SK Moyo clears air on Togarepi

Cde Khaya Moyo

Cde Khaya Moyo

Felex Share Senior Reporter
Zanu-PF has a robust constitution and secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Pupurai Togarepi’s issue will be dealt with in line with laid-down procedures not individuals’ desires, the revolutionary party’s spokesperson, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, has said.

Some members of the Youth League on Monday claimed to have passed a vote of no confidence on Cde Togarepi for “violating the party constitution, dishonesty, gross misconduct and failing to discharge functions of their office”.

Two members of the executive — Cdes Lewis Matutu (secretary for administration) and his deputy Sibongile Sibanda — also had votes of no confidence passed against them.

Cde Togarepi yesterday said his fate lay in the hands of President Mugabe who appointed him into the Zanu-PF Politburo.

Cde Khaya Moyo said due diligence would be done on Cde Togarepi’s matter.

“We are a party with a very robust constitution and that constitution encompasses processes which must be followed whenever a situation affecting the party arises,” he said.

“We have to hear what they are saying and the processes will take course; the processes are there.

“This is a matter for the Youth League and as far as I am told, they met yesterday and I haven’t got their statement yet. We don’t tell any wing not to issue any statement. It is from there that we can now look at their matter as they bring their report.”

Cde Togarepi said: “At this juncture, I am not at liberty to discuss the details before briefing my President, who is the appointing authority. I have no details as to what transpired because I left the meeting early. I requested Cde Kudzai Chipanga (deputy secretary) to chair in my absence. I know politics is a hard-hat area and I blame nobody.”

Some members of the Youth League yesterday held a Press conference to announce the “vote of no confidence” against Cde Togarepi.

They were led by Cde Chipanga and secretary for information and publicity Cde Evelyn Mpofu, who repeatedly mumbled as she read out the Press statement.

She said Cde Togarepi had contravened Article 28 subsection 262 of the Zanu-PF constitution.

Asked to clarify incidents where Cde Togarepi had gone against the constitution, Cde Chipanga said they were not for media consumption.

“On that one of misconduct, I think you are keen to know the nitty-gritties,” he said.

“We are not going to divulge the nitty-gritties to the media. Those are partially internal. We have advised you about those constitutional sections which have been breached.”

Pressed on the legality of their move, Cde Chipanga responded: “That’s up to the President or the Politburo to decide, but the Youth League has expressed its intention. They have lost confidence in him despite the fact that he was appointed by His Excellency.

“The state will remain the same; that the Youth League has lost confidence in his leadership. He was appointed, I agree, but he was appointed to supervise us. But we, who are being supervised, have lost confidence in him.”

Journalists also took Cde Chipanga to task on why he was refusing to divulge the details of the votes of no confidence yet the youths had called for a media briefing.

He retorted: “When we do such disciplinary processes, Cde journalist we do not do such processes so that the media will benefit from them.

“We do such processes for the benefit of the party not the media. I am glad that you are now finding nothing to write (about).”

Sources yesterday maintained that the decision by Cde Chipanga and his team was premised on the failure by Cde Togarepi to rein in his son, Gabriel of ZILIWACO Trust, who was recently expelled from the party.

He was expelled alongside other youth leaders during last week’s Politburo meeting for disrespecting President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

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  • Tinovaziva

    Yawn! Robust! Yawn! Zanu Great! Yes! Comrade this is not a lie at all!

  • Legal Expert

    Cde Chipanga must not embarrass the youth. Much as there could be differences there are ways of resolving these sometimes amicably. Zanu PF has a constitution after all. Does anyone know who Chipanga is just for my interest and that if other readers? I started knowing about him when he initiated a motion to have VaGumbo Rugare expelled / suspended from the politburo.

    • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

      Your insinuation on who Chipanga is and where he came from is the casus belli between the war vets and the young cadres in ZANU PF. If we are to have unity in our revolutionary party such condescending attitudes have to stop. The young cadres must be criticised and given mature direction but not ask who is he in when he was elected to that position also. Experts like you and other war vets who have denounced those who never took part in the armed struggle are misguided too. Some cadres were young or not born during our armed struggle. That should not be used as justification for them not hold positions in the party. You remember when some of these young cadres started challenging that attitude,they were accused of insulting their liberators. This is when they clearly responded by saying their own parents, brothers, sisters who were older also fought or died in the war. The silent masses also gave food and support to war vets. To say so and so cannot be commissar because he/she is not war vet is too divisive. When war vets threatened to humiliate government ministers and stop them attending Politburo meetings , that was too misguided. When the young cadres threatened to beat the old war vets for that, we all lost our dignity as a revolutionary party. Both sides. were wrong. The future of ZANU PF will be handed to the young cadres , who must be guided in our revolutionary gwara , not be told hamuna kurwa hondo! Foetuses don`t fight wars but need guidance when they are born.

  • Cde

    Confusion reigning supreme in the revolurionary party and you hear someone maintaining that the center is holding.

  • mazino akaora

    Nitty gritties my foot! Icho!


      Vana Chipanga mukati vakamboendawo kuchikoro imwi? Zvinopisa tsitsi izvi. Zvino rimwe gore kukamuka kunemakore muchaita sei? Nguva ichakwana babamudiki.Zuva rikabuda rasa kunyura.

  • Department 6


  • Chamunorwira Gorerezhara

    Do you remember exactly what Chipaga said about the War veterans versus Youth? What happened to him? Let alone he proceed to unseat his chairman…. I smell a rat here!!! This politiburo led by Mugabe is letting imminent cockroaches spoil the good will of this country. If this Chipaga succeeds without being punished for his previous attack on war veterans, please consider it given that**!!!!

  • my zanupf

    togarepi imburu yemunmhu. anoda kuvanda napresident. **.*i. muchapupura zvose zvamakaita kuti musvike pamuri ipapo. MBITI

  • RuffoG

    The other day SK was telling us about the politburo’s resolution to stop all votes of no confidence and forge ahead in unity. Whatever happened to that resolution, nhai iwe Simon?

  • Teejola

    Press conference to tell people about sections of constitutions violated without clarity on what was done. Stupid and silly. It means Togarepi did absolutely nothing. Vote of no confidence on Chipanga vakomana tione kuti anoiramba sei.

  • Harare

    who is the real bnoss of G40?

  • bodo_kwete

    Simon Khaya Moyo is not a man on his own. What a *-licker! Ho sorry, **