree in your brains.

  • Boeremag

    YOU Zimbabweans that are attacking Mbeki on this page need to deal with your own damn issues. Did you expect Mbeki to be your saviour? Some of you were even calling for Mbeki to be tried at the ICC becouse he did not attack Mugabe, you deluded cowards, scared of an old man. Why did you not get the US to help you? We are not stupid to attack a neighbouring country and create war that will spill over. Just in case you are in denial all Black South Africans love and support Mugabe, they view him as an African hero. If you feel different its not our problem deal with him on your own. He is only one old man for goodness sake, help yourselves. Bloody moaners!!!


      Mbeki wants Zimbabwe to keep on suffering so that his country keep marketing their goods and make money in Zimbabwe by supplying goods since we are not producing enough. If Zimbabwe boost up production, it means lose of business to South Africa so don’t think Mbeki is right open up your eyes. It’s us who are going back while S.A is moving forward by gaining marketing as well as cheep labor of people who are immigrating to S.A. KAKARA KUNUNA HUDYA KAMWE. ALION CANNOT SERVIVE WITHOUT KILLING ANOTHER ANIMAL SO SA IS KILLING ZIM FOR IT TO SURVIVE.

    • Dharma Appavoo

      If you have managed to avoid HIV and AIDS you should be grateful to Mbeki ……. because he offered his Magic Elixer which has eliminated
      every Sexually-Transmitted Disease in his country.

      But if you have managed to retain your Sanity please continue to venerate Robert Mogabe as the GREATEST PATRIOT AND HERO on this planet..

      There has never been any Native Leader in recorded history that has re-claimed territory from Foreign Invaders who usurped the land and then enslaved the natives and treated them like Troglodytes.
      Mogabe subsequently expelled the shameless Parasites.

      If the only criticism you can level against Robert Mogabe is that he is an Old Man, then the inference is his PERFECTIION.

  • mafikizolo

    This is rubbish UK invading Zimbo what for nonsense

  • Bornfree

    the article have tought us as Zimbabweans never to trust the west and MDC especially tsvangirai. may Zimbabwe open eyes and clearly see that the MDC is no different from Dhlakama (Mozambique), pushing western agendas first at the expense of Africans.

  • Tozvireva

    Herald….. I surrender. You are good at diversionary tactics. Tell us about the promised jobs instead. Where are they?



  • Manelisi Klaas

    There’s something I don’t understand about the logic of the people protesting Thabo Mbeki’s statements, which are properly drafted with a golden thread linking the methodology of the such statement absolutely well, and needing no questions to be asked. My view on such information provided by Mbeki, I believe it is good to tell what is going on behind the scenes when you see the matter is no longer manageable from an Aerial view, it needs to be physically attended at the lowest level. There was no need for President Thabo Mbeki to say things to the public, whilst they are being monitored at a higher structure of leadership in the said countries, that would cause havoc and panic for the people. Remember Thabo Mbeki, is not like Zuma, or Tsvagarai, he’s not keen to be puppeteer-ed in his leadership for anything. Hence, many leaders and power hungry followers in strategic positions would portray Mbeki as an arrogant, stubborn and exclusive leader. This is not so, I disagree with their notions, and will not be side tracked from the pure Sub-African Intelligence that, calculates all the plots of the white westerners regime. There are fools amongst who know these things that are said by Mbeki are true, but do not want to admit, because the feel, they will not gain from subsiding with the truth, just like the current South African President who is always compared with Mbeki, and I fail to understand the comparison criterion used here. Thabo Mbeki compared to Zuma. No no no no it’s a pure insult to the intelligentsia Mbeki that.

  • Said O. Ali

    There it is. You’ve had it now. This is how the West has been able to influence and effect changes in Africa. Propping up lap dogs to oust legitimate governments and when this fails, they instigate rebellion. When this still fails you hear imaginary crimes having been committed by the unwanted leaders.

    These tactics will normally be combined with economic sanctions so that the gullible believe heaven will come down when the leadership is removed from office.

    The same Tony Blair, by the way, goes round and yaps in every available forum that there is now democracy in, say, Iraq. Whatever that means.

    When the problems experienced the world over are looked into critically, you don’t miss a hidden hand of these bullies. I’m even beginning to doubt the mushrooming of fundamentalism and sectarian violence in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Chechnya, Syria, Egypt, Mali, and CAR. The chaos in DR Congo, Mozambique, S.Sudan, and now Angola. These countries either have oil or precious minerals. It is in these countries where the so called rebels use very sophisticated weaponry whose procurement nobody knows about. God protect us all.