Police keen to quiz Sikhala



Herald Reporter
Police are keen to quiz MDC-T’s Job Sikhala over utterances that he made at the weekend where he urged party supporters to brace for “war” against the Government.
Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commisioner Charity Charamba confirmed the development last night.
“We have invited him over utterances he made at a rally in Kuwadzana at the weekend,” she said. Sikhala’s lawyer and MDC-T official Mr Obert Gutu said he had talked to officials at the Law and Order section and assured them that he would come with Sikhala this morning.

“I have made an arrangement with the officers that we will take my client to Harare Central Police tomorrow at 10am,” he said. “We do not know what they want, but if law enforcement agents invite us, my client is a law abiding citizen so he will duly comply.”

Mr Gutu said enquiries he made showed the police wanted to quiz Sikhala over some utterances he made at a rally.

Sikhala, who returned to the MDC-T fold recently, addressed party supporters in Harare’s Kuwadzana suburb where he attempted to incite people against the Government. Sikhala was accompanied by MDC-T national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa at the rally.

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  • Ndareva

    Hogwash! What’s the meaning of war in this context… Wicked tendencies to suffocate the opposition. That’s why this country will never be stable as long as these clowns are at the helm.

    • Curtis Mambo

      The real clowns have already made themselves known to the public: they go by such names as Tsvangirai (aka Chematama), Sikhala … You must already know the complete list anyway.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      @Ndareva::::::Sikala must explain to the police what he means by“ war “! His party(MDCT/99) participated in the elections and lost! We dont want politicians who incite violence. He must first put his effort towards the removal of ZEDERA, by the US GOVT ,which his MDCT advocated!

      • masvukupete

        And Bob once created a “war” cabinet. Sibanda of the war veterans has also uttered such words. Nyikayaramba has uttered the same words. Have they ever been quizzed or maybe they are the only ones allowed to create wars against the people.

      • Jongwe

        They can come and borrow my dictionary if they dont have. So Charamba how did you get the job if you dont know the meaning of hondo??

      • Major Kembo

        Everyone knows what Sikhala meant by his utterances and the Police must not waste our money on such trivial issues. No judge will ever convict a person on this sort of charge and we have seen this sort of issue being used to repeatedly harass opposition members who are raising legitimate concerns. We want the ZRP to go after the Cashberts.

    • Hurungudo

      Suffocate which opposition nhai Ndareva? Oppositionn suffocates itself in Zimbabwe. And opposing what in any case?

    • MASEMA

      War means what it is you fool. try it Jobu and you will know what war is all about!

  • tafi

    I am not suprised you don’t know the meaning of war, because if you did you’ll do know how misguided your idiotic sikhala is.

  • Charles

    Please spare us from “war”!

    • titi

      Government yedu inotoda ma demonstrations chete kuti zvinhu zvifambe. Ngatiregereyi kutya Hondo. Munotyeyi kusungura nyika kubva kumbavha, ngatirwiseyi mbavha dzizere muHurumende yedu iyi tigadzirire revana vedu ramangwana sekuenda kwatakaita kuHondo. Hapana chekutya apa, let’s demonstrate and cause trouble. Iwe usingade ndiwe imwe yembavha, urikuba chete.

      • MASEMA

        Iwe unoziva Hondo here hana kuni unona Hondo pa TV? Hondo haina kunaka nokuti ndimi munozoti hee Gukurahundi chii -chii asi murimi matanga mutambo wacho, Ask DRC guys or Matsanga closer at Moza about war.

  • Tonydread

    If the police do summon this guy then they are falling for this chap”s strategy hook line and sinker,he is looking for publicity and trying to make himself relevant after so many years in the political wilderness,but what can we expect from our dumb police force,they will go on to summon him and give him the publicity he so much craves for.

  • gidza

    we want really debates constructive critism kwete zvekutsvaga relevence Some are well past there sell by date. Nzara yaruma chipari chonetsa mupolitics mune mari tomanyirako shiti what a shame, Who will help us What message and ideas can this man still brings to a serious political party

  • Chief

    Zimbabwean tinonakidza. Kutukana chete tinogona. Lets all put our energies in building a great nation for ALL

  • Tonderayi Chanakira

    Ko vana Happison Mucheterere vachasungwa rinhiko Munganetsane na Sikhala??????

  • Mbada Murenje

    Some people just vomit in public and never dare care what they mean in comparison to what is worth saying. Sikhala is just violent, you know this unless you are 5 years old or insane otherwise. The reason why he has re-joined M.D.C.T is because there is violence around these days and that’s his favorite game. if he were a bit normal he was supposed to preach peace given that there is this continued talk about violence within the party.

  • Hurungudo

    Nhai vanhu muri kushaya zvokuita here? Inguva yokuchaita ma rally? Ivo vanoendako vacho mashaya zvamungaita nenguva yenyu?

  • Tafirenyika

    It was much better for the police to have ignored that coz the guy is seeking for publicity ,which you are now giving to him,Police.you are playing the ball into his hands,hamusati here makuziva kuti zvinotaurwa nevakomana ava is just entertainment to their followers which never materialise,

  • Muza Sibanda

    Siyanai nemurwere wepfungwa uyu. Musapururudzira benzi munozopembenuka imba yatsva. Tarisai ku side chete siyanai naro.

    • Isu Zvedu

      Asi iwe urikuguta hako kani, bva kana urikuguta, guta hako wakanyarara

      • Muza Sibanda

        Kuguta ndiri kuguta shamwari only because I am a hard worker. But that does not have anything to do with this lunatic called Job Sikhala. This man participated in the elections and he was rejected outright by the people. If you are a Sikhala follower then revise your brains.

  • Simon Nxumalo

    Which is better to investigate the “tired” Sikhala or to run after people that have looted state funds?I would rather this Police Order section was disbanded:ZANU-PF has nothing to fear from the opposition. Let us instead be chasing those people looting diamonds, those allocated farms but not farming,those taking over factories for selfish ends .The country can have some semblance of normality

  • Shayanewako

    The other side – Obert Gutu has been retained as lawyer. Job creation by MDC-T, who incidentally will pay for Sikhala’s legal fees. Ndokunonzi kuchestirana mabasa ka uku!!!

  • Kavhu

    Itangeyi Hondo yacho tione.

  • zimasset

    I have seen more news on Sikhala in the Herald in the past few weeks than ZIMASSET. Does it mean ZIMASSET is finished and no longer newsworthy?


    Sikhala is a deranged and delusional character!!…how anybody could take him seriously beats me.

  • nathan

    I thought the courts had dismissed such cases before , why should the police take stupid people, who do not even know war they are doing wit their lives ,serious .