Call to preserve Zim culture

Call to preserve Zim culture Miss Culture
Miss Culture

Miss Culture

Takudzwa Gumbo Cool Lifestyle Reporter
A Form Three student at George Stark Secondary School who is the reigning Miss Culture at the school has encouraged young people to preserve the Zimbabwean culture.
Jeynah Zivuku (15), says she feels it is her obligation to persuade the young generation to safeguard the Zimbabwean heritage.
“Most of the young generation has adopted the Western culture which is a cause of concern because Zimbabwean people need to have a sense of identity but the way things are now is not pleasing at all,” she said.

The culture beauty queen added that young people should revisit the genuine Zimbabwean way of life as epitomised by our forefathers.
“It is important to note that our own culture is our heritage and it is our duty as youths to preserve it.”

She believes that it is the little things that matter the most and in preserving our culture, African medicine could help in the reduction of illnesses due to exotic foods.
Jeynah wishes to see her generation making a difference to help in protecting the country’s most valuable asset,its culture.

She appealed for Government assistance in helping the youths to acquire knowledge on how best they can preserve their culture.
The passionate student said she was looking forward to open her own traditional restaurant as a way of conserving her culture after she finishes her studies.
Miss Culture stood firm in her position to support other youths to conserve culture.

“If culture is influenced by various groups of people that now make up the country then there is no need to let one’s culture be ruined,” she said.
Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

The social, economic, and political changes that globalisation has brought have been accompanied by some challenges.

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