SA to flush out illegal immigrants

 Mr Mkuseli Apleni

Mr Mkuseli Apleni

Bulawayo Bureau—- 
SOUTH AFRICA has issued a deportation warning starting this week on Zimbabweans resident in that country who failed to acquire permits under the 2010 Dispensation for Zimbabwe Project (DZP). The country’s Home Affairs director-general Mr Mkuseli Apleni yesterday said the imminent move to deport Zimbabweans was in line with the new immigration regulations.

“We want to make it categorically clear that all Zimbabweans who failed to acquire permits in 2010 during the DZP will with effect from October be deported from our country,” said Apleni.

“We have a list of about 242 000 Zimbabweans who benefited in 2010 under that programme and they are eligible to apply for work and study permits under the new Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP) programme.”

He added: “The rest are illegal immigrants and we’re saying there is no reason why they (undocumented Zimbabweans) should remain in the country because our law is very clear.
“Any foreigner found in our country without a proper permit or travel document is an illegal immigrant and will be deported forthwith and this does not only apply to Zimbabweans, but all foreign nationalities.”

The latest move by South Africa means that at least 50 000 Zimbabweans with pending applications under the DPZ would be affected, together with thousands of illegal immigrants resident in different provinces there.

South African Home Affairs minister Malusi Gigaba last Thursday announced his government would start accepting permit applications for the 245 000 Zimbabweans who benefited under DZP, starting October 1 as part of the new ZSP programme that was effected in August.

Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi had to re-engage his South African counterpart over the issue, which subsequently culminated in the extension of the permits to December 2017.
The applications for the ZSP permits would be done online and the fee is pegged at R870.

“As the Department of Home Affairs, we’ll begin accepting applications via the website for the ZSP on October 1, 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to update stakeholders and the public on the implementation of the ZSP,” said Gigaba.
“As explained then, only the approximately 245 000 holders of the DZP are eligible to apply for the ZSP.”

South Africa in August announced the establishment of the ZSP of 2014 allowing Zimbabwean holders of the special permit to work, conduct business or study in South Africa for three years, until the end of December 2017, ending months of speculation and anxiety among many permit-holders, following reports that the country was introducing tough measures for immigrants.

In June, Gigaba announced that VFS Global, a worldwide outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions and governments, had been appointed to receive and manage visa and permit applications in South Africa.

The website address to be used when lodging applications will be

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  • kwerekwere


  • kutototo

    I think this is good news for Zimbabwe and the Zanu PF government. What with the 2.2 million jobs being created obviously these jobs need takers and these people deported form SA will be employed here.

    • carson macate

      Its time our fellow cmrades down South ought to think critically of what is significant to look into rather than wasting time on trivialities.deporting Zimbabweans and other illegal people.kkkkkkk

    • Dube

      Kutototo,what kind of a name is this. Daft by name and thoughts. Your parents new what to name u. U are probably a zanupf man or woman.
      U have not an ounce of sympathy or fear that many zimbos in za will be not only be scared, but in great fear if a non existent non promising future beckoning.
      There is not a single job created in zim at this point, in future as in the past.
      Many who would create jobs in zim are scared by idiotic utterances from mug,especially and his other doomsayers and creators in zanupf.
      I cry this morning on reading this, because pain and lever try beckons for those sent back to zim.
      Thanks to our brothers from Zuma,s domain, who incidentally have presided and aided mug and zanupf continuance in power and systemic destruction of zim.
      God help africa, with the non bothered african leaders, we are alright jack, what and where from hope.
      A positive is that many of these zimbos, if and when thrown out will be hate filled for zanupf, therefore come back to zim throwing punches and terrorising zimbos with their newly acquired criminal skills.

      • chakauya nengarava

        O thought Kutototo was being scarstic….

  • Thandi

    This development should call for deep reflection by the current government! Most of those Zimbabweans in diaspora, if they had a choice, would be coming back home given the deplorable conditions under which most of them survive in South Africa and other countries. Actually talk of resources, God had blessed Zimbabwe more than most countries. But we have degenerated from an abundantly blessed and endowed country to a poor nation, thirsty with patched lips while drowning in a pool of wealth. Our problem, like the great author Chinua Achebe said, is leadership. Zimbabwe is still a colony, not under foreigner (westerner) whites, but under our very own people masquerading as leaders. “They are worse than the white colonial masters” Achebe said. God should save this nation from this marauding predator brigade masquerading as liberators. We have seen poor Zimbabweans migrating into neighbouring countries as well as all over the world at any cost, crossing crocodile infested rivers and subjected to inhuman conditions in their host countries, just to escape poverty, hunger and persecution from home. Everyday Zimbabweans are looking for opportunities even in tiny islands all over the world-Trinidad Tobago, Papua New Guinea etc and can you imagine even Haiti!!! all over the pacific ocean just to run away from poverty and persecution from these self-styled liberators hell-bent to destroy anything good for the country. Where is the LOVE and just a fraction of COMPASSION for the suffering masses who are now going to be bundled from South Africa to be brought back here to languish further in poverty. But GOD IS WATCHING!!!!