Multiple farm owners ordered to surrender excess land

Lloyd Gumbo Herald Reporter
GOVERNMENT has ordered land reform beneficiaries who are into the safari business and have A2 farms at the same time to choose one of the two and surrender the other to the State with immediate effect for allocation to people on the waiting list, it has been  learnt.District Administrators were also stripped of their powers of allocating land to beneficiaries under the A1 farming scheme due to numerous problems that were arising with that role.

Midlands Province’s Chief Lands Officer Mr Joseph Shoko, told The Herald that Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Douglas Mombeshora, made the position clear when he met the provincial lands committee in Gweru on Friday.

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  • Zimbabwe United

    This is a long awaited move on the part of government. The move should be carried forward with speed, transparently and without fear or favour. This is the first step towards rationalising agricultural land ownership as well as production. We salute the Minister on this move. The public knows who owns more than one farm outside of safari land ownership and so the Minister will be under public surveillance as he implements this farm ownership rationalzation exercise.

  • Mimi

    Right. But it is the Big Fish that own more than one farm per family. Transparency is paramount. The surrendering of farms should not only involve Safari land ownership but be across the board. I submit that VP Teurai Ropa Mujuru’s husband Cde Rex left more than one farm to the family. It would be nice if the powers that be can start surrendering to lead by example. Let’s all share, have a choice your 1st choice but leave the other farms to other deserving beneficiaries. No matter how small, any small piece of land is better than nothing.

  • ngozia

    PLEASE go ahead and put order