President leaves for Uruguay

President Mugabe talks to Vice Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko at Harare International Airport

President Mugabe talks to Vice Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko at Harare International Airport

Takunda Maodza News Editor—
PRESIDENT Mugabe left Harare yesterday for Uruguay where he will join other Heads of State and Government attending the World Health Organisation (WHO) conference on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). He was seen off at Harare International Airport by Vice Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa, Phelekezela Mphoko, Minister of State for Harare Miriam Chikukwa, Cabinet Ministers Simon Khaya-Moyo, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, Joram Gumbo, Kembo Mohadi, service chiefs and senior Government officials. VP Mnangagwa is Acting President.

The conference is running under the theme “Enhancing policy coherence between different spheres of policy making that have a bearing on attaining Strategic Development Goal target 3.4 on NCD by 2030”. SDG 3.4 by 2030 seeks to reduce premature mortality from NCDs by one-third through prevention and treatment and promoting mental health and well-being.

The conference seeks to provide guidance to member states on how to reach SDG target 3.4 by 2030 by influencing public policies in sectors beyond health and enhancing policy coherence. It also seeks to launch a set of new global initiatives to help countries accelerate progress in reducing premature mortality from NCDs and to fast-track efforts to attain SDG target 3.4.

The meeting will also see delegates exchanging national experiences in enhancing policy coherence to attain the voluntary global NCD targets for 2025. The conference will also highlight the health sector as the key advocate for enhancing coherence for the attainment of SDG target 3.4. Also expected to attend the conference are Ministers of health, agriculture, development cooperation, finance and foreign Affairs. The United Nations organisations, public policy decision makers, global experts and advocates and non-state actors will also attend the conference.

The conference is made up of three segments — the dialogue of member states, UN organisations and non-state actors; the ministerial segment for member states and UN organisations at the level of ministers and national NCD directors; and a high-level segment for member states and UN organisations at the level of Heads of State and Government and Heads of UN organisations.

The conference is being held at a time the world is burdened by NCDs like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular dieses and chronic respiratory ailments. NCDs killed 40 million globally in 2015, which represented 70 percent of all deaths worldwide. Zimbabwe has not been spared from the burden of NCDs like cancer and diabetes. Some interest groups are now proposing the establishment of a cancer levy to help raise resources to deal with the disease.

The conference will come up with a document that is expected to be endorsed by participants. The outcome document is also expected to serve as an input into the discussions at the 71st World Health Assembly on the preparations for the third High-level Meeting of the United General Assembly on NCDs in 2018.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    A grown man attending useless conferences that can easily be taken care of by a mere secretary. Nxa. Our resources being wasted by heartless individuals with zero care for you or me. Real leaders don’t waste taxpayer money like this. And then expect to be voted in. Unless you already know kuti the election is rigged in your favour.

    • jojo

      he is the worst mistake this country has made in decades.why doesn’t he delegate? its simple-he knows everyone else is better than him and will receive huge accolades on these indabas and Vasco cant swallow that.

    • Gamba ReManyika

      You are right @Moe but Mugabe is simply doing what he can do… optimizing oportnity you know. This is why I could not attend that meeting because I was not invited and I don’t have the resources. Now, there are two things on this one: either **. In earnest, all I can say is we deserve Mugabe. Mubvunzo wangu ndewekuti… wakaregister here kuvhota?

      • Trex1

        mubvunzo iwowo wakakosha

  • yowe

    Hahahahaha murume uyu.Ndobasa raMinister of health iri why does he need to go with another 70 people

  • Mudhara bonzo

    Inini mubvunzo wangu ndewekuti but why nhai mazanu chiri kukunakidzai chii this time

  • Chamunorwa

    Here we go again….endless waste.

  • Claredon Trading

    why can’t he even sent one of the vice president.infact he is not the problem. the vultures circulating around him are the problem .they feed him with wrong information.he is not in touch with reality.they prepare roads when they know is coming .he m,ust not announce his visit so that he can be able to see the state of our roads and other infrastructure.

    • Profmununhema

      Its either you are brain drained or washed or dead. So you mean all these years they have been lying to him. He should ask for progress reports and have ways to get confirmation since he has a distinction in intelligence. Your comment is baseless.

  • Gamba ReManyika

    Looking for that book! Sadly the internet is so mean… go to Amazon and buy! How? I have no forex to purchase… go die, no read. Gosh!!

    • Madara

      you can pirate an ebook pretty easily. if you dont have a kindle or similar ebook reader then you can read on any smart device with the appropriate reader app.

  • Takawira

    Thought “Lord of the Rings” was the First Lady’s preferred novel, even
    though she never read past the first page and was only inspired by the

  • Muonesi Mukuru

    Misplaced priorities of the highest order!! What has that visit by a President help us back home? I think President Zimbabwe yakuvarwadzawo he no longer wants to stay in the Country he plunged into poverty and shame. **

  • Just Sayin’

    Mugabe, you spend NOTHING on health now, so what on earth are you going to do when the conference has recommendations…. you guessed it NOTHING

    Even rich countries that can afford it, send Health Ministers

    Stop going to these conferences, just one trip could buy medicines for a month at least

    Selfish, Selfish excuse for a human

  • Profmununhema

    Truly one does not need to have a professorship in Robotics to see that the main drainage of fiscus is from number one. Chance to get the T&S plus the USD300k emergency fund given each time when he goes out and should be returned and chances its not being returned to National Treasury but going to personal treasures.

  • nelson moyo

    Live tracker of plane flights reports show Uruguay Russia and Singapore

  • Sengu RaMudhara

    Mujuru was left to act then got fired ** has a lot of tricks in his urine bag!!!

  • Madara

    how do you manage that?

  • gibson george

    Thank God for the Western travel ban. They would go over there every 5 minutes *

  • Sandura1

    He is too old and sick to be attending these little gatherings. How many other African leaders are there.? Who will take care of the leaks that mai is elswhere?