Minister Moyo raps Mandela comparisons

Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
INFORMATION, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has dismissed frivolous attempts by the Western media to compare African leaders with the former South African president Nelson Mandela who died last Thursday.Following the death of president Mandela, Western newspapers are making unremitting averments to the effect that African leaders should seek to emulate his legacy.

Prof Moyo said while president Mandela was a revered African leader with a rich history, God created one Mandela who does not warrant to have a clone.

“It is kind of disappointing that Nelson Mandela’s passing on has attracted gratuitous comparisons between him and other African leaders including our own President Mugabe whose iconic standing as a liberator and empowerer is now an indelible imprint of history,” he said.

“While the subtext of the gratuitous comparisons has been that other African leaders such as President Mugabe should emulate Mandela, the more important and rather self-evident fact that cannot therefore be masked by the shrill comparisons is that God created only one Nelson Mandela with no clones in the same way he created only one Winston Churchill; one John F Kennedy, one Mao, one Lenin and one Mahatma Gandhi with no clones.

“The notion being peddled in some propaganda quarters that some African leaders should style themselves as Mandela clones has no precedence in the history of civilised nations.

“In the same way that Britain has not had another Churchill and America has not had another Kennedy, Africa will not have another Mandela and this means that the gratuitous comparisons of Mandela and other African leaders are ultimately a waste of time.”

Prof Moyo said such comparison was not only an insult to president Mandela’s rich legacy but ridiculed the entire African continent which endured untold exploitation at the hands of the Anglo Saxons.

“The comparisons whose import is predictable and whose purpose is self-serving are not only a disservice to Mandela’s monumental achievements and the legacy thereof but they are also an insult to the struggle for the political liberation and economic empowerment of Africans across the Continent against the background of the dehumanising brutality of slavery, imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism perpetrated against Africans by successive Anglo-Saxon regimes,” he said.

Shockingly, Prof Moyo said, president Mandela whom the Anglo Saxons pretended to love so much today, was the same Mandela whom they branded a terrorist during the Apartheid era and jailed for 27 years.

Mandela was only removed from the US terrorist watch list in 2008, ahead of his 90th birthday, and only a few weeks back ANC national executive committee member Tokyo Sexwale was detained at JFK International Airport for being on the US sanctions list.

Prof Moyo said although Mandela’s death had plunged the whole African continent into mourning, his legacy would continue to be cherished.

“Even though Mandela is no more, and while his passing on has naturally enveloped our entire African continent with sadness, there’s also a clear and present spirit and disposition to celebrate his legendary life and achievements which were as tall as his stature as an icon of African liberation whose legacy of forgiveness and reconciliation will forever enlighten generations of Africans into posterity,” he said.

“The Mandela that Africans know and profoundly admire is the Mandela of the struggle who was seen and treated as a terrorist by the very same institutional peddlers of Anglo-Saxon propaganda who are championing the same Mandela they said was a terrorist yesterday as a beacon of human rights and decency today, as they make gratuitous comparisons of Mandela and other African leaders who are still holding on to the ideals that Mandela cherished and preached before his incarceration which saw him languish in jail for 27 years of brutality and inhumanity.”

Mandela, South Africa’s first black president will be buried next Saturday in his home village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

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  • MaraMechavio

    Given that he (Mandela) sold out BIG time where
    it mattered most,No good African leader would want to be compared to such a villain.

    • zimbo

      Don’t be an idiot. We, including our Honourable President, Prof. Moyo himself, and most people on the world have great respect for Mandela and his significance in influencing a different & uniting form of politics.

    • tasy

      If Mandela sold out, how come Mbeki and Zuma didn’t correct the situation given that Mandela relinquished power after only 5 years. Mugabe massacred his own and people and is not the envy of any normal human being. Talk of Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina where they destroyed houses b4 building new ones, Operation makavhotera papi, inflation of quinitillion %. Mugabe destroyed his legacy because of being power hungry. Mugabe would have been comparable to Mandela if he had resigned in 2002 after the chaotic land redistribution exercise.


    No comparison… Mugabe gave his people land, Mandela didn’t.

    • tasy

      How long did it take Mugabe to give his pple land, 20yrs. Mandela only ruled for 5 yrs after which he gave the reins to someone he thought could do the job better. You can only blame Mbeki and Zuma for not giving South Africans land. Mugabe committed atrocities and Mandela did not. Talk of Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina where they destroyed houses b4 building new ones, Operation makavhotera papi, inflation of quinitillion %. In addition more than a quarter of the zim population is the diaspora seeking economic refuge. Mugabe was defeated in 2008 and he resorted to operation makavhotera papi killing hundreds. I agree with Jonathan Moyo that its absurd to compare the Mandela and Mugabe. Mandela is way ahead.


        That is your own squint view.

    • moriartyO

      Land that they still do not own. Technically, it is state land. It does not belong to the people it was given to. They have no title deeds as a result can’t get loans, cannot sell it if they want to retire, poor archaic means of production. It’s a shambles

  • punungwe

    What people don’t realise is that by comparing the two they are saying that only the two of them are in the race of greatness. That is a tacit admission that Mugabe is a great man comparable to no other except maybe Mandela.

  • Mimi

    Absolutely spot on Professor Jonathan Moyo. Ironically the same people who failed to forgive imprisoning Mandela for 27 years are the ones now hypocritically portraying him as an icon. All because they feel he is a black man who forgave the whites. How naïve and sad. No comparison whatsoever should be entertained by Africans. A divide and rule tactic will not work, not this time and not ever. Mugabe is a forgiving man but he refuses to be bullied into submission by his very oppressors.

    • Mai T

      spot on. I salute President Mugabe for refusing to be bullied and being a puppet of the whites. he is a great man in his own right

    • Bushman

      Mimi so you think Chinese are blacks. Without the whites by now you could have travel using donkeys. That computer u are writing is from …

  • Zondi

    Yes indeed, Mandela has been branded the iconic great leader because of the reconciliation policy. So as it is, the same whites and their media have created an impression that for you to be remembered to have achieved greatness as a onetime colonised country, you have to have extended an olive branch to the pale faced ones. That is the only reason that he is said to be an icon. Do they not remember that several anc cadres were also serving the same sentences side by side with Mandela. Who remembers them?

  • TMafirakureva

    Mugabe eroded all the legacy he had created by turning into the most cruel and brutal dictator Africa had ever created thereby inflicting untold suffering both politically and economically on his own people

  • Popiro

    zvarwadza ka?

    • tk

      Prof. Moyo you are spot on. The reason why these whites are showering Mandela with all these praises is because he allowed them to continue enjoying milk and honey in SA at the expense of his people. I wonder why he spend 27yrs in jail. Five years in office was too short for Mandela to transform SA, somehow cowardice. For me SA is not independent, Mabhunu ejoni achiri panyanga. Mugabe did much more for his people. Zimbabwe is totally independent. What remains is for some Zimbabweans to believe in themselves and start working for the development and prosperity of their beloved country without crying for aid from their former colonisers. Viva and long life Cde R. G. Mugabe

  • Jack

    “Shockingly, Prof Moyo said, president Mandela whom the Anglo Saxons pretended to love so much today, was the same Mandela whom they branded a terrorist during the Apartheid era and jailed for 27 years.”

    Makangofanana ingawani? I have heard locals call you a flip flopper.

    • zimbo

      Did you even understand what you quoted?


  • Bill

    You cant compare Mugabe and Mandela. Mandela did his bit, and Black South Africans are still to win the Economic Freedom Struggle. Mugabe, within a short 20 years, ensured Land had returned to the Zimbabweans. With land secure, the struggle continues on other fronts, – Mining, Banking, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Tourism etc…The struggle continues and we know our heroes.

    • Nays

      Do you mean the struggling continues for the black Zimbabweans? I guess it will contiune with the shortage of cash, unemployment, food shortages, erratic water and electricity supplies, a dead industry, dilapidated health institutions, roads and everything. We all know who is a hero and who is not; its just that some of us are thinking that by associating themselves with ZPF, they will make it in life and be the champions amongst the poor. Never shall that continue in our life time.

    • blackwave

      yes i agree with you that the struggle continues…the struggle to feed our children in a country that is now reduced to a basket case, the struggle to find jobs where companies are closing each and every day, a struggle in which university graduates now sell juice cards for a living, a struggle in which boreholes are now normal sources of water in urban centres, a struggle in which electricity is now a preserve of those who can afford generators, and yes a struggle in which being admitted at a public hospital is as good as condemning one to death…yes it is very true that the struggling is now worse than before and only god knows when it will come to an end…

  • Sydney Mangwana

    Just imagining Osama Bin Laden winning a noble peace prize, considering that Mandela won it whilst Washington flagged him as a terrorist.

  • makwavarara

    you dont want that because munoda kufira pazvigaro. shame

  • Udzero

    If Mandela was jailed for 27years for the ideals for which he fulfilled after
    his release, can we say he was jailed & branded a terrorist by the US up till 2008 for wanting to fight against AIDS, rights of children, education, one man one vote &
    general apartheid?

  • Jo Razor

    He will be buried on Sunday not Saturday. Please check your facts

  • Ndabezinhle Nkomo

    Because he has always been their jolly good nigger, never touched them as elite, a boer saying TATA TATA TATA to a black man

  • oskido

    Yes he gave us land and we are importing maize from Zambia.He spent 27 years and ruled for only one term,He butchered 20,000 of his own people in Matebeleland.Not all of us have short memories.What land u cant even produce milk and cabbages.

    • SAVE

      kusaziva kwakafanana nekufa kana shoko ramwari rinoti vanhu vanoparara nekushaya zivo, that’s what you are portraying, sometimes its better not to comment than to expose your little knowledge through this platform

      • Nays

        Dont use the word of God in vain. If you think you are a Christian, then you are definately going to hell. You are the one who doesnt know what you want to say. We witnesed, we saw it with our own eyes, it happened to us and to our brothers, what more knowledge are you then referring to?

      • Cde

        You abused your people and you are abusing the name of the Lord. Hokoyo. Chisingapere chinoshura.

      • zimbozvomene

        Iwe SAVE, warwadziwa nechokwadika? Tell us one thing Oskido has lied about. Iwe ndiwe wakatofa manje unoda kupinza shoko neparisingakwane.

    • Mushona


  • nkulumane

    i shall agree with the minister. who does not know that madela was a great man, loved by many, but comparing him with other African leaders and saying everyone should be like him , i think its unproper. was kwame nkrumah not as great as mandela? to me he was, but nobody has encouraged us to be like him. so africa should be careful, divide and rule shall tear us apart

  • chatunga

    long live baba Mugabe, our leader cannot be compared with other stoogies of the western imperialism. viva Mugabe.

  • Kirisimasi muna August

    they create icons bt they dnt eradicate poverty ..

  • harare

    Mugabe was ok his only problem thinking he is the only one capable of leading zimbabwe, why cant he resign and give others a chance , and please dont give me that bullshit about if my people still want me in power i will remain in power. we are zimbabweans and mugabe is our leader not our god he must say ,zimbabweans not my people

  • Brighton Mupariwa

    well said cde

  • Cecil Rhodes

    What’s wrong with comparing Mugabe and Mandela? Both fought for the liberation of their countries, but the similarities end there. One is a **** who does not hesitate to rule for life even at the expense of his own people. He shamelessly flaunts his liberation credentials at every forum even though he only spent ten years in prison, while Mandela spent 27 years. Mandela’s values are those of a true leader: power belongs to the people and reconciliation is the only way to build a thriving nation. No nonsense indigenization or Black is superior. A leader has to be a president for all races in a country and not isolate one group over the other. So Professor, spare us these antics: whether you like it or not, comparisons will be made and one fares better than the other. Mandela is in a class of his own; he can’t be compared to Mugabe who has destroyed his country at a record level. If Mandela had done Mugabe’s attitude, there would have been war in South Africa and the whole region. Rest in peace, Madiba!

    • Hwesa

      You must be angry bro, anyway Zim will never be a COLONY again, where was human rights when blacks wre killed in Zim and South africa, your comment is b******t, and you must be a pale devil, leave us africans alone. Manela is Mandela and Mugabe is Mugabe.

      • Hu haguu Nduku

        Mandela is vivid example of a good leader and we should emulate. If you are good why ruling for three decades. Thus nonsense, it actually means you don’t trust even your followers. Hwesa you are a fool.


      As Cecil Rhodes of course you can harp the way you have done and you have your own audience. Whether you like it or not President Mugabe is also in an esteemed class of his own.

      • chiendambuya

        which class? give us the facts Man-gwende

  • dziva

    Nothing wrong to emulate, kugara nhaka huona dzevamwe! A child who does not travel thinks its her mother who cooks well!


    Please be advised that President Mugabe was the first of the two to emphatically talk about reconciliation. Check his first speech at the UN General Assembly where the applause was deafening. The two cannot be compared because they have their defined different legacies. The only comparison is that they were both regarded as terrorists, oppressed and tortured severely by the same people who are now glorifying the other for the purpose of dividing us for their selfish motives. President Mugabe is a strong Pan Africanist highly admired by Pan Africanists like us.

  • Kambiri

    It is worth noting that Mugabe is the architect of reconciliation, in his speech on the eve on independent he said that let us turn our guns into plough shares. He also did not want to take the land arbitrarily opting saying Farmers were important to the economy and only those farms next to rural areas would be allocated to landless or crowded blacks funded by Britain as per the Lancaster house agreement. Mugabe only changed tact when the British government of Tony Blair refused anymore funding of the land. That seemingly break of the agreement by Britain triggered Mugabe to take land away from the white farmers and Britain with the Europe and America on tow leashed sanctions, isolation sort a pariah status on Mugabe’s government. The same farmers turned their financial support to anti Mugabe organisations. So the question is, if Mandela had not received the cooperation from De Klerk and whites in South Africa would he have still forgiven them? Did Mugabe get a Raw deal? Where the British honest? Did they punish Mugabe for standing up or did Mugabe mismanage the economy? Or still was Mugabe’s ability to manage his economy manipulated in a deliberate manner that would make it impossible to manage? If Mandela was faced with Mugabe’s challenges what would he have done? Only then can we compare the two, give them the same conditions and the answer will be simple.

  • Mimi

    @Harare So far yes Zimbabweans have voted for Mugabe because we believe that for as long as it takes he is the one capable of leading Zimbabwe. And rightly so, I advise your likes to take time to know who Mugabe really is. By comparing the 2 (Mugabe & late Mandela) it only proves that these 2 are the greatest African Pan Africanists of our time. Take it or leave it, it’s your choice. Hypocrisy will no longer be tolerated in our part of the world especially in Zimbabwe!