Politburo meets tomorrow

Cde Chombo

Cde Chombo

Felex Share Senior Reporter
The Zanu-PF Politburo meets in Harare tomorrow to discuss, among other things, disciplinary and economic issues.

The revolutionary party’s secretary for Administration Cde Ignatius Chombo confirmed the development yesterday.

“The Politburo is meeting on Thursday at 10am at the party headquarters,” he said. “We are encouraging each and every member to come on time. On the agenda, we have got our routine issues which we always discuss, we discuss Zim-Asset, the situation in the country in terms of distribution of maize. Those are the key issues I think we will cover this week.”

Asked on the disciplinary issues, Cde Chombo said: “I am not sure of that because the chairman (of the National Disciplinary Committee) is Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and I am not sure of what progress they have made.”

The last Politburo meeting ordered the NDC to conduct hearings for all the members who were booted out of the party through votes of no confidence.

The hearings are for the affected members to give their sides of the story before a decision is taken.

The NDC went on to conduct hearings on Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, before setting up a sub-committee to look at the issues of the three suspended chairpersons of Midlands, Masvingo and Mashonaland East.

The chairpersons, Cdes Kizito Chivamba (Midlands), Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo) and Joel Biggie Matiza were accused of insolence by Zanu-PF national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere.

The trio last week appeared before the sub-committee, which is chaired by Zanu-PF secretary for security Cde Kembo Mohadi.

Cdes Pupurai Togarepi (secretary for youth affairs) and Eunice Sandi Moyo (Women’s League deputy secretary) are the other members of the sub-committee.

Other members of the Youth League including Cdes Godwin Gomwe (suspended Harare chairperson) and Godfrey Tsenengamu (Mashonaland Central chair) were also expected to appear before the same committee yesterday.

Some members did not appear before the committee demanding a “clear clarification of the charges levelled against them as well as an understanding of who the complainant was.”

“The letter which called me to the hearing does not disclose the complainant. The first paragraph of the letter gives the impression that the allegations only emerged at the National Disciplinary Committee meeting held on 17th February 2016,” said Cde Gomwe in a letter to Cde Mohadi.

“This therefore tacitly implies that the NDC, which now seeks to adjudicate over the matter is in fact the complainant. That is improper.

“The NDC cannot be the jury and the judge at the same time. I therefore request the NDC sub-committee to furnish me with details of the complainant and how the NDC got to be seized with the matter.”

He added: “The allegations levelled against me are plain and not factual. They lack specific details and substantiation as to how and when the offences were committed. All disciplinary processes should be conducted in accordance with the dictates of the party’s Constitution more particularly Section 79 (1) and (2) under Article 10.

“On the foregoing, the hearing which the NDC sub-committee seeks to subject me to does not meet the requirements of the constitution and therefore is irregular.”

The NDC is expected to report back to the Politburo.


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  • Mhandu

    Should internal Zanu-PF Politburo political party considerations be presented by state media as more important than issues regularly discussed by Cabinet and Parliament? Anyone would think Politburo decisions by appointed members whose primary allegiance is to their party or faction and do not reflect the interests of the entire nation, hold primacy over wishes of the people through their elected representatives, and Government and Parliament are merely used as disguised rubber stamp appendages to eventually execute Politburo directives.

    • Muyendamberi

      Politburo is an important organ of the ruling party so its affairs has an indirect implication on the country and its wellbeing, so yes, the Herald is right to cover its activities. The Politburo is powerful enough to veto Cabinet decisions, infact the Cabinet gets its direction form the Politburo or is supposed to get direction from Politburo

      • Hatitye

        On the contrary, Cabinet should also deal with and reflect priorities issued by Parliament whose members are there to represent concerns following close feedback from their constituencies. Interminable internal party squabbles should not be allowed to excessively occupy Ministers’ time who’ve sworn an oath to serve the entire country where they have pressing schedules meant to benefit the whole nation regardless of political affiliation.

  • bond coin


    • Muyendamberi

      these two should be allowed to compete. surely the president is in power but its only natural for these factions to compete to succeed him considering that the president has a term left. zvekudzingana zvirikuitwa nana kasukuwere handizvopi. these factions should be guided by a clear succession policy which unfortunately is lacking in the party

      • Mqophiso W Sibanda

        The two factions operate from different platforms but within the party obviously. G40 is allowed to operate and flex its muscles by insulting, expelling, threatening and breaking procedure with impunity and Lacoste team is under seige and is not allowed to express its views or enjoy the “innocent until proven guilty’ legal right. Some Kangaroo courts are always putting team Lacoste on trial and finding them guilty even when there is no complainant but ignoring crimes of a serious nature being committed by team G40.
        What is now needed is internal party peace which can only be guaranteed if VP Munangagwa openly expresses no interests in presidential marathon and leave the chosen Zezurus as aspirants. The noise will die and harmony will return to the party and all allegations team Lacoste will be a matter of the past.
        G40 only needs a Zezuru as leader so its now necessary for non Zezurus to allow peace to prevail; by allowing Zezurus to occupy their rightful position. Obert Mpofu and the whole of Matebeleland is not in trouble at all because he indicated that Matebeleland is not interested in the position of presidency, had he remained silent he could be in trouble right now. I blamed him at first because i think there are many able leaders in our region but latter on i saw how he played his cards well and got removed from list of targeted leaders.

        • bodo_kwete

          kkkk inga pane nharo. So we have a cast system in Zim? Zezuru being the upper-most cast? Inga wani hapana muzezuru anonzi ***?

          • Mqophiso W Sibanda

            Did you not listen to songs that were sung in Mazoe and deepened your thoughts on that, if people coined a tune which goes like ‘MaZezuru unconquerable’ and dance to it then who can think it was not done deliberately. The guest speaker actually dance and clapped hands so there is proof its a tribal game now. Why tribal slurs were uttered by the leadership on that meeting also serves to confirm that is the goal of G40. What buttresses this point again is that none was singled out as the culprit, i mean none was reprimanded by whoever is concerned for such but we continue to hear that those who did not do anything like that are being dragged to hearings that are chaired by those who sung the ‘Zezuru unconquerable” anthem of G40.

  • jojo


  • Muyendamberi

    are these people aware that we gave them a mandate to lead and feed us, not to read about their fights in the press. Please stop kasukuwere and his gang before they destroy our hope and party

  • Muyendamberi

    hope the politburo won’t give war veterans an excuse to support People First

    • Antitraitor

      Real war veterans never support the reversal of the land reform.

  • Muyendamberi

    the NDA is clearly G40, anyone can see that.

  • Muyendamberi

    wareva Kutototo

  • So What

    Who cares about Politburo at all…. hazvinei nevanhu izvi as experience has taught. Basa rekutsvaga ways of spending tax payers hard earned money nemisangano isina chaino producer. We should be hearing more of activity ku parliament about initiatives to deal with our nation’s challenges…(its sad the majority in parliament wait for instructions from Politburo yacho…..) There is so much disorder, intertwined with greed, lack of vision and denial of a state of anarchy!

  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

    Ka Gomwe kutopinza maoko muhomwe nhai? Is he challenging the powerful?

    • Ian Smith

      Gomwe is like a 13yr old who thinks knows much more than his parents who brought him to the world.
      Gomwe you were not a role model to those you led but you were the most high holigan, full of vernom.

  • wesley

    The milestone, Dr, would display 0. In other words, there are no milestones. Where are the “mega-deals” with China and Russia?

  • Fortune

    Kkkkkkkkk where is Cde Dangote.
    Nothing that ZANU PF touches succeed. Pamberi ne ZPF