Gweru to roll out prepaid water meters

Grace Nyoni Midlands Reporter
Gweru City Council has stopped issuing summons to its debtors and will soon roll out the prepaid metre programme to recover debts, an official has said. The local authority, which is owed over $50 million by residents and industry, had started sending letters of demand in a bid to recover the money.

Council had given debtors up to the end of last month to come up with payment plans.

Gweru Mayor Councillor Charles Chikozho said council was cognisant of the ratepayers’ plight, but needed them to pay for the services.

He said only 899 households out of the over 40 000 households visited Town House with payment plans.

“We have resolved that rolling out of prepaid metres was the way to go if council is to recover what it is owed by ratepayers,” said Clr Chikozho.

“We advertised that people should come up with payment plans and gave 31 November as the deadline and only 899 households responded.”

Clr Chikozho said even companies could not come up with payment plans within the stipulated period.

He said the council would deduct a certain percentage from what it was owed after the completion of the prepaid metre project.

“The council will deduct a certain percentage from the payment so as to recover debt, the way Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) is doing,” said Clr Chikozho. “Prepaid metres are the only solution to the problem after all other avenues have failed.”

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  • eliah

    Thank you Gweru City Council here in Harare we are still stuck with Harare City Council playing cat and mouse with the residents with respect to these Pre-Paid Water Meters as there are still corrupting dealing with Welsh Debt Collectors. I hope the new Minister July Moyo will jerk them out of the slumber and disrupt the much fancied deal between council and the debt collectors and urgently implement these much sought after water meters.

    • TruthHurts!

      Let there be prepaid water meters in every local authority area. Rendering services involves forking out huge sums of money. Our people have to re-learn the value of paying their way in life in the cities they want to live in. When and where rate collection is a problem for local authorities prepaid water meters is the way to go!

      • cf stodd

        speed ahead why should some pay for all council you have our support most of those people complaining are lodgers who never paid they water bills and ran away leaving the bill all water bills should be under the lodgers name rates only in the owners this will stop the rot

  • Raymond

    Many countries has applied Prepaid water meter like South Africa, Zambia, Angola, MalawI, Mozambique etc. and actully now technical going mature and price comes down in very reasonable range.