Magaya battles $500k extortion

Prophet Magaya

Prophet Magaya

Zvamaida Murwira: Senior Reporter

Some of the State witnesses in a rape case in which Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader, Prophet Walter Magaya has been facing, are allegedly trying to extort him of $500 000 for them to testify in his favour in the event that the clergy’s trial proceeds, it has been learnt.It also emerged that there is 30 minute long video evidence showing the two witnesses demanding the money in a meeting they held with one of the witnesses’ office.

The case has since been referred to the Constitutional Court after lawyers representing Prophet Magaya challenged the decision by the State to proceed with trial despite an affidavit by the complainant withdrawing the case saying she misled authorities.

In an interview yesterday, PHD chief spokesperson and senior overseer, Mr Admire Mango, said Prophet Magaya had resisted attempts by some two witnesses, one of whom is a senior police officer who had been making a spirited demand of $500 000.

Mr Mango said the witnesses have since posted on social media a heavily edited video in which they sought to create an impression that Prophet Magaya had admitted to the charge when in actual fact the video showed how the witnesses sought to demand money from the man of cloth.

“If they were acting in good faith they should have posted the whole video which is 30 minutes long and not what they did so that people make their own independent judgments without being swayed by the edited version.

“They have posted a three minute video by deleting the portion in which they were demanding $500 000. Initially the senior police officer wanted to extort Prophet Magaya $100 000, but he was steadfast in resisting that,” said Mr Mango.

“The fact of the matter is that these witnesses sought to extort Prophet Magaya using a guy called Kudakwashe alias Ranjisi who stays in Chitungwiza. Initially the senior police officer, who is an Assistant Commissioner made a demand of $100 000 which was turned down. He then instructed his lawyers to demand that same amount under the guise that he had been defamed by Prophet Magaya. Our leader, has however, remained steadfast in resisting the demand, ” said Mr Mango.

While the rape trial has been scheduled for February 20 this year, it is unlikely to be heard since his lawyers have since approached the Constitutional Court challenging the decision by the prosecution to proceed with the trial notwithstanding the withdrawal of the charge by the complainant.

The effect of the Concourt challenge is to stay proceedings of a lower court hence trial was unlikely to proceed on February 20, 2017. In her affidavit withdrawing the case, the complainant said she had misled authorities when she made a rape charge against the clergyman. The lawyers want the Concourt to make a determination on whether Prophet Magaya’s rights were not being violated by the prosecution’s decision.

A Harare magistrate Court has since removed Prophet Magaya from remand pending a Concourt outcome.

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  • Moe_Syzlack

    An assistant commissioner of the police demanding bribe money to testify, a victim who admits to lying about a rape, etc. This is the new normal in Zanumabwe. Will these people ever be charged? Did Magaya pay the victim to recant her story? This country is f*kd up for real.

  • Astrid schmidt

    Is this an issue of trying to side track the people? Extortion is besides the point, the real issue is that the so called prophet admits to having an affair, fulls top! I am very disappointed that such a thing can happen with someone calling himself a man of God. My interpreter could not hear some illegible words but seems like he is also admitting that he voluntarily paid someone $10,000-00 to cover up the story or so. What kind of Christianity is that??? Shame on you!!!

  • Astrid schmidt

    Herald, why don’t you show the video? Why are you hiding it from the people? ###########

  • Bxt

    So what is your position as Herald in this case?

  • changunga

    This story is courting for sympathy from the public when the truth is known.

  • Tinovaziva

    Not suprised. In a country where the leaders are shamelessly corrupt what do they expect the ordinary men and women of these country to do? Adapt or die.

  • eliah

    I am not sure i get it because in the same video Mr Magaya also talks of having an affair with a certain lady and that piece i guess is not edited. I do not understand why the tabloid chose to sideline that admittance and focus on extortion. The guy or perceived man of cloth talks affairs and any sober thinking Zimbo can now make his or her decision on these Prophets. The man came from a dirt past again from his admittance ,and unfortunately inspite of the money the dirt past still follows him and if not careful it will be his downfall. He needs to operate an open mouth and closed zip policy , he can ask Save on that one as it damaged him big time once upon a time..

  • Tafadzwa

    Who protects the rights of the Zimbabwean citizens when a man of that rank in authority is doing such shameful act? Isn’t there a law in our beautiful Zimbabwe which guard against extortion? These are some of the questions our government need to address to protect human rights. Prophet Magaya, i strongly believe that’s what he faces day in day out and something needs to be done really. #We stand for the truth!!! 100% behind PWM.

  • gh

    video yacho iripi?

    • Ngomalungundu

      Iri pa zimeye .com

  • sky

    why are you so sure Magaya will win at concourt ?

  • Mamvemve

    That’s what happens when people know you like bribing folks to get out of situations. They figured they would try their luck since Magaya is known for using money to buy his freedom. As of right now i will have to believe the 3 minute video until PHD produces the so called unedited version.

  • yowe

    Vanhu vamunyanyira murume uyu

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    This is a stage managed circus. Its meant to be part of damage control but its poorly done simply because we have heard this before with other Magaya scandals.

  • Dennis mudzingwa

    Meanwhile, couple line up to receive marriage counselling from someone who is persistently having extra-marital affairs with fellow congregates. If God chooses such men to prophecy, then it speaks volumes about us Zimbabwe men in general.
    Olinda, take note!

  • s shumba

    iwe Zvamaida Murwira, did yu also extort k100 from
    magaya for you to write such a sweet stry for him. ….Eeh man of cloth… man of cloth, Does he wear any godly cloth except his trndy shirts. Tibvire mhani…..Nxaaaa

  • Mamvemve

    You sound like you’re semi literate Widzo. Astrid never commented about the criminal aspect of the story but the moral part of it. Magaya can’t call himself a saint while he’s confessing to adultery.

  • TerrenceH

    Prophet Magaya was anointed by the Most High. PHD Ministries is a vessel of God. You can’t stop the Man of God and you cannot stop this ministry no matter what.

    • Machine

      Which ‘most high’, Lucifer is not most high

  • Monks

    thank you mr herald when again are u going to come back with the story of school fees which was turned into bycle fees. we did not hear the end of it we are still waiting

  • Masimba Musodza

    Why does a national newspaper insist on calling this man a “Prophet” even though his “prophetic powers” are only real to his followers?

  • Tinotonga

    Whenever a person lies against a prophet, the truth will always come out. It was clearly stated by the Lady that she was not raped, what else are you in need of?

  • eliah

    You know nuts about technology as we have reached a stage were we can invent a human being.

  • Masimba Musodza

    Actually, it is my belief in God that guides my refusal to call this man a prophet. You can call him that to your heart’s content in your church newsletter, but a national newspaper shouldn’t demean itself by pandering to cults and sects

  • Zvinopisa tsitsi

    Whether support or no support for him, for you and for everyone its hell or heaven according to your works individually. There is no such thing as salvation by association or attachement to a church or individual. Magaya is just an individual seeking salvation like any of us. He sins like everyone of us. Earthly possessions and positions will not count mamma. Pray for your soul, then for this man.