Prof Moyo’s wedding songs trigger demand

Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

Susan Nyabunze  Herald Reporter
The two songs written by Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo for his daughter Lungile’s wedding to Tafadzwa Wakatama on Saturday have caused a stir, with many asking where they could buy copies.
The bridal party entered the reception at Rain Tree Gardens in Umwinsdale to the sound of “This is Your Day”, a celebration of two lives taking one path.
Prof Moyo went on to perform live on stage another song dedicated to Lungile titled “It’s Been a Privilege Raising You”, much to applause of guests who were mesmerised by the minister’s guitar strumming skills and vocal abilities.

ZBC viewers got a glimpse of the performance on the national broadcaster’s Sunday Edition main news bulletin.
While “This is Your Day” was recorded, “It’s Been a Privilege Raising You” was a surprise dedication for the bride.

Listen to the song below:

Guests received their copies of “This is Your Day”, which is now in demand, with a number of people yesterday inquiring from The Herald where to get some copies. The song is ideal for newly-weds, married couples, lovers and for any other celebration as it has an upbeat tempo.

Composed by Prof Moyo, vocals to “This is Your Day” were provided by popular diva Diana Samkange and award winning artiste Eric Moyo.
The two displayed their acclaimed expertise with smooth vocals. Matthew Ngorima played the lead and acoustic guitars, while well-established bassist Enoch Piroro played the bass guitar. Othnell Mangoma Moyo was on percussion, while Gustav Smythe and Jairos Hambahamba featured on keyboards.

The song was produced by John Ndlovu under Sunshine Music Production.
“This is Your Day” made headlines not only because of its great sound quality, but also the significance of its lyrics.

In the first verse, Prof Moyo expresses pride and joy over the marriage of his daughter. He does not only express his own happiness, but also mentions the joy the wedding brought to the family and their neighbourhood.

In the second verse, he acknowledges the Lord God’s authority since He is the one who has the power to bind the union which no man would put apart.
The last verse advises the newlyweds to cherish their vows and show their love for each other throughout their lives.

The music is a fusion of Afro-jazz, pop and folk and rhythm and blues.

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  • YemenPapaT

    Jonathan Moyo! Who can beat that???

  • Rufaro

    Makorokoto baba Jona naAmai Moyo. Ndafarakwazvo nekuchata kwayitwa nemwana wenyu. VaMoyo ini ndinoti chikiti chikiti chikiti fambayi makadaro musacheuke se trarin. Vadzimayi venyu ishundu yemukadzi, Mwari akavasika zvakanaka. Nhasi vavengi varikutichiyi.
    God bless yu

    • nhiziri

      Its good news for the Wakatama and Moyo families. I think this is a fusion of two well educated families. If i am not mistaken the name Wakatama is a big one so is Moyo. Dont forget that the first black prof in this country was Prof Mathew Wakatama and his offspring is now marrying the daughter of a Prof. Thank you!


    really Sue,, people enquiring at Herald House about Prof Moyo’s music? All the same its good stuff

  • tichaona gadzikwa

    makorokoto mdara…..nhasi ndezvenyuwoooo

  • ndoro

    The music can be good but this thing of saying pple were enquiring at herald house is something else.


    Good song bt more like an adulterated version of TRUE Love by Busi Ncube and Illanga…!

    • Tafara

      Good song. Is that Moyo singing? It sounds like a female voice. The tune is familiar though and it has most likely been borrowed from other well known songs.

    • TBONE

      thought as much!

  • Kusvikazvanaka

    Excellent work Professor…You are always an inspiration!!!!

  • Popopo

    I think our reporters need roper schooling of english language..when one writes “..trigger demand” we were expecting to read on what platform people are enquiring, how many hits the song has on youtube(493),how many likes on facebook if it’s there and how many retweets ..please u are embarrassing us Zimboz by this feja feja type of journalism, worse still you are writing about a the professor makorokoto good news indeed!Lovely wife u have as well..

  • Tendai

    The song by Prof. Moyo “Its been a privilege to raise you.” The bride Lungile is Prof Moyo`s daughter. It is not a privilege to raise her it is a requirement as her father. It is never our privilege to bring up our children.

  • Tinoda Runyararo

    I have to commend the Herald, good reporting (be it about your boss) you actually sampled the work you critiqued! And the song is good too! Minister might need to rethink profession, zve band zviri muropa, and no mud slinging mumabhawa! haha