Matambanadzo in more trouble

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jailed armed robber Luckmore Matambanadzo, whose nine-year sentence was confirmed after he lost an appeal last week, is being investigated for more armed robbery cases which police suspect were committed while he was on bail.Police sources close to the investigations yesterday said Matambanadzo was being implicated in two more armed robbery  cases.

It is suspected that Matambanadzo was trailing foreign currency dealers operating in the city centre when he was arrested.

Matambanadzo’s luck ran out when the foreign currency dealers observed that the same vehicle had been following them for three days and alerted the police.

Police sources believe Matambanadzo was behind some of the armed robberies that occurred in the city. He is likely to appear in court once investigations are complete.

Last week, Matambanadzo appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts where his nine-year sentence was confirmed after he lost an appeal against conviction and sentence at the High Court.

Magistrate Ms Fadzai Mtombeni confirmed the sentence, telling Matambanadzo that he would serve the nine years and explaining the process leading to the developments.

A Harare Regional Court convicted Matambanadzo in 2008 of robbing a city couple of an Isuzu KB250 at gunpoint.

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    kkk when I saw the headline Matambanadzo I thought it was Tich Mataz.

  • Charles

    I still am very concerned about Herald’s failure to edit its articles eg “jailed armed robber Luckmore Matambanadzo,…..”. How do you begin a sentence with a small letter?

  • Chanhuwa chii?

    “Matambanadzo mbavha” should be the name in full.

    I was asking on this forum last time how our laws are operating….given that an armed robber is given room to appeal against both conviction and sentence when other people with fresh cases are rotting in cells some of who are likely to be proved innocent on the first attempt. What is it that our courts consider most? Is it the name of the accused or what? The lawyers or the wealth of the accused? Definitely people, to have a rapist being allowed room to appeal!