Miss Zim Thabiso Phiri resigns

CROWNING MOMENT . . .  Thabiso Phiri as she was crowned Miss Zimbabwe 2014. However, the beauty queen has resigned, citing “peculiar and personal” reasons

CROWNING MOMENT . . . Thabiso Phiri as she was crowned Miss Zimbabwe 2014. However, the beauty queen has resigned, citing “peculiar and personal” reasons

Jonathan Mbiriyamveka Entertainment Reporter
The Miss Zimbabwe Trust has been rocked by a scandal following the resignation of Thabiso Phiri almost a month after being crowned Miss Zimbabwe.
Without disclosing the reasons for the resignation, Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, Mrs Mary Chiwenga, said that circumstances that led to the quitting of Thabiso were “a prerequisite to both the Miss Zimbabwe and the Miss World pageants”.
Thabiso (22), a university student, yesterday said she was quitting due to what she called “peculiar and personal” reasons.
In a statement, Mrs Chiwenga said Thabiso resigned of her own volition.

“Due to circumstances unforeseen at the time of the holding of the Miss Zimbabwe pageant on the 14th of June 2014 and which circumstances are peculiar and personal to the winner of the pageant Miss Thabiso Phiri, it has become imperative after her disclosure of the said circumstances that she steps down as Miss Zimbabwe,” she said.

“It must be emphasised that the decision by Miss Thabiso Phiri to step down is personal to her and no duress or undue influence has been brought to bear upon her in making this decision.

“While the Miss Zimbabwe Trust regrets this turn of events after putting so much resources into the event leading to her being chosen as Miss Zimbabwe, the circumstances leading to her stepping down are a prerequisite to both Miss Zimbabwe and Miss World pageants.

“Miss Zimbabwe Trust thanks Miss Thabiso Phiri for her voluntary disclosure of the said facts and circumstances.
“The trust is making all efforts at this time to make a natural replacement of Miss Thabiso Phiri who shall represent Zimbabwe in London at the Miss World pageant.
“Miss Phiri has asked for privacy at this time and hopefully this shall be observed by all and sundry in order for her dignity to be respected.”

Thabiso is likely to be replaced by first princess Ms Tendai Hunda.
Asked about the circumstances surrounding the resignation, Mrs Chiwenga said she was not at liberty to discuss as Thabiso had requested privacy.

When pressed if they were convinced about the decision for Thabiso to step down, she said as a Trust they were fully behind her.
“Unfortunately for now there is not much I can say other than what we said already in the statement,” said Mrs Chiwenga.

More often than not, a beauty queen is not allowed to hold on to her crown if she has fallen pregnant or at least due to health reasons.
Oddly enough, a beauty queen is not supposed to have conceived before and during her reign.

Thabiso becomes the second beauty queen to step down before serving a full term after Linda Van Beek, who resigned midway through her reign due to pregnancy.

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  • Chirasha Chikandamina

    if it is a prerequisite, how then do you say she resigned of her volition? in zii

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