Maid jailed 6 months for bedding employer’s son

Lovemore Meya Court Reporter
A 22-year-old maid from Chitungwiza who lured her employer’s 15-year-old son to have sexual intercourse with her on several occasions, was last week sentenced to six months in prison.
The maid, of Unit M in Chitungwiza, took advantage of the absence of the boy’s parents to have sexual intercourse with the Form 2 pupil for 11 months.
She denied charges of having sexual intercourse with a minor when she appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Musaiona Short- game.

She was, however, sentenced to 12 months in prison with six months suspended on condition of good behaviour.
Prosecutor Mr Wilson Matsika told the court that sometime in August last year, the maid was given custody of the boy and his two young brothers while their father went to work.

She summoned the boy to her room and started caressing him before asking for sexual favours.
The minor agreed and it later developed into a sexual relationship in which the maid would sleep with the boy on several occasions.

She assaulted the boy in July this year following a misunderstanding, an act which angered him, leading to him revealing the sexual abuse to his grandmother.

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  • inini1545

    Never seen a stupid 15 year old. Most men would kill for that golden opportunity.

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      On the contrary I am very disappointed with this patently biased judgement. If a 15 year old girl was the victim of 11 months rape the sentence would have been 200 years yet this evil woman has been given only six months. Are women more superior to men such that when they are violated the sentence should be higher. Lets be fair this woman deserves a sentence of not less than 100 years and I hope the Prosecution will appeal this unreasonable sentence.

      • Mela

        Thats what i have been thinking. Had it been a girl, that would be a life time jail. Besides, isnt it illigal for anyone to have sex with a minor? This world is just unfair i tell you.


    Dai aiva murume maimupa mangani?

  • b c

    NONSENSE! Would you say the some thing if it was a 15 year old girl enticed by a 22 year old male? You are exhibiting you Limited Capacity to think!