Karikoga Kaseke sabotages Amai’s rally

Karikoga Kaseke

Karikoga Kaseke

Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive officer Mr Karikoga Kaseke and his wife Betty yesterday allegedly hired kombis to ferry people from Harare and Mashonaland East back to their homes in an attempt to prevent them from attending the First Lady’s meeting with war veterans at her children’s home in Mazowe.
A number of war veterans failed to attend the meeting yesterday due to transport problems.

Sources in Zanu-PF Harare Province said Mr Kaseke and his wife and some youths from Harare Province were at Fourth Street bus terminus in the morning diverting people from travelling to Mazowe.

“They hired about 30 kombis and were telling people who were waiting to be ferried to Mazowe that there was nothing going on at the Children’s Home so they could return to their homes,” said a source.

“Some of the Zupco buses that had been hired to ferry people to Mazowe also left empty after the drivers were told that there was no meeting that would take place at the children’s home.”

Although the meeting was attended by thousands of people from across the country, some war veterans from Matabeleland provinces also failed to attend because of transport problems.

In his speech during the meeting, Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association secretary general Cde Shadreck Makombe acknowledged that some war veterans had failed to come because of transport problems.

“We know that some have failed to come because the buses were inadequate and that some even used their resources to come here,” he said.
Efforts to get a comment from the Kasekes were fruitless last night as they were not picking up their phones. Mr Kaseke and his wife attended yesterday’s meeting.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Paul Chimedza allegedly called a relative of Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga and told her that the First Lady had said her husband was a sell out in the 1970s. The First Lady, HOWEVER, never said so.

Contacted for comment, Dr Chimedza said: “I didn’t phone her and I was not at the meeting. Don’t put me into your politics.’’

Sources who attended the Mazowe rally said indeed Dr Chimedza was not there, which made his case even more bizarre.

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  • tiriparwendo2

    ‘Don’t put me into YOUR politics’, what a bold declaration that I don’t belong to your faction

  • Truth seeker

    get rid of him

  • observer

    Inyakanyaka paZimbaremahwe. Munhu ese achazorwa zorwa- madzvi kkkkk hokoyo!

  • Sonosamie

    Guys am sure there is need to pray for our nation. As things stand, we head for blood shed. The big guys in the party, come to our rescue the mess. The news coming whatever meeting amai is holding will tear us asunder. Such allegations should not be open for public debate. This time, we expect the worst from the forthcoming congress. remember the attacks are good but lets all consider the harm this will create in the provinces. This is not the best such issues should have been discussed. Most of the comrades. Firing Mujuru will solve everything? Is the other faction clean, the list of corrupt individuals is endless, lets start to clear the rooms at Gonakudzingwa, Whawha and Chikurubi……………………….

  • ya!

    so all these rallies are attended by the same peolpe over and over.i thought it was a large crowd in masvingo, gwanda meant locals listening to the message.so why would war veterans be bused in from matebeleland where she had just addressed the matebele.why ????

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    Whose husband was a sell out?

  • Mimi

    Have always wondered who this Karikoga KASEKE guy is who wields so much power in the Tourism Ministry/sector. And so much corrupt practices but hezvo chabvondoka. Gamba this guy is part of the so-called factionalism syndrome. Why these guys always end up being corrupt is letting them overstay their welcome in the country’s Parastatals and heading same government Departments for Holy years. The 1st Lady Grace is surely upset BUT SO IS EVERYONE ELSE, if you ask me today. Am sure the MDC factions are enjoying themselves to bits these days, LOL

    • No hard feelings

      Mimi everyday you just post subjective comments on this platform. Just because you have heard of so many corrupt parastatal bosses now you want to point a finger at someone. Give the evidence what corrup activity was he engaged in? If i am not mistaken i am sure this man is one of the best perfoming executives in the last decade. I am not Zanu PF but i will give him credit where it is due. Why can’t you do the same? For your information i am an ex employee of his and if you ask anyone who has worked under him they will tell you how hard working and principled this man is.

  • Harare

    gadzirirai zvavakuda kuzo sparka rough

  • Mkwati

    Iyi yave nyika yemakuhwa chete chete.

  • kkkkkkkkkasa

    ayas, Zanu PF is gradually crumbling and tat would mark the rebirth of our MDC.

  • Mhofu

    Nyika iyi yazoita mamvemve for real

  • @Soko_Mukanya

    Gary waita kunge takadzidza tese ku Bernard Mizeki College ~ that was our popular statement kana paane chiri kuda kuitika esp between rival “gangs” or “camps” kunyanya isu taiita zve karate karate taive netuma different and often rival camps but sometimes chaimbobvondoka between the camps and the neutrals would just go like PANO PACHANAKIDZA PANO!