Sodomy councillor surrenders to police

Oddrey Sydney Chirombe

Oddrey Sydney Chirombe

Municipal Reporter
The Harare councillor, who was on the run after he allegedly attempted to sodomise a Nyaradzo bus driver he was sharing a room with on a house boat in Kariba on Saturday, has handed himself over to the police.
Budiriro Ward 33 Councillor Oddrey Sydney Chirombe (MDC-T) is alleged to have committed the crime in Kariba where he was attending a team-building workshop with other councillors.

Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed Chirombe’s arrest.
“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm that Chirombe was arrested in Kariba,” she said.
Chirombe, who has already been suspended by his MDC-T party, is expected to appear in court soon.

It is alleged that at around 2am on Saturday, Chirombe and the driver in question were in their boat room when he gently tapped the driver on his chest before leaving the room for a few minutes.

Upon his return, Chirombe allegedly pounced on the driver and attempted to sodomise him.
The driver, it is alleged, resisted and an altercation ensued between the pair on the deck.

The driver allegedly assaulted the naked Chirombe before other councillors came to inquire on hearing the commotion
One of the councillors said after he heard the noise he went up the boat to investigate and he saw a naked Chirombe lying down with the bus driver threatening to assault him further “for trying to make him a woman”.

The bus driver was threatening to beat up Chirombe whom he accused of trying to sodomise him in their room.
The driver told other councillors that he woke up after Chirombe, who was almost naked, got on top of him in a room with twin beds.
Other councillors restrained the angry driver from further assaulting Chirombe before he allegedly disappeared after learning that someone had phoned the police.

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  • Mbada Murenje

    Ho-o-o, zdimwe ingochani nhai? Asi ichi chibato chinongo kumbawo kunge ma-Sabhuku ekwa-Seke anongodda mari asina basa neback ground nhai! shame maningi stereki.


    hezvo. Murume ano*** pamusoro futi nhai. Hazviitwe neku*** here izvi? Asi Chirombeka, wakaoma

  • Jotham

    Iri ndiro rinonzi rombe remunhu. The man should be ashamed. The funny part he is a Councillor.

  • Kochoro

    Can this be true? I smell a rat here.

  • wezhira

    he was framed, plus akasheya room nemunhu asinganwi doro iye achidhakwa hake, hapana nyaya

    • Sarudzai

      Wezhira what makes you think he was framed everything according to stupid people like u is Zanu pf, if you catch your wife with another man u are the type to forgive her and say its Zanu pf, you are a shame to Zimbabwe.

  • magonde

    Thats what happens when you receive money from US/UK. They expect you to be like them, homos ngochani. Be warned. I can sense homo invasion of Zimbabwe through western Aid. You give up your butt-crack for British money.

  • Mimi

    And if this Councillor was innocent why did he disappear and run away in the 1st place? Kujaira kugara musingangone kuzvibata. Why always getting an erection everywhere and anytime?