LATEST: Recalled ambassadors return

Zimbabwean_embassy_in_LondonHerald Reporter
The last batch of the 20 re-called diplomats is expected in the country on April 1, Foreign Affairs Secretary Ambassador Joey Bimha has said. Ambassador Bimha told The Herald on Monday that the first batch of eight ambassadors was already in the country.
Those who have arrived include former Zimbabwe’s ambassadors to the United States, Belgium, South Africa, Mozambique, Italy, Egypt, Nigeria and Germany.

“They are coming in batches and the last batch is expected on the 1st of April,” said Ambassador Bimha. “We give them different dates and no one is overstaying.”

Ambassadors serve four-year terms that can be renewed depending on foreign policy considerations.

During the time of the inclusive Government, MDC-T provided four ambassadors to President Mugabe for diplomatic postings, while the MDC seconded Mrs Trudy Stevenson who was posted to Senegal.

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Australia, who was seconded by the MDC-T during the inclusive Government, Ms Jacqueline Zwambila, sought asylum in that country after she was re-called.

Ms Zwambila’s antics have been condemned by Zimbabweans with her party also distancing itself from her actions.

Zimbabwe’s embassy in Canberra also dismissed Ms Zwambila’s actions, saying it was a ploy by the former ambassador to remain in that country after losing her diplomatic priviledges.

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  • makwavararama

    i would to welcome these ambassadors to the colony of china full of pot holes, uncollected garbage, water shortages, electricity shortages, land degradation caused by rampant mining, corruption, boot licking and sunctions

    • Duelooker

      Sunctions ndeapi aya lol

  • Mimi

    Foreign Affairs Secretary Ambassador Joey Bimha is probably one of the hardest sober working Permanent Secretaries the government has dished out so far. What he says goes and yet the guy remains modest, has an open door policy, approachable. If Zimbabwe could have 5 Permanent Secretaries of this caliber things would surely work. Recalled Ambassadors should report home because when they overstay they begin to forget what they will have been sent out to a foreign country to do. Plus good move.

  • lickmyboots

    hahaha welcome back to the land of the patriotic world championship cup holder bootlickers.

  • SimukaiTimapedzeMaBhunu

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to ALL our returning ambassadors for representing our country…[email protected] Zvambile its only the truth that can set you free, usanyepere nyika yechipikirwa.

  • Gondo

    Its not about wanting to stay, its about genuine asylum. Stop encouraging stupidness and day light lies. She should be ashamed of herself. As a leader, she shud go back home and continue the fight. Australia should kick out this traitor and a fake, she is setting a terrible precedence for asylum criteria. Kick her out Australia.