Mliswa’s ‘dirty’ liaisons exposed

 Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Tichaona Zindoga Senior Reporter— 
ZANU-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman, Cde Temba Mliswa, has been accused of soliciting for donations from white businessmen and farmers in the province to finance activities he claims to be of “national interests”, it has emerged. Cde Mliswa reportedly asked for cash, fuel and other goodies ostensibly for the convening of inter-district meetings and developments in his constituency.

Yesterday, Cde Mliswa insisted that the requests were “above board” and that “the money can be accounted for”.
Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial secretary for finance Cde Dexter Nduna, expressed ignorance of the transactions, but said such requests would either go through his office or directly through the office of the chairman.

“But I will not comment if it involves the hand of the chairman and I am not mentioned in those emails. Therefore I have no comment,” said Cde Nduna.
A flurry of emails between Cde Mliswa’s executive assistant Admire Machamva and Henk Terblanche, who apparently acted as a go-between for at least 25 white businessmen, revealed the details of the requests.

He also asked for donations to cover a purported visit by Environment, Water and Climate Minister Saviour Kasukuwere in May this year.
On May 16, Machamva wrote asking for assistance for Kasukuwere’s purported visit.

He wrote in part: “Hie Mr Henk, Find below the requirements on 1) fuel to transport delegates 300 litres of diesel and 250 litres of petrol 2) food — $800.00 and 3) building materials to be donated to Kajekache Primary School valued at $3 508.00. Your cooperation and assistance will be greatly appreciated.”

A table of these requirements was also attached.
Henk forwarded the message to his emailing list, saying: “Hi guys I know things are tight but if we work together on this one we could manage to raise this requirement by our mash west chairman. Best regards henk terblanche. Ps: please forward to Collin Langton and others not on my mail address (sic)”

However, on May 19, Machamva notified the whites that the visit by Cde Kasukuwere “was cancelled until further notice.”
“We still need your support in fundraising for Kajekache Primary School staff house refurbishment.

“On the same note, today we are proceeding to the school with a computer donation and also make an assessment of the house if we can reduce the cost.
“I will update you all on the developments and look forward to your assistance.”

On May 22, Machamva again wrote to the whites asking for “fuel assistance” comprising of 150 litres petrol and 330 litres diesel, for an Inter-District meeting at Sengwe Business Centre, Hurungwe West Constituency and claimed that the meeting was held for “national interests”.

Wrote Machamva: “We apologise in advance for the short notice period, the meeting was called on reasons that best serves our national interests and no words can best express how important this meeting is.

“Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.”
Yesterday, Cde Mliswa spiritedly defended the exchanges saying that they were legitimate and accounted for.
He also said Henk was his friend of 20 years.

“This is contrary to the American CIO money that was being talked about. Machamva is the CEO of Hurungwe Development Association and it has been in existence for the past 10 years and all the money goes to Hurungwe for development.”

He said that he had a duty to raise funds for the development of his constituency.
“Henk is my friend. He is my friend such that when I go to prison he will bring me food. He is leasing a farm bought by a black person after he lost all his seven farms and this is legal and there is even a BOT (Build Own Transfer) arrangement.

“Henk also acts as my consultant in agricultural matters as I am not an expert in the field,” he said.
However, a member of the provincial executive, who also comes from Hurungwe District, insisted that Cde Mliswa’s deals with the white community raised stink since the majority of the leadership were kept in the dark.

It has also emerged that the majority of new commercial farmers in Hurungwe doing well were in partnership with whites.

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  • truthbetold

    Why is there emphasis on ‘whites’? So you can’t do business with white people just because you’re in zanupf. These racists disgust me. This man did everything he could to make a difference in the community he represents… isn’t that what legislators in every country do, raise funds for projects in your district. Zanu iri selfish

    • Gonzo Ndishefu

      The reason why there is an emphasis on whites, is because whites are known for looking out for fellow white pple,so once they start getting intrested in helping blacks then we begin to wonder what their motive is.Even in countries like the US, the richest in the world,the black communities still live in poverty.Their public school systems are under-funded,infrastructure in black neighbourhoods is in bad shape.So we have to examine these white businessmen very carefully.

    • James Bond

      Zanu PF has always solicited money from ”white” commericlal farmers for one cause or another including campaigning for elections and congresses. Mliswa followed a blue print created by those in high office. IMO the little man has done nothing wrong by approaching well off citizens to help those in need.

    • kingthorin


  • freedom_fighter

    Hanzi itsitsi dzei harahwa kubvisa mwana we mvana madzihwa

  • Detective

    So the problem here is that Mliswa is trying to develop his Constituency

    • Gonzo Ndishefu

      It,s the manner in which he is trying to bring development.Chinos has been doing a lot of development in his constituency without resources from CIA agents.

      • Posistive Thinking

        Do you know where Chinos is getting the money for the developments? Wait until you do know. These Zanu people talk bad about whites in public but behind people’s back they deal with these white people extensively. Just look at the Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant or Green Fuel, who started the project? A white man, then he gets support and protection from the same Zanu people who benefit from the deal, and they then take the money and fund a few projects in disguise yet much money is getting into their pockets.

    • gerro

      Yea via the wrong route of engaging racist whites the black blood suckers

  • Mukoma Jaison

    Clearly these purportedly “Dirty Liaisons” are just clean convesations with no sinister motives behind them. Mliswa did nothing wrong except working hard for the development of his constituency which many MP’s are not doing. If his crime is exposing ineptitude in our party, then he is guilty as charged. Inga wani Zimbabwe gets asistance from Russia, are Russians not white? The Chinese are ZANU PF’s all weather friend but are they Black? Its not about race mhani, its about good business and good diplomatic relationships. So agriculture must collapse because Black Farmers should not engage in business partnerships with whites? Where in our laws is partnering with whites illegal? Hurungwe farmers are simply upholding the requirements of the Indiginisation Act wherein they retain a majority stake in agricultural business and allowing whites to invest and hold a minority stake. Nowhere is it written in our laws that business partnerships with whites are illegal. Ridonkulous..

    • Jussy

      Am sure thats the role for legislators to develop thier constituencies ko akanganisa papi Mliswa, the emails are very ckear even they are short but they are straight to point. Instead of oppressing mliswa,am sure somebody has to find out if the resources are being channeld for the intended purpose. Apa ndopasina nyaya apa, as people representatives what are you to do inorder to fulfill the campaign promises,development? How are you going to do it without partnering strategic partners except may be for Obert Mpofu because of his wealth

    • Truth seeker

      You fool! These whites are with the West, our oppressors. They use, abuse, and destroy their tools. These people are liars, and deceivers. This, this is how they conquered Africa. They are white supremacists, things that shouldn’t even exist in Africa. They are malevolent.

    • mr lee

      Ma Russians havana Zedera they provided arms for the struggle and they never imposed sanctions on anyone partinaship my foot nxaaa pasi nevatengesi

  • zimbo

    There is so much confusion in my party Zanu pf, people are suffering and the economy is bad but we still find such ideology of “white man.” May i remind you that the Russians are white man too, the money we receive is from white man too. Dont hate the colour, hate the ideology. Stop politicizing everything to your own selfish benefit. One man told me he wanted to donate to his old school and was told by the head to go to Zanu offices first because they are not allowed to accept donations. thats insanity on its highest level. I believe that this is not what the majority wants but the minority who have something to protect. We love our nation. we are proud to e zimbabweans but dont take us for granted , we are praying for our nation and let not your life be a red sea in our prayers BECAUSE God can make you part so that the nation can cross.

  • mahumbwe

    We are indeed a racist nation.

  • Truth seeker

    These whites also stole 45 million dollars of our hard worked diamonds. Then they also wanted to bribe Amai Mugabe with 10 million dollars of the money they stole from us…the Slave Masters are a cunning breed.

    • Tgated

      Don’t believe everything you read in the papers my dear truth seeker. Instead seek first the motive why it has been reported that way before you take all as the gospel truth, least you fall prey to the propaganda and get brainwashed to the core. SCRUTINIZE!!!

      • Truth seeker

        Propaganda!? Are you foolish? We had to send a team to Belgium to try to reclaim our money, but they had already stolen it all, and gotten things their way. These people are not Zimbabweans. They should be grateful they are even in Zimbabwe after all they had done, and are still doing.

      • kingthorin

        no one believes the fake stories trust me. but i do get answer from the fake stories and why thyre written

  • Truth seeker

    We must not be naive…these are our enemies.

  • Sam

    And where do you ever see their hand? They are smart, not fools.

    • kingthorin


  • Ras Matopos

    There will always be double standards in all intelligent beings. Kakara kununa kudya kamwe. We are all equal but only in God’s eyes.

  • Ras Matopos

    They dont show it. The trick is to make you a reliable recipient, after that you become a lap dog, nicely conditioned to take orders. Then you see the hand.

  • Makusakatara


    Because you do not have the internal eyes – intelligence. If you were intelligent, you would easily see the hidden CIA and MI6 hand here.

  • Guest_101

    This is a really sad piece of journalism, if at all it can be called that. Why call these interactions ‘dirty’ liaisons? The journalist throw his report cap and robe away to wear the cap and robe of a political commentator. How sad!!! Mr Zondoga write news and let political commentators do their bit please.

  • jethro Zuwarimwe

    I think herald is getting too far with wasting time on factionalism between ZANUPF members. To me I suspect there is a sinister hand behind such reportage and if the powers that be are not careful they will wake uo when serious damages are done to the party.

  • hondo

    He is swindling them for protection.Thats why it raises eyebrows.Even ivo they are admitting kuti they dont have money.Had they wanted to help they would just donante

  • Truth seeker

    Money from who? They stole OUR 45 million dollars from OUR diamond money in Belgium, then they use our stolen money to manipulate us. They are evil.

  • Taps

    Well, i hate to think that every white-man is an enemy. This is pure racism. I hate to belong to a party that supports racism. I thot we had an amnesty but the war is still on! We grabbed our land and they imposed sanctions but it’s not every white-men who did that. In as much as some dirty politics (factionalism) doesnt benefit everyone in the society so has been the sanctions. They were meant to benefit a few whites in the west, those with International Interests. We cant hate every American for that in as much as we cannot hate every ZPF politician for factionalism, please correct me.

  • Hungwe

    Ah Mliswa is far much better because he is active in Mash west esp Hurungwe.We have a doormat in the name of Staera Rhubeni Marumahoko in hurungwe east,he passes thru henks farm but does not request for assistance to repair the road or fuel for his V8.Shame on him.Those who come from Chundu area lets meet and boot him out.With him as our MP we are doomed.

  • freedom_fighter

    They have the cure and yet thomas eric duncan died in their care. Iwe shasha usarutse kutaura. There is a son who will never see his father and yet unorotomoka kutaura kudai.

  • kingthorin

    ask the cash kows

  • kingthorin

    it wont help

  • kingthorin

    only if you buy into it

  • Truth seeker

    It went there to be sold, Belgium, that’s where the diamond auctioning takes place, but the Slave Masters had set us up. They took all our hard worked diamond money, and when the team arrived in Belgium, it was so set up that they did not even know why they came in the first place. These Europeans just stole tens of millions of Zimbabwean money, and now they are using it to manipulate us. They are the lowest of scum.

  • Maps

    kkkk USA is funding our health sector, Mliswa is ryt

  • Truth seeker

    Am I a racist to be against imperialist capitalists who want to use, abuse, and destroy my people?

  • gerro

    Irrelevant stupido

  • gerro


  • maita

    At least they are trying that but our all-weather friends are shunning away from those countries. You can go to the whites if you are HIV+ but you cannot go to these all-weather friends if you are. So who will tell these people that whites are bad. It is only Zimbabwe who want their investment but does not want their colour and by not wanting their colour they won’t get the investment and they call it illegal sanctions.