Spike throwers offer $5 for funeral

Walter Nyamukondiwa Chinhoyi Bureau
A row has erupted after Clyna Trading officials in Karoi offered $5 to buy cabbages for the funeral of a woman who died after being hit by a vehicle the firm’s officers threw a spike at on Tuesday.

Clyna Trading is in partnership with Karoi Town Council to manage traffic in the town. The firm delivered $5 to buy cabbages, two drums of water, 11 loaves of bread and meat on Wednesday towards the funeral of Mrs Chiedza Mandizvidza (59).

But this did not go down well with the family, which is blaming the company for the death of their relative after she was hit while the driver was trying to avoid running over the spikes.

Sources said a row erupted between the family and Clyna Trading over the “meagre” assistance, resulting in the firm offering another $30 towards the purchasing of relish.

“It was after family members enquired how the mourners would be fed on $5, that another $30 was handed over yesterday,” said the source. The firm promised to provide $500 to meet all the funeral expenses, which it had not delivered by yesterday.

The parties were deadlocked after officials indicated that the money would be deposited into the bank account of one of the family members employed by the Karoi Town Council.

The money would be deducted from the worker over a long period.

As the Mandizvidza family finalises funeral arrangements, people continue to speak on the unfortunate incident. Some lawyers have offered the family legal assistance to get compensated.

By late yesterday, the family had not finalised burial arrangements owing to discussions with police on assurance that the driver of the vehicle that hit Mrs Mandizvidza would be called to account and also compensate the family.

Karoi Residents Trust chairman Mr Never Gasho said operations of the vehicle clamping company should be reviewed. “As far as we are concerned there is nothing meaningful that is going to council from the arrangement,” he said.

“The deal is shrouded in secrecy and if you ask what council has so far received out of it, you do not get an answer.” Karoi legislator Cde Godfrey Beremauro called for a meeting of stakeholders to find a better way of managing traffic in the town.

“Its sad that we have to lose lives in this way, but it is important that stakeholders meet and come up with ways of managing traffic that do not pose a danger to people,” he said.

In the accident on Tuesday, the vehicle went on to hit and injure four other pedestrians — three of whom are from the same family as Mrs Mandizvidza.
Police fired shots in the air and teargas canisters to disperse a mob that torched a council vehicle in protest against her death. She died at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where she had been transferred to owing to the injuries she sustained.

Her son Patrick (31) is admitted at Karoi District Hospital where his condition is reportedly stable. Another three people were injured, but they have since been treated and discharged.

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  • Judas Iscariot

    For a minute i was outraged,how on earth could Clyna offer the victim’s family a paltry $5 to buy cabbages?then Mzvinavhu reminded me that this company is being affected by the satanic illegal sanctions. Clyna finally offered $30 more dollars,unfortunately it’s going to take several months for the family to receive the full amount because of critical cash shortages. What a country we live in?

  • Fred Moyo

    Who owns Clyna Trading?

  • Tsikwela

    Government not even commenting……we are cursed…

  • Memory Masukusa

    the money will be deducted from the worker for a long period of time! which worker? I didnt get this statement well from the writer.

  • RKM

    Compensation will never be enough to cover the loss of a life, we really need serious measures towards managing traffic

  • Baba Tino

    Lack of leadership ndozvainoita, which other country do u find this madness?