Local company emerges victorious

Eng Magombo

Eng Magombo

Ellah Mukwati Herald Reporter
Local architectural company, Studio Arts Incorporated emerged the winner of a competition organised by the Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe to select the most viable company to construct Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Authority offices. IAZ president Mr Arthur Matondo said Studio Arts Incorporated last week emerged victorious by beating 17 other companies to lend the prestigious task of constructing the ZERA head-offices at a piece of land acquired at Mt Pleasant Business Park.

“We had 17 companies that entered the competition and Studio Arts Incorporated emerged the winner followed by Pearce McComish Tarabuka Architects and Amandiz Architect. The purpose of the competition was to promote architecture, renewable energy and conserving the environment. We were looking at the aesthetics, energy conservations and the responsiveness to the client’s expectations,” said Mr Matondo.

He said IAZ appointed a panel of reputable and independent judges with diverse backgrounds to conduct the adjudication according to the organisation’s rules and regulations.

ZERA chief executive officer Eng Gloria Magombo confirmed that the right to design and construct the organisation’s offices was won by Studio Arts Incorporated. She said ZERA sponsored the competition for the architectural design of the proposed offices through IAZ offices.

“The results of the adjudication were announced by the IAZ on 24th February 2016 at a ceremony where the top three drawings were awarded with prizes as per the rules of the competition,” said Eng Magombo.

ZERA is a statutory regulatory body established by the Energy Regulatory Authority Act (Chapter 13:23) of 2011. The Act mandates and empowers the authority to regulate the procurement, production, transportation, transmission, distribution, importation and exportation of energy derived from any energy source.

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  • moyo

    The proliferation of these regulatory authorities and commissions is an
    unnecessary overhead on our struggling economy.These ZERA guys (lucky
    them,chewing other people’s money via levies) are doing work which can
    be done by ZESA & Ministry of Energy.No wonder why they take out
    full page adverts to lecture us about electricity, as if we have no
    universities or polytechnics.