LIVE FROM CHIWESHE: Dr Amai Mugabe ‘Meet the People Rally’

Simiso Mlevu reporting from Mazowe South

Console board: Happiness Chikwanha and Timothy Maponga

The Herald gives you updates from Mazowe South in Mashonaland Central where First Lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe is meeting the people and assessing the impact of the El-Nino induced drought.

It’s 10:52am and Dr Amai Mugabe is already here.

10:58 – Dr Amai Mugabe is already here.

Part of the crowd that is still swelling here to meet Dr Amai Grace Mugabe.

Part of the crowd that is still swelling here to meet Dr Amai Grace Mugabe.

11:02 – While waiting for Amai who is in a briefing, some party supporters are dancing to revolutionary songs among them Tambaoga’s Agreement.

11:09 – The briefing is over. Kanyemba Secondary School head in Chiweshe, the venue says they are working on introducing sciences as a way of embracing STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

11:15 – Mazowe South MP, Fortune Chasi and school authorities are briefing Dr Amai Mugabe about developmental projects at the school.

11:16 – The school head highlights that one of their biggest challenge is shortage of lab equipment

11:18 – Other present party officials include Vice President Phekelezela Mphoko. National Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, Cde Edna Madzongwe and Professor Jonathan Moyo are also present.

11:20 – Mashonaland Central Minister of Provincial Affairs Advocate Martin Dinha is also present.

11:23 – Cde Sarah Mahoka leads Bible reading here. A verse “Munhu nemunhu ngaazviise pasi pevakuru” is read. Cde Mahoka says people should respect the leadership of Cde Mugabe.

11:33 – Cde Mahoka says people are going around saying VaMugabe vakura (the President is old) but the truth is that those who are saying so are not young either.

11: 40 – Chimurenga choir is entertaining the crowd dancing to the song Chirera Nherera

11: 43 – Mazowe South leadership is now being introduced. Members of the Women’s League denounce rebellious behaviour and assure the First Lady of their continued support.

11:45 – Mashonaland Central Zanu PF Provincial Chairman Cde Dickson Mafios leads the introductions of party provincial leadership.

11:53 -  Members of Parliament here present are now being introduced by Cde Mabel Chinomona.

11: 57 – Cde Kasukuwere now introducing national leadership. He starts by introducing First Lady’s sister, Mai Gumbochuma.

EARLIER ON: Cde Sarah Mahoka leading Bible reading.

EARLIER ON: Cde Sarah Mahoka leading Bible reading.

12:15 – Also introduced, War veterans leadership led by Cde Nyaruwata.

12: 21 – Party leadership has finished chanting Zanu-PF slogans each. Cde Kasukuwere is now introducing VP Mphoko and he describes him as a man with a history which is proportional to his height.

12:25 – National Commissar chronicles VP Mphoko’s history from the days of the liberation struggle to date.

12: 27 – The Vice President rises to denounce thieves. Cde Mafios is now giving welcome remarks.

12: 29 – Cde Dickson Mafios: “It is my pleasure to welcome you Amai to this province. We are 102% behind our President. It is not in our culture to rebel against party leadership. We treasure you Amai.” Cde Mafios denounces successionists for advancing the agenda of replacing Pres Mugabe.

12:33 – He says President Mugabe is loved by the people of Mashonaland Central as much as he is loved by the people of Africa who gave him standing ovation in Ethiopia recently. Mashonaland Central provincial chairman appeals for assistance in the form of better roads adding that as a province they have granted the First Family freedom of the province.

12:36 – Cde Dickson Mafios: “Feel free to move from one place to the other!”

12:38 – Adv Martin Dinha is now addressing the rally. He apologises for his horse voice adding that it is not because of hangover.  “I don’t drink anymore. There are two things that I have stopped doing. It is drinking and also women,” he says as the crowd roars into laughter. “We are saying one centre of power, one wife.”

12:41 -  Dinha has appeals for food assistance in Mashonaland Central: “In areas like Rushinga, the situation is not good Amai. People do not have anything to eat.”

12:46 – Cde castigates men who are impregnating school going girls and warns them saying they risk jail: “Marrying under age girls has been outlawed. You will be prosecuted.” On that note he winds up his address.

12:50 – A group of war veterans led by Cde Mandi Chimene assures Amai of their support. Cde Chimene castigates some war  veterans who behave as if they were operating with more than one gun during the war.

12:53 – Cde Chimene: “Let me tell you good people. We know what is going on. Do not be misled. Others were misled and they went with Joyce. Others who have been fooled are going too with this one other,” she says without giving names.

12:55 – VP Mphoko takes to the podium now. He says before inviting Dr Amai Mugabe to address the people, he would want to make a few corrections: “Zimbabwe was born out of blood and sweat of the people of Zimbabwe. We fought for this country. President Mugabe and the late VP Joshua Nkomo led the two forces, Zanla and Zipra.”

12:59 – Cde Mphoko: “This country belongs to all of us whether you are Ndebele, Zezuru, Karanga or Sotho. There is talk in the corridors of power that since President Mugabe is Zezuru, after him a Karanga person has to take over. There is nothing like that.”

13:04 – VP Mphoko says those who are power hungry will fall: “In the Bible, Satan had a beautiful voice but he was not satisfied. He wanted to be God. Because of that, he fell by the wayside.” He says people should learn to be satisfied.

13:06 – “Imagine, out of 14 million people here in Zimbabwe, President Mugabe has chosen me. Out of 14 million, but still I am not satisfied. This is what we call being ungrateful.”

13:07 -  VP has now invited Dr Amai Mugabe to make her address and the crowd bursts into song, “Unconquerable.”
Former Min of Information Cde Chen Chimutengwende drives the crowd to frenzy with his Rhumba dance.

13:08 – First Lady thanks VP Mphoko for supporting Women’s League in their endeavor.

13:10 – Dr Amai Mugabe thanks Cde Kasukuwere for doing a great job: “Even if others do not seem to see it, you are doing a great job Cde PC.” Women’s League is the back bone of the party, she says.

13: 12 – Dr Amai Mugabe: “I am sure you heard President Mugabe saying so. Those who are not happy with my tours, eat your hearts out. I am here and will do my work. I was tasked by women to do this job.”

13:14 – “We are here today. This is where our late VP Joseph Msika was born. We have been to where VP Nkomo and Muzenda were born.”

13:17 – She says time has come for people to say things as they are. In 2014, First Lady says they were moving around denouncing factionalism and as a result, former VP Dr Joice Mujuru lost her post.

13:18 – Dr Amai Mugabe: “What we did not know was that we had just empowered another faction.” She warns the “other faction” to Stop It! She says she is in Mashonaland Central to stay.

13:21 -  “Mashonaland Central is the land of Mbuya Nehanda. So, as First Lady I have come to her land.” She the people of Mashonaland Central know who sold out Mbuya Nehanda: “There are people who have been sellouts all their lives. There are things that we know but we are quiet.”

13: 22 – She says it is wrong for people to go around boasting to Zimbabweans about what they did during the  war of liberation: “In this week’s politburo, I told this person to Stop IT.” She has called on journalists to stop being misled.

13:26 – “We went to the politburo and the following day, the paper reported that Amai Mugabe told Jonathan to stop insulting people” Was Jonathan shouting alone? Are we suggesting he is a mad man? Talk about these other people whom he was exchanging words with. We know who is controlling the media.”

13: 27 – First Lady warns people to stop talking ill of other people: “Ndinonzi Mafirakureva ini,” she says.


13:30 – “There are people who go around wearing T-shirts inscribed Lacoste, and when you ask them what it means, they tell you its a French brand. We know what it is. We are not foolish. Mugoti unopihwa anyerere.” First Lady has also denounced corruption saying they are aware of people who have 30 per cent stakes in some companies.


13:30 – She is now explaining the economic blueprint, ZimAsset to the people. She also clears air on the misconception that she is gunning for presidency arguing that she is called Amai President already.

13: 35 – Amai Mugabe has called on people to treasure land because other countries do not have that precious resource anymore.


13: 37 – Dr Amai Mugabe has castigated Members of Parliament who are said to be doing nothing in their constituencies

13:42 – Dr Amai Mugabe is back to explaining ZimAsset cluster by cluster.

UPDATE: Due to network problems, we can not give you images at the moment. We will however continue trying to have them for you in order to enjoy a total package.


13:47 – Amai Mugabe has urged people to channel their energy towards the implementation of ZimAsset. She says President Mugabe was chosen by Zimbabweans and not just one person like those who want him out.

13:50 – “President Mugabe is our sole candidate for 2018 general elections. Don’t be fooled.” First Lady also says President Mugabe is a patient man.

13:52 – “He can sit and listen to people telling him lies. The people whom he appointed,” she says as people shout ‘vaguta kuchengetwa’ to which she responds, ‘vagarisa.’

13:57 – She has warned people to stop threatening others simply because they are war veterans: “We love war veterans but why is just one person a problem. Just one person. Ah no. They are even spending sleepless nights making plans to bomb our properties.  They are even hatching plans to kill Mugabe’s children. And they want me to smile at them. I can’t.”

13:59 – She has also warned people against self destructive conduct.


14:00 – “People will pass a vote of no confidence on you but when the same was being done to others, you were smiling because you didn’t like them.”

14:01 – Dr Amai Mugabe says people must avoid being loud mouths because they will not like it when people respond.

14:03 – “You say so and so mwana wanhingi. Ko iwewe tikazokuudza kuti vana vauri kuchengeta havazi vako!”


14:05 – Dr Amai Mugabe says there are people who are having sleepless nights going to traditional healers hoping to topple President Mugabe.

14:06 - “It is wrong. Stop IT.” First Lady also says she is greatful of where she is and is not moved by allegations that she has ulterior motives. She has assured the people of Mashonaland Central that she will continue working for them. “I am here and I brought you something.”

14:12 – Dr Amai Mugabe says as Women’s League they are aware that people were beaten in Midlands and told not to attend the event organised to welcome President Mugabe on Thursday.

14:17 – Dr Amai Mugabe is now donating maize, rice, tractors and  farming inputs.

14:22 – Dr Amai Grace Mugabe finishes her address . . .

NOTICE TO READERS: Please kindly note we experienced a short technical challenge resulting in the site being temporarily offline for a few minutes. Apologies. We are happy to be back!

At 14:23, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe wound up her address as party members took to the dance floor singing, Amai Muri Nhume (Mother You are a Messenger . . .)

That ends this blog.

Discussions however continue – and please enjoy as we exchange ideas.


Here are some images of the scenes at Chiweshe in Mashonaland Central this afternoon, where First lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe was addressing a rally.

Mazowe 6

Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Vice President Mphoko, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe and Cde Edna Madzongwe take to the dance floor.

Mazwoe 4

Dr Amai Grace Mugabe makes some donations.

Mazowe 7

PC Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe and Cde Edna Madzongwe, the Senate President.

Mazowe 5

PC Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, VP Cde Mphoko, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe, Cde Edna Madzongwe the Senate President and Cde Martin Dinha on the dance floor.

Mazowe 3

Mazowe 2

Mazowe 1

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe National Liberators War Veterans Association has passed a vote of no confidence on Christopher Mutsvangwa, his wife Monica, Cde Victor Matemadanda and Cde Headman Moyo.

Announcing the decision by war veterans, Cde Mandi Chimene said the suspensions are as a result of “recent utterances, egoistic mismanagement and several other transgressions of the constitution by national chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa.”

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  • sinyoro

    Shame on these poor rural folks who can easily be used because of hunger,inzwai tsitsi ,ivai ne moyo wekubatsira kwete kutsvaga political mileage apo vanhu vane nzara

    • Judas Iscariot

      Ngwena vapinda patight. What’s confusing though, is the fact that one day amai is telling us the presidium, is solidly behind the president,she has made us believe, the succession stories are being fabricated, by the private media bend on dividing the revolutionary party. Now she seems to be confirming,everything that the private media has been saying,lacoste is being exposed big time. I don’t know if Ngwena is involved or not,or i can say is what goes around comes around. This is how Joyce was elbowed out. It starts with being attacked at rallies, followed by votes of no confidence. Consider yourself warned cde Garwe. Herald you might also want to reevaluate, and make sure you’re in the right basket. With this regime, it’s not about political correctness,you need to be in the right basket. Ndakuyambirai.

  • Kusvikazvanaka

    Viva Zanu

  • JM

    Grace has ambitions of being president of zimbabwe. Its her right BUT lets be honest, its going to be a tough sail for her. There is going to be serious carnage in Zimbabwe. We are watching with serious interest.

    • karombe

      ichi ndicho chokwadi, nefactionalism iriko iyi!

  • Hunex

    Amai amai amai amai amaiiiiiiii!!!!!

  • Suppoter

    I have never seen such people as some Zimbabweans you really have time to listen to Grace and think there is something different that she will offer you???? 36 years her husband offered nothing except misery to you and this time and age you still have hope. Hai cha some people will never change. Look at the pictures of those attending misery is written all over their faces. God please help these people.

    • mpengo

      Only the dead have no hope.

      Most of them are given handouts which they desperately need, whilst you sit typing away on your device or computer.

      • sakarombe joel

        yes Mpengo you are right,they listened to a Zimbabwean leader and are going home their hands full of GOODIES .God bless our dear Dr Amai

        • Suppoter

          Kikikikikik oh my god, you say I am busy typing on my computer yes I bought it, Just waiting for things to change then I come home for now never. Good luck guys if you think things will change for the better,

        • mpengo

          Don’t mistake my statement for endorsement.

          While everyone deserves to be blessed, not everyone is a blessing to people.

    • bodo_kwete

      ** ndiwo akanyanya kupusa muZimbabwe. At least ** anomborambawo kuterera marara aya.

  • Nyamasvisva

    I am digesting – Present are Mahoka (after her ranting on Wednesday , me thought she would fade into obscurity), Kasukuwere, Prof Moyo and VP Mphoko ! Ok . Did you see any War Vets leadership including Minister ? And George Charamba, he surely has got to be near part of the first family ?You doing great Herald with the live updates. We are so ever grateful. More pictures please like you did on Wednesday at the ZPF HQ.

    • Sadombo

      This is a G40 gathering hahahahaha

      • karombe

        pinduraiwo mubvunzo wangu. g40 lead by who?

        • Judas Iscariot

          By amai. I hope this answers your stupid question.

          • karombe

            iwe stupid yokuita seiko ndanga ndichida kupindurwa ne herald kwete zvako zvekuganhira

        • Sadombo

          Usabvunza zvenhando iwe

          • karombe

            zvenhando zvei, taura handiti uri kutya. ndipo pane nyaya. hazvitaurwi pachena nei kana zvakajeka.

  • emmerson matongo

    zvokwadi mai Mahoka Havana njere kana unhu hahwo.Zvino disciplinary committee yose iri on people suspected to be G40.populists they always retarde development and destroy good people .

  • Farai

    Mahoka angodini kunyarara, pese paanosimuka anotaura svina, Ummm mbuya ivava vachatipunzira musangano kana mukarega muswe wavo wakareba kudaro.
    Asi vakuru vanoti ukaona bofu richiita nharo tarisa parakatsika. Ko iyo women’s league haina secretary of information here. Zuro uno Mahoka akabva kutuka Munangagwa achimuti dhadha. Iye arikumupa power iyoyo ndiye anenyaya, zvinotaridza munhu asina ungwaru.
    Mirai tione kunowira tsvimbo ne dohwe.

  • Tangwena

    Mahoka is a G40! (Generation Pwere)

  • Dube 1

    why cant we just address her as The Fist Lady,this Dr Amai its just nje long

  • Sadombo

    Nxaaaa what is this nhai veduwee, vanhu ngavasabvuma kushandiswa zverudzi urwu

  • Sadombo

    People being used for political mileage by G40 nxaaaaa, God have mercy

  • Sadombo

    Sarah Mahoka leads Bible reading? Lol this lady needs serious help

  • matt

    Ngwena chiri zii zvacho… Well done Emma, silence is golden! But ziso rako rinotaura kuti ndiwe une yese!!

    • mpengo

      He learnt well from Bob.

      Kwete zvimafikisolo zvinongoti papara papara njere pasina

    • ThaDoggPound

      Apedzwa naye lacoste wenyu uyo hasisina dhiri

      • Mart

        He is a monitor lizard – mupurwa which thinks that bcz of it’s size it’s now a crocodile. Ppl have touted him as a shrewd tactician, where is his tactics?

      • karombe

        ichokwadi here ichocho?

    • bodo_kwete


    • Chimoto

      Mai Mujuru vakangobaya vakati zii futi. lacoste ngai baye futi. Zviri kunoakidza izvi. Pamberi nemi Herald

    • Tongo

      Wapera…Just like Joice, what can he say. How ironic….he was at the forefront of humiliating a fellow distinguished comrade. No sympathies for him.

  • MweniTafara

    Ko chikoro chavharwa here ndiri kuona vana parally?

  • bodo_kwete

    Musangano uyu wakafumuka.

  • Zimba 1

    Editor weHerald, why do your say, ” Women’ league is back born”. Refer to timestamp 13:10. It’s embarassing.

    • theheraldonline

      Thanks, for that Zimba 1.

      • zvenyika

        please unban me. Please ndapota

      • Mart

        If you are working for the Herald keep away from these ZANU-PF fights. Jonso might come back and retrench some of you. Hazvina mashuwa zvirikuitika.

    • nhubu

      its no surprise thats what they are

  • blar tindo

    Criss na Jojalo kkkkkkkkkkkk muri pa tyt

  • Takawira

    Here we go again, a simple Zanu-PF political party vote buying rally led by Grace Mugabe with zero official Government authorised position under the Constitution, illegally donates State and tax-payer acquired tractors or goods confiscated by national police and border control officials. Doesn’t that deserve a prison sentence with starving prisoners at Chikurubi?
    Ironic someone is optimistic enough to donate 1095Kg of raincoats during the drought?

  • wesley

    who pays for these “donations”?

  • Chimoto

    Pasi ne Lacoste, pamberi ne G40

  • Nyamasvisva

    There we have it – finally ! OMG . Team Lacoste has been busted . I said this in the morning that this was the real action and not the PB. I also mentioned , Mahoka, had a sanctioned mission on Wednesday. She set the tone. She was empowered to do so. She is to Lacoste what Oppah was to Mujuru. Zvatotanga . And the warning on ED by Mahoka should not be taken lightly. Now can real men stand up !!!!!! What’s you view Prof Muzvinavhu? Your views are very enlightening, you help us when we misinterpret these developments.

    • Tengenenge

      Let them come her com and do those provocations kuno kuMasvingo

  • zvenyika

    Vote of no confidence was passed against who?

    • Judas Iscariot

      Mujuru cabal and now Mutsvangwa and his family. After this Lacoste cabal.

  • Garai Murugare

    Herald, please tell Mai Mugabe kuti vari kuuraya musangano veZanu PF yatinoda. Why is she fanning factionalism. To put stability to the party STOP her tour rallies. When she opens her mouth she speaks venomous only. This is a shame and a disgrace statements like “vagarisa, ko iwe tikakuudza kuti vana vaunawo havasi vako”.
    Mashoko ano taurwa namai President we nyika here ivaya. Amai Mugabe chenjererai kuti * . Makamboona slogan inonzi “Pamberi neni. Amai Mugabe voye”. Vanhu kunyarara hakusi kuti kupusa asi kuratidza rukudzo kuna babaMugabe. *. She should just STOP IT now

  • Nyamasvisva

    herald, why are you stopping my comments ? Are they bad for some reason? In my last comment I had questions , there are so many people here who help us analyse some of these things?

    • theheraldonline

      How has been your day? hopefully good until we failed to publish your comment.
      Let us see if this response is visible in the frontend. If it is, then we must be on track.

      You may need to kindly re-post the missing comment if we do not find it.

      • Garai Murugare

        Well, Garai Murugare disappointed with Herald editing. Record facts as there are come. The message to send to Grace Mugabe is for her to stop cultivating factionalism in ZANU PF. Why having party regalia with “Vanhu vese kuna Amai”. Remove it and dumb it in bin. Grace is destroying the legacy of His Excellence Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The world is closely following her tantrums and rants. She is destroying the party that our gallants sons and daughters hard fought for and died for. Please Herald forward this message to the President’s office so that they call her and her team to order. PLEASE PLEASE STOP Mai Mugabe’s tours/rallies. They can’t be lose canons forever. The ZANU PF disciplinary committee should show restrains on purging party cadres. Who will vote for RG Mugabe on election time? Who ever is purged leaves the party with his/her large following, @ the expense of my beloved ZANU PF. This moment of madness (ZANU PF purging) should be halted and forbidden forever. Unity Unity please don’t give opposition parties ammunition to destroy our beloved ZANU PF.

        • theheraldonline

          Let us keep talking Garai Murugare. At least you can post your comments and we can publish them. We can not sneak in our own opinion on this platform, can we? For our own opinion, read our Editorial Comment.

  • Martingee

    Vanhu vanoita kunge vakasvinura kudai vanotogara pasi kuteerera madhokonono akadai? I guess zhara hayo yakaoma inokutuma kupinda nepausingafungiri. But eeish, Zimbabwe we have been reduced to zero.
    Zvisineyi, vakuru vanoti kana kangoma koririsa kode kuparuka.

  • Tau Hire

    Amai Stop IT!

  • Tengenenge

    Let her come and do that nonsense here in Masvingo

  • Mamborume

    the only person who is now distroying our dear party is Amai her self, its now clear beyond any reasonable doubt

    • emmerson matongo

      Ndasvoda even Phelekezela can stoop that low .Matinyadzisa nebootliking yenyu .To be open enough violence and populist people is this group.People love Zanu pf but eish who can follow this disorder.

  • karombe

    veduwe ichiri zanu pf here yatiri kutaura nezvayo. ini ndarasika.

  • cdegaba

    nhai Farai unoroverei imbwa wakaviga mupini. taura zvazviri. Mahoka arikufaction ya Amai period.

  • brian

    And the President is quiet.

  • Francis

    Cde Kasukuwere is not the VP. Refer to caption on first image on ‘more images’.

  • John

    1. The set up our president to trip at the airport to give the impression that he is too old to govern…
    2. They gave our president the wrong speech o give the impression that he is too old to govern…(pasi na George Charamba!!!!)…
    3. They are plotting our Minister of higher education Professor Jonathan Moyo and our hardworking commissar comrade Kasukuwere…
    Panberi na Mai Mahoko….
    Pamberi na Bro Kasukuwere
    Pamberi na Prof Moyo
    Pamberi na Amai
    Pamberi na VP Phoko
    Pasi me Team Lacoste!!!
    Pasi neleader we Team Lacoste!!!

  • Ba2

    When Jabu Sibanda complained of a **….Chris Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda were the first to rebuke him and then replace him….I remember the press conferences….and now they are in the cold…this is so confusing…but most importantly a lesson to the possible successor…just my opinion
    My Bishop once told me that if you judge a person….you end up being exactly the same as them and doing the things you once judged them for.

  • Joseph Maphosa

    This woman is not doing any good to ZANU PF. She is misled by professors to destroy the party. I am not ZANU PF at all but i have been a member of it for a long time. We never used to operate like this. In politics you do not create opposition but you work hard to prevent opposition. She should also not deny that she is ambitious because it is there for everyone to see.

  • theheraldonline

    Thanks a lot Francis. We have since corrected the error.
    How are you?