LATEST: Chivayo never arrested, says lawyer

Intratrek Zimbabwe managing director of Mr Wicknell Chivayo - pic from africanmillionaire.blogspot.

Wicknell Chivayo . . . enjoying liberty – pic from africanmillionaire.blogspot.

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
LAWYERS acting for businessman Mr Wicknell Chivayo have dismissed reports that their client was arrested last weekend, saying he was a free man, who abides by the laws of the country. 

In a statement, Advocate Thabani Mpofu dispelled the reports saying Mr Chivayo was never arrested, neither was he found on the wrong side of the law.

“Contrary to the Daily News report of the 11th of December 2017, Wicknell Chivayo was never arrested neither did I confirm any arrest to that publication,” he said. “As you may be aware, the story was taken down from the Daily News website after its falsity became apparent.

“I thank the senior officials at ANZ (Associated Newspapers Zimbabwe) for their intervention in making sure that the disturbingly unfortunate and improper gospel carried by the screaming story was put to an immediate halt.”

Adv Mpofu said Mr Chivayo was enjoying his liberty.

(details to follow)

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  • yowe

    This new dispensation condones corruption even more than the Mugabe regime

    • Adagio

      How does Wicknell’s not being arrested translate into condonation of corruption by the ED government? In as much as Wicknell likely participated in corrupt practices, there need not be a rush to incarcerate him without sufficient and irrefutable evidence. Due process must follow. Only when there is evidence of bungling in the investigation process or clear reluctance to prosecute would there be suspicions of lack of political will to deal decisively with corruption. So far that does not seem to be the case considering the developments around Chombo as well as Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo whose bank accounts were recently frozen as part of ongoing investigations.

      • Rasta!

        The same due process that was followed during the coup?

  • nelson moyo

    it seems every time i see a picture of wicknell he has doubled in size – he should cut down on the intake of food – maybe consume pounds instead of kilos
    at chikurubi he will lose more than weight comrades

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    This young man is not so bright. He obviously has a case to answer and that day is anytime soon. Zimbabweans need to recover the $5 milion as there is nothing seemingly happening on the ground. This is bound to happen even if he bankrolls the Zanu PF Congress or pays some handsome amounts to people at the top. If I were him I would be silent. Mwi!

  • King

    Were all those tenders clean?

  • Rasta!

    The same lawyer said he had been now this about turn. Hanzi he was on a hunting trip….varume haikona kurrva nhema dzakadai.

  • Josh

    when you are a lawyer (liar) for a criminal you have to lie, becoz you can not say the truth, without incriminating your client. We all know that Sir is bogus business mogul. if he is not stealing from individuals he is stealing from the nation. Remember the RBZ/Fidelity issue some years back, and the Trust Bank fraud