Mutsvangwa loses war vets chairmanship

Former War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa

Former War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa

Bulawayo Bureau—
FIRED War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa has lost his position as chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) as former freedom fighters cannot be led by someone who has been suspended from zanu-pf, a senior official said yesterday. Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees Minister Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube said war veterans should hold an emergency meeting to elect a new leader following Mutsvangwa’s suspension from zanu-pf for three years for gross misconduct and disloyalty.

The Politburo found Mutsvangwa guilty of undermining the authority of zanu-pf’s President and First Secretary, and insulting the First Family. He will not hold any party position during his suspension, though he can remain a zanu-pf member and National Assembly representative.

The announcement by Rtd Col Dube comes as a blow to Mutsvangwa who told a private weekly newspaper that he does not care about political appointments after he was sacked as War Veterans Minister, but was content to be Norton MP and ZLWVA chairperson.

Rtd Col Dube said war veterans should elect a new chairman after their proposed meeting with their patron President Mugabe. “They have to elect a new chairman. I will only facilitate the process as their Minister. “This will happen after the meeting with the President. They should elect another chairman because they can’t work under someone who has been suspended from the party,” he said.

Rtd Col Dube said war veterans should be patient if they want to hold a meeting with the President. “Meeting the President should be taken seriously. You can’t just decide that today or tomorrow you want to meet the President.

“You should have an agenda first not to just say you want to meet the President, for what?” he said. Rtd Col Dube said infighting among war veterans must end if they wanted their grievances to be addressed.

“They should stop going after each other’s throats. We are planning that their meeting be turned into a conference so that it may take a day or two. We will invite other Ministers like, for example, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Lands and the Minister of Mines so that we can address their problems. All this can’t happen if they are divided,” he said.

Mutsvangwa told a privately-owned weekly newspaper that President Mugabe cannot be trusted following their meeting last week. War veterans’ council of elders’ member Cde George Mlala blasted Mutsvangwa saying his statements were tantamount to insulting the President.

He told Chronicle that war veterans still believed in President Mugabe and those defending Mutsvangwa are free to join him as the association has no business working with people who are against the President.

“These are insults directed at the President. The generality of the war veterans cannot accept that. If you are saying the President can’t be trusted, it is simply unacceptable,” said Cde Mlala. He said Mutsvangwa should return to his senses because only a drunkard could utter such statements about President Mugabe who is trusted by Africans at large.

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  • Legal Expert

    Interesting. I thought they had a constitution in which case they can disagree with Zanu PF or their patrons within the confines of the constitution. Can government in this case the minister make pronouncements and declarations about an association of which they are not in the executive? Let’s be guided by principles and values that can withstand legal or moral tests. I am sure that if the war veterans want a new leader they are able to demonstrate that an initiate processes that would eventually lead to change of leadership. This approach is not the best of solutions to the issues at hand. It amounts to interference and could create problems going forward.

    • Chief Legal Adviser

      Please be reminded that ZNLWVA was a creation of ZAPU/ZANU who created ZIPRA/ZANLA as military wings subject to the very political parties then. Any other war vet groupings outside ZNLWVA are those linked to those expelled from ZANU PF. All members of the ZNLWVA are ZANUPF members! Also be reminded that Minister Dube is for all liberation heroes, including ex political prisoners and detainees,et al who Mutsvangwa was trying to marginalize, as he only projecting war vets as liberators. The ugly debates over who is our liberator was marred by those who tried to disregard those who lost children and relatives, those who fed and supported the war vets during our armed struggle. The narrow definition of our liberator as projected by Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda led to the argument that its not only war vets who liberated this country, but also those who supported them with food etc. When that was challenge was given , the debate degenerated kuti ah vamwe vatuka ma war vets. Mutsvangwa as leader should have not let people debate who is more liberator than the other. A fish saying the water was useless during the armed struggle. That is the casus belli that marred Mutsvangwa leadership indiscretion. We need liberation heroes leadership that focus on our welfare,while supporting the unity of ZANU PF.

      • Timothy Thorton

        Chief you bring an interesting dimension, but the point is that the current war veteran association was meant for those who participated in the war of liberation particularly from Zanu and Zipra. In other words former freedom fighters. The ministry however may cater for everyone (vakasungirwa hondo, chimbwidos, mujibhas nevaibikira etc) who believe they had a hand in the war but the definition may be too broad to have any meaning as anyone who was born before 1980 would claim a stake. That said and done the issue is that the War Veteran Association is the one which can make a decision on whether Mutsvangwa is till a war veteran and can lead them. Infact their concerns would better be served by someone who is not linked to the executive. It cannot be the minister unless their(War Veterans) constitution says so.

      • Pamire

        Very correct , Mutsvangwa is and was pig and big headed!

      • Musafare

        Rubbish! There’s a big difference between acquiring a Zanu-PF card and being a real member! Many Zimbabweans procure a card simply to enable hassle free access to normal Government services that should be non partisan. For example equitable distribution of food aid, better chances of stands, land etc, and other government financed freebies distributed as if it were sole property of Zanu-PF.

        • Cde Mgagao

          Be advised that War vets are under the Ministry of Defence as retired soldiers. They cannot behave rudely to their Cmdr in Chef! The ZANU PF elected government is subject to ZANU PF party.

  • wezhira wezheve

    so why are they funded by the state. So Mujuru ceases to be a war veteran because she is no longer with Zanu?

  • Chief Legal Adviser

    Your view is null and void. Cde Dube is duly appointed and will remain so at the wish he who appoints or when the government term expires.

  • Chief Legal Adviser

    Which war vets? Those outside ZNLWVA are not ZANU PF. Mutsvangwa`s schizophrenia had to end somehow. He said he does not care, meaning he admits he was careless.

    • Sekuru Karikoga

      You misunderstood. He said Keresiya meaning his daughter’s name. Mutsvangwa is a caring man. The President did not fire this man from the Chairmanship. In fact he wished him to continue as Chairman. Unfortunately he cannot be a Chairman because he is no longer a member of ZANU PF, which is not true because he is still a card csring member.

      • Nyandoro Kunzwi

        Sekuru murimoga chokwadi. He can invoke his lawyer`s services in vain. Mutsvangwa cannot be allowed to misuse that organization for his misguided political trajectory. Any attempt to use legal niceties to rehabilitate him will not work. We cannot have someone creating and painting a false picture of government collapse and disunity as fodder for our political and economic economic enemies. Zimbabweans respect their war vets , but not those who think the young generation should be bullied by being told you are less ZANU PF just because they were young or not born during our armed struggle. That attitude is not progressive but divisive in ZANU PF. Hence the unfortunate discord with the young cadres in the party, while ex political prisoners , detainees and collaborators feel marginalized by the foolish barking from Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda,who think they are super ZANU PF and the only contributors to our freedom. Who fed them , who collaborated with them, whose children, sisters and brothers died in the armed struggle. Lets avoid attitudes that are not conducive to unity. Mutsvangwa stands on his head.

    • Albert Mtasa

      I like that. Mutsvanga also ended Jabu’s schizophrenia. Mai Mujuru’s schizophrenia was also ended with the active involvement of Mutsvangwa’s schizophrenia. Now we have Tshinga Dube’s schizophrenia. Its going to end soon because its very hard to please someone with schizophrenia. Ask Mutsvangwa, Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo etc.

      • Sekuru Karikoga

        Arubheti wavakupenga here iwe zvoworamba wongoti chikitso fureniya chikitso fureniya?

  • Jonah15

    Are soldiers who fought in Mozambique, DRC and those who served as peacekeepers in places like Darfur not regarded as war veterans? Seems this group who think they fought Chimurenga war by themselves are the old veterans of war!

    • madwala

      Are the following comrades, inter alia, also still considered as War Vets :
      J T Mujuru, Jabulani Sibanda, Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Lookout Masuku, Webster Shamu ???
      Surely, these comrades were in the struggle, were they not!!!!

  • Sekuru Karikoga

    War veterans concede that their chosen leader cannot be fired from being chairman by any man born of a woman. War Veterans have a concensus that if you don’t belong to ZANU PF you cannot be Chairman of War Veterans. Poor Mutsvangwa, he is told he cannot be fired but at the same time cannot be their leader. So there is there must be offside kana ukatamba bhora musango. Zvimwe zvinhu izvi ukagara uchi zvifunga zvinotemesa musoro. But, again don’t they say you cannot be bigger than ZANU PF.

    Sekuru vangu, Mutangadura Karikoga avete paruware mujinga reGandamasungo vakanditi, ‘Muzukuru ngwarira zindakupa zindakutorera.’ Mutsvangwa ndakamuudza tsumo yaSekuru iye kana hanya kutadza kuziva kuti akuruma nzeve ndewako. Mujuru, Mutasa naGumbo vakati hama dzangu huyayi kuZPF svondo nhatu dzakapera. Vakati takabva neko kumhunga hakunapwa. Mutsvangwa akapwatika kuseka achiti nyangwe kusine pwa isu tinokohwa chete. Kukohwa nhai?

  • G Tichatonga

    Mutsvangwa is gone….and I said so again a few weeks ago. I hope the Editor of the Herald has learnt a thing or two from this. The Herald got entangled unnecessarily in these issues…politics haidi speed. Take it easy ishe.

  • Prof

    “I neither care for that politburo post, nor indeed for the ministerial appointment,”
    “So Norton constituency, yes; war veterans’ chairmanship, yes; politburo and Cabinet appointments – I don’t’ really care. In fact, two days ago I asked His Excellency for the honour of dismissing me because I only came in to save the revolutionary ethos and not to be served.”
    These are the words of Mr Mutsvangwa when he was expelled. So now what are you going to say since the chairmanship is gone? you only care about the Norton constituency? kkkkkkk i gues its online again so u better go to your farm and find something productive to do Cde.

  • ian

    ZANU PF can really be merciless, ende haidi dzungu! To imagine that a few weeks ago comrade mutsvangwa was calling the shots at the ministry and is now being shown the door by his former deputy?

  • Chief Legal Adviser

    You are also taking a political position to back Mutsvangwa,to which you are entitled in a democracy. If they transform themselves into factional political activists, then politicians are good at politics. In my first posting above, I outlined the connection between the party , ZANU PF and ZNLWVA,which you have chosen to ignore and not comment on. Mutsvangwa is free to get your expert legal advice , but frustra. The dispute between the government and war vets is not their welfare but politics to which they are being dragged by Mutsvangwa. Until they desist from blind politics, the government will have to govern them. Period!

  • Ngomalungundu

    Pasi nemhanduuuuuuu!

  • Cde Njelele

    But Chris has no madziro ekutsika now! Yes you can be a Gamatox ex detainee!

  • SimonPetere

    Kurova vanhu kwamunoita I discipline handiti…kuranga vasiri kuwirirana neZanu

  • SimonPetere

    Face yamakaisa haiite varume….mutsvangwa kuita sehuku iri pakati pekukandira zai

  • Albert Mtasa

    Inga mese mapera ku suspendwa nekuitwa booted out for insulting the president and for insulting the first lady. The chain reaction of suspensions ikunakidza. Jabu suspended for insulting the president and first family, and Mutsvangwa takes over. Now Mutsvangwa suspended for insulting the president and the first family and Tshinga Dube takes over. That Tshinga Dube is the next to go for the same crime or else oita hwa **** hwekutukwa anyerere

  • Sekuru Karikoga

    Objective yekudzura