LATEST: Zim suffers internet shutdown

Internet+web+XXX+high+resElita Chikwati Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe today experienced internet service disruption and challenges with landline phone calls due to faults on the main links in South Africa and Harare.

The situation returned to normalcy after 5pm after the TelOne back-up link was restored.

The disruption was attributed to the Liquid Telecom cables that were cut by a tractor, 17 kilometers into South Africa from Beitbridge and a TelOne cable cut by city council employees working in Kuwadzana.

“Our back up link through Botswana has since been restored and together with the link through Mozambique we are operating at 50 percent capacity,” said TelOne.

“Our partners in South Africa and TelOne engineers here in Zimbabwe are on the ground working to restore full service on the said major link,” said TelOne.

TelOne director general, Dr Gift Machengete said the two service providers had back up.

“Liquid Telecom had two cables but the problem is that they were going in the same direction. We should talk to them about it so we do not have the active cable and redundancy cable going in the same direction because now the two have been cut.

“For TelOne, the one that links them with Telecom South Africa has also been cut in South Africa and they had one that links through Plumtree which was cut by a City Council employee in Kuwadzana. They still have one that goes through Nyamapanda to Mozambique and the capacity that is left is very little hence the problem we have,” he said.

Minister of Information, Communication Technology and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira dismissed allegations that Government had cut internet service and said the State did not have any interest in shutting down the service.

“We are upset that internet connectivity is not available or has not been available for most of the day.

“Government is concerned about the situation. We expect that the operators must have redundancy so that if one aspect or connection is down they can activate a different connection. It’s a requirement of their licensing that they must always have redundancy. How that redundancy has not kicked in for the nation to notice that there is no internet, we cannot understand why,” he said.

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  • succuba

    (fakey) blames sanctions by the west.!!

    • succuba jr

      That lying fake Prof SomethingVhu!!!

      • Madara

        lol indeed.

  • Gandanga Matigari

    too much of a coincidence

  • dziva

    Its always someone’s fault! Their fault!

  • Zviriko Kwese kwese

    Guys musati manyora zivayi portfolio yemunhu. Is Dr Machengete a Telone Director. The last I checked he was the Director General of Potraz.
    Handina kana kuzopedzisa kuverenga…

  • Ray Mbada

    Igaroziva tsika yemabhoyi kutsvaga kupumhana uroyi iyo hama yafa nechokuda handei tiwone. Vamwe vakati hurumende iya yatidzimira, vamwe vakati ndiwo matangiro ehondo to destroy communication lines uku vamwewo ndevanoti G40 is sabotaging ha-ha-haaa rudzi rwembwa dzangu!

  • Kubs

    Its highly unlikely to have a double coincidence of accidental faults arikunyepa mhani bullcrap

  • Police

    LATEST – Chihuri Accused Of Destroying Evidence

    Own Correspondent| As the army carries out a cleaning up operation across the country, the Commissioner General Of Police, Augustine Chihuri has been accused of attempting to destroy evidence of bribery and corrupt practices through a ticketing syndicate.

    In the years running up to the November coup, police officers under him were being ordered into a practice of traffic fining for the mere purpose of fund-raising.

    For this reason Chihuri was booed at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration last month.

    Chihuri has since been accused by officers of ordering “Highway Patrol to take all the Books to Chikurubi where they are going to be destroyed. All books were transported this noon by National Traffic Bus and 2 Scania Lorries.

    “Any incident that will lead to those books to be destroyed is mostly likely to happen. Prior to this there is a radio signal that instructed all traffic stations to destroy the books under their possession that were given filing instruction.

    Let these criminals come to book,” a police source wrote.

    Efforts to get a comment from either Chihuri or the spokesperson Charity Charamba were fruitless at the time of writing.

  • Mungandidii

    Is it still a back up if it takes hours to run when needed.
    The laying of these cables showed that there is no master plan in place. Some years back trenches were dug along the Mutare Bulawayo road but when the road was being rehabilitated, it was done on top of these cables with some being damaged. If Harare council employees have no idea of where these cables are, who is expected to know better.

    • Stephen

      kkkkkkk you are spot on.

  • Gushungo

    I am not an IT expert, but logic dictates that more needs to be done to secure internet connection. The future we are moving to will be or already is highly dependable on a secure connection. Imagine from Banking systems, hospitals, home affairs nuclear plants or any other critical applications that will rely on the live system.

    The fact that it took some farmer in Limpopo to cause an internet black out in the whole country is a major cause of concern.

    • betty

      Logic should also dictate that the story is horse manure