Masvingo vets on Mutsvangwa

Chris Mutsvangwa

Chris Mutsvangwa

Bulawayo Bureau
WAR veterans in Masvingo have passed a vote of no confidence in their provincial chairman Cde Tendeukai Chinooneka and resolved that their national chairperson Cde Chris Mutsvangwa should step down for aligning himself with ousted former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda.

The war veterans also distanced themselves from another senior provincial member, Cde Francis Zimuto, whose liberation war name was Black Jesus, for allegedly attacking First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe and called for his expulsion from the provincial committee.

Recently, Black Jesus told a local private newspaper that the First Lady should “ship out and go home to cook for her husband instead of meddling with the army, war veterans and the party”.

A senior war veteran in Masvingo province, Cde Isaiah Muzenda, said they held a meeting on Sunday where resolutions were made on Black Jesus, Cde Chinooneka and Cde Mutsvangwa.

He said Cde Chinooneka was booted out for participating in an unsanctioned meeting meant to demonstrate against President Mugabe in Harare last month which was convened by Cde Mutsvangwa.

Cde Muzenda said Cde Mutsvangwa no longer represented their interests and as war veterans in Masvingo, they were against wining and dining with people in opposition parties.

“We are not sure who Mutsvangwa now represents. As Masvingo, we are not acknowledging his leadership anymore. He has forged an alliance with Jabulani Sibanda and yet we are fully aware that he now belongs to the opposition.

“We are a wing of Zanu-PF and if anyone defies the party, he has defied the war veterans,” said Cde Muzenda.

According to a statement released after Sunday’s meeting, the ex-combatants said they were behind the First Family.

“After we held a meeting that was attended by 41 members from 10 districts, we made some resolutions. We distance ourselves from what Black Jesus said in respect of the First Family.

“We dissociate ourselves from the unsanctioned meeting called by Chinooneka and sponsored by the suspended Zanu-PF chairman, (Ezra) Chadzamira to demonstrate against our patron President Robert Mugabe in Harare on February 16.

“We the war veterans of Masvingo rally behind the patron, President Mugabe and his family,” read the statement.

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  • Cde Njelele

    Those who rise to prominence via appointments should not poo poo he who appoints them.
    Mutsvangwa decided to disappoint he who appointed him to governments posts and found himself disappointed. He tried to play down his disappointment, but his current scavenging for support from wars vets has generated more political negatives, after he politically kissed Jabu Sibanda. War vets are now vetting his leadership trajectory! He has applied for a direct and ugly place in the political dust bin. Politics is an art for the calculative and wise ones.Those given to schizophrenia and abrasive tendencies can create enemies, instead of political friends. Wither “Ambassador“ Mutsvangwa?

  • Roy Moyo

    Muzenda is a confused bootlicker. Why is he focusing on the family instead of the party, government, and nation? Is this not for his personal aggrandisement?

  • Campeao

    @Cde Njelele, you are clearly out of touch with reality and don’t understand the dynamics at play here. Go to Masvingo and read for yourself what the mood is #### then judge for yourself who these so called 41 veterans represent

    • Cde Rovengura Muziri-wegazi

      Why should one go to Nyanda only to test whatever? Does it represent the majority of war vets in Zimbabwe? If the Mutsvangwa lot have adequate support among the ZANU PF true war vets why salvaging the expelled lot like Jubu? Assuming Mutsvangwa is finally expelled from the ruling party do you think more people will resign in foolish sympathy? The war vets majority are not given to naivety! You are in the wrong basket! Stop hallucinating and join the effort for our party`s unity. Unity will not derive from premature and misguided succession politics when there is no vacancy yet for succession. The mood you are insinuating is not the mood of ZANU PF majority. You mean other provinces also share the misguided mood? ZANU PF is larger than any faction.The President denounced factions and called for unity under his legitimately elected leadership in both the ZANU PF party and Zimbabwe government, not Masvingo government. Lets wait for the next elections in due course for any one to be future leader. Period!

    • Cde Njelele

      What reality? Stop political hallucinating.Don`t give Masvingo province an exaggerated clout in ZANU PF! Cde Mugabe vachiri kutonga! He has told all factions to stop it!

  • Butholezwe

    This minority Masvingo faction of war vets who pledge allegiance to the alleged nonexistent G40, are of no consequence to the vast majority of real war veterans who unequivocally support their elected Chairman Chris Mutsvangwa.
    Masvingo rejects are free to join that other non-entity group under Mandi Chimene.

    • Kusvikazvanaka

      War vets are gradually getting ‘diluted’ sooner or later this grouping will be non-existing.

  • Fred Muchena

    ……………….Meanwhile, $15 billion diamond revenue goes missing.

    • Guest Zvangu

      War vets what is Mutsvangwa when $15b cannot be accounted for and Unicef reports worst ever malnutrition in 15 years.Focus on issues to do with people livelihoods not fighting among yourselves

      • Fred Muchena

        exactly thats my point

  • Jones Musara

    Was the meeting constitutionally convened or this is yet another null and void VONC just like the failed Mandi Chimene and G40 VONC agnst Cde Mutsvangwa and Cde Matamadanda?


  • Jones Musara

    who convened that meeeting?? Does Muzenda have constitutional authorty to convene the meeting?

  • jojo

    ”we are a wing of Zanu pf…….” so when Zanu pf is out of power,the next ruling party shouldn’t be bothered with the welfare of ex-combatants? warped sense of logic

    • chii ichochi

      Taura zvako jojo I sometimes wonder if some of these people know that the pensions they are receiving is from tax payers not from individuals in the party
      Not all verts are from their party & even after zanu pf they are still entitled to their pension

    • Asa


    • Chief Legal Adviser

      Be reminded that the war vets and other liberation heroes welfare is entrenched in the NATIONAL constitution.

  • Sadombo

    Weevils at work

  • Asa

    unoda gamatox kkkkkkkkkkk.

  • karombe

    hate hate hate, thats all we are getting from zanu pf. saka moda kuti ichiita nyika izere nevanhu vane ruvengo here nhai veduwee

  • Team Amai President

    Wake up before it is too late and accept that you are doomed if you continue to support Team Lacoste.

    There is only one Team in ZANU-PF – Team Amai President!