Ordinary Level results out

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The November 2013 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council Ordinary Level results are out and were yesterday dispatched to regional offices for collection.Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora yesterday commended Zimsec for releasing results within the scheduled time frame.

“I would like to also advise that Zimsec has embarked on e-marking and now has nine components that are e-marked and this has improved the standardisation of assessment instruments,” he added.

Zimsec director Mr Esau Nhandara said those who sat for the examinations should collect their results from their centres starting today.
“On behalf of the Zimsec board and management, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part in the marking of this examination as well as the Zimsec staff for their commitment and dedication to duty,” he said. Minister Dokora said there were 285 260 ‘O’ Level candidates compared to 268 854 in 2012.

“The overall pass rate for November 2013 is 20,72 percent. This figure accounts for more than five credits. The percentage pass rate excludes the June 2013 examination results,” he said.

He said in 2012, the overall pass rate was 18,4 percent.
“As can be observed, the pass rate increased by 2,32 percentage points in 2013,” Minister Dokora said.

Mr Nhandara said in 2013 those who sat for five subjects or more numbered 173 856. Of these, those who scored a C or better in five subjects were 36 031.

In 2012, 172 698 candidates sat for five subjects or more with 31 767 of them obtaining a Grade C or better.  Mr Nhandara said of the 173 856 candidates with five or more registered subjects last year, 86 906 were female and 86 945 were male.

Of females, 16 084 passed five subjects while 23 837 males also passed. The top 10 performing schools are Monte Casino High School, Anderson Secondary School, John Tallach, Nyanga High, St Ignatius, ZRP High School, Nyazura Adventist High, Regina Mundi Secondary, St Dominics (Chishawasha) and Kriste Mambo.

Meanwhile, Minister Dokora said in line with President Mugabe’s vision, the ministry was working to ensure all citizens’ accessed basic, quality education.






















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  • Mimi

    The Catholic Schools are just but the best. Hats off to Monte Cassino Girls High, St Ignatius, Regina Mundi Secondary, St Dominics (Chishawasha) and Kriste Mambo. Zvinodadisa.

    • SAMAZ

      Maiwee- makorokoto Manicaland with more schools in top 10, nyanga, kriste mambo, nyazura. As well as the catholics keep up the good work displayed by Nyanga, kriste mambo, monte casino, St Ignatius, St Dominics, Regina mundi.

  • Ngodza

    Mission schools are the best way to go, at least 7 of the top 10 schools are church run institutions. where are private schools who at times charge exorbitant fees. i know some will argue that they write Cambridge but there are many private schools who also sit for ZIMSEC exams were are they..?. from a wasu perspective congulations Mambo, Marist Brothers (Nyanga), Nyazura Adventist, monte cassino. Ko Madetere muripiko this tym. even though i am proud of u Fisco. very interesting 5 of these are catholic schools

    • Mzaya they only register Zimsec to avoid muromo neministry otherwise havana basa nayo .

  • robinsen

    MATICHA ngavatipewo maserious just 2.2% chete apa incentive nema extra leasons varikutora, vana vachingofoira

    • logic

      Ndivo vagara vaizopasa. It is not an exam for everyone contrary to what many think.

      • tawzimbo

        Haa true that. School is like singing. Not everyone can do it.

  • mina


  • Abacus

    either the reporter, Mr. Dokora or Nhandara are failures. the figures mentioned there does not add up. then you expect the children to pass. Shame

    • tawzimbo

      Many are called but only a few are chosen.

  • mhofela

    the pass rate is very worrying i wonder kuti nyika dziri wore paeducation ne literacy dzinoita %, ipi 1%?????

  • Mimi

    Oh last but not least a big well done to Zimsec for ensuring that ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level results come out the way they have done. Nyambisirwa mutombogonawo kudai nhai? Am trully impressed, zvirambe zvakadaro.

  • i smith

    Where are the Pentecostal church schools? Makandiwa and the lot, these people are just enriching themselves rather than being servant of the people.
    Dr Dokora your statistics are too simplistic.

  • Zodwa

    Hats off to all Catholic Schools who made it into top 10, MC (Monte Cassino) we are proud of you young ladies. You are Queens

  • tineyi

    where are we the Private Colleges sprouted all around towns? Pity to us all the parents with children attending these cash-mongering colleges while nurturing these kids into professional failures