Gumbura’s ‘sex for school fees project’

It is alleged that Martin Gumbura had minors from his church work at his farm in Chinhoyi, while he also forced the most beautiful girls to have sex with him in exchange for school fees

It is alleged that Martin Gumbura had minors from his church work at his farm in Chinhoyi, while he also forced the most beautiful girls to have sex with him in exchange for school fees

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
RGM Independent End Time Message Church leader Martin Gumbura allegedly had minors from his church work at his farm in Chinhoyi, where he also forced the most beautiful girls to have sex with him in exchange for school fees. Testifying in the ongoing trial in which Gumbura is accused of raping seven women from his church, one of the victims, a 29-year-old woman who was aged 17 then, said while they were on their way to Chinhoyi from Gweru, she was ordered to remain behind at the pastor’s house in Kadoma.

The woman said she had just finished writing her Ordinary Level exams and needed money to proceed to Advanced Level.

She told the court that when she got to the house, there were two other girls from the church whom Gumbura was accommodating.

Gumbura would always peep through the door while they were bathing or getting dressed in their bedrooms, she alleged.

“Pastor Gumbura forced me to abandon my family on the basis that they were not pure before God since they were not members of his church. I was told to go and stay with some other church members in Gweru.

“Along the way to Chinhoyi, he ordered me to remain behind at one of his wives’ houses in Kadoma.

“He said to me: ‘imi vahanzvadzi hamusikuenda kuChinhoyi muchazoenda henyu’ (sister, you are not going to Chinhoyi, you will follow later),” she testified.

The woman said she asked to go back to her parents to enable her to pursue her education since she had passed O-Level, but Gumbura would not allow her.

She said Gumbura told her that civilisation and education were for the devil, hence her idea of going back to school was not permissible.

“I could not run away from him due to his death threats,” she said.

“He would always remind me of how he cast spells on those who disobeyed him. He said some of those who ran away from him were already dead, while some became mentally challenged.

“I recall one day when I was alone at home, the accused came back at around 7pm and demanded that I sleep with him.

“He pushed me against the wall intending to rape me, but fortunately I managed to free myself.

“He was also in the habit of hugging me and in the process fondling my breasts and back.

“He would also lift my skirts together with those of the other ‘sisters’, saying that he wanted to see if we had beautiful legs.

“One day while we were seated in the kitchen together with him, I told his wife all what he was doing to us, but in response he said there was nothing wrong with a ‘father’ watching his children while they bathed.”

As the trial progressed with Harare area public prosecutor Mr Jonathan Murombedzi leading questions, the woman said Gumbura, would take her from one house to the other and from one town to another while pestering her for sex.

The woman told the court that she managed to apply at Chitungwiza Central Hospital for a nursing course and was later invited for an interview.

“When I got to Harare, his second wife Queen Bunga welcomed me and took me to their house and upon arrival I went straight to the bathroom to take a bath,” she said.

“The accused suddenly opened the bathroom door and entered while holding his mobile phone which he used to take photographs of my naked body.

“I pleaded with him to leave the room but he said: ‘Wavinga shumba mumba mayo, nhasi haupunyuke” (You have come into the lion’s den, today I will not let you go).”

The woman’s evidence had to be cut short because of time, and she will continue testifying today before Regional Magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya.

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  • matindindi

    This guy is also on facebook, just search Martin Gumbura or youtube say GUMBURA, all evidence is there.

    • gumbura

      nhai iwe matindindi you mean in this day and age you cant separate a fictious account from a real one.kutozo refer vanhu kuti go and search kani.nxaah

      • Onslo Mukundi

        Muregei waita sei hake. Kuti ndiye waivata vakadzi here?

  • truth

    Herald munonyadzisa? Any rebuttal from the defense? President declared yesterday that ‘it is ok to be polygamous’. Why are you persecuting this man. You know you can get thousands of people to accuse the President of anything does it make it true. They are thousands of people with european and american citizenry based on lies they told about the President. So how come you are using the same imperial tactics to destroy this man?

    • Phineas

      Your church members in the UK who are led by Kizito Kadzirange, the majority of them are on asylum, which they got by demonizing the President and alleging they were being persecuted in Zimbabwe.Don’t try to fool us that you are a loyal Zanu PF member today.Surely if you were a disciplined cadre, you would have long looked for a job and be gainfully employed rather than goning around as a conman stealing other people’s hard earned possessions.The internet is awash with your evil trail.Today you would like to go around pretending to be “Truth”.The Police have your dockets where you stole, skipped the country into Canada for some time, came back, started your criminal activities again including infecting young girls with aids.When you skipped the country to Canada after committing crime, you asked for asylum saying you were being persecuted by Zanu PF government.Today you would like us believe that you are a very loyal party member and would like to be immune from such heinous crimes such as rape.Don’t worry, after the courts are done with your brother, your cases will be laid bare.Herald has done nothing wrong, they are just reporting a serial rapist.The same story is on all our papers, so why pick on the Herald.Its the main talk on the internet and on all key forums.

    • Dutswa

      Anti Herald. Its in the court that these words are said and we, who were not there are hearing the story thru reporting from the Herald. Dont take politics everywhere.

    • Care

      the story should be balanced, where is the defense’s side of the story. We don’t care whether this happened or not but we want fair reporting.

      • Keith

        you dont care about what happened yo dont care that women got raped all you care about is fair reporting….

        he pleads innocent to all charges

      • kam

        its balanced as it is. Gumbura is devil incarnate

    • kam

      is this all about polygamy???? it seems you are brainwashed and stupid as well… i was once under his evil ministry and my father was a minister in that church. he has slept with more than 200 women in that church and you still support such rubbish. wakadyiswa mushonga pa communion iwe…..!

      • wamaromo

        saka Kam does that include your wife and mom too. She went straight to the bathroom and Martin followed her. evidence dzacho dzinospaka hadzo.

    • Mugabe

      Truth uriduzununu, the guy is accused of rape iwe takarasima ne polygamy. zvakafanana papi pauri kupinza president. verenga dzokera kuchikoro. Gudo

    • G Tinofara

      truth nxaa.Do you even exist.Do you have sisters.Stupidest let us stoop as low as you.What imperialistic tactics are u talking about.Idiot


      Haasi kupomedzerwa mhosva yekuita vakadzi vakawanda asi yekurape haunzwisisi wakaita sei

    • Truth chaiyo

      Truth surname yekuti GUMBURA makaipihwa nani, ndipo pane problem, mweya yose yetsvina inobva pazita irori, Pamakatendeuka makaita mistake mukaregera ku chinga zita

  • truth

    Now dont you see that this woman is lying. First she says she was taught education is of the devil then claim he would sex in exchange for fees. This is pathetic. She is contradicting herself. No court of law should waste their time on this pack if nonsense. Has zimbabwe become somalia run by warlords? This is shamockery of the justice system.

    • Nhema

      And she claims that he was taking photos of her while bathing. 12 years ago did we have phones with cameras all over town ?

      • Keith

        others had them and this guy was well off then

    • namatai

      I suspect you are one of his wives. Pliz parade with your fellow wives and support your papa

    • idi-kwe

      iweee……. tinyararire apo……

    • G Tinofara

      Am suspecting you are Gumbura with a gadget in prison and sending these silly texts

    • Truth chaiyo

      Gumbura, wakariwana kupi zita iri, sure mazita ane influence, truth chinja surname yako

    • Truth chaiyo

      Satan chaiye anotyiswa nezvaitiwa nemurume uyu, manje mujere uchasangana nevanozvigona, wajaira kubatira madzimai

  • weAfrica

    `Evil in our midst…

  • Guidemore Saruchera

    This is a monster living amongst God’s sheep.

    • long overdue

      What you did in secret places is now featuring in all papers, shame on you right on the roof top, you gumbura followers its time to sober up, wake up call , cant you see this is the hand of God, his judgment. warning then comes judgement, run to the

  • Mimi

    I am mad at my government for having given this monster Gumbura a farm and yet I, a War Veteran was denied a piece of land in a country that I gave all for it to gain Independence, even after submitting my application forms. I would have done with even 5 acres of land just for subsistence. What is really going on here?? Are we supposed to be happy about this state of affairs or what?

    • $4558738

      they did not know at the time, chances are these will be repossessed when he goes to jail!

  • Tichaona

    I find lots of things not falling into place. I dont like the sound of the last bits (“When I got to Harare, his second wife Queen Bunga welcomed me and took
    me to their house and upon arrival I went straight to the bathroom to
    take a bath,” …. she was free to go to Harare for a nursing course, only to go straight to the house of the man she loathed and dreaded. And straight to the bath kwaanga atojaira kudongorerwa…… Look, this guy may have done all these things BUT somehow, things are not adding up. I am now suspecting pane zvimwewo chaizvo zvaakaita muchinda uyu that has really irritated someone. Now whatever the real story behind the sex tags is not something that the irritated guy behind the scenes cannot use against Gumbura without too much collateral damage, so to fix him the sex stories are being all dug out (and some stories do not add up). I am sure we will soon get young boys testifying that he is also a Ngochani…… and a few girls will say he helped them abort his foetuses….. Gumbura, wakabata pasingabatwi muchinda. Uchafira izvozvo.

    • Chigumbuso

      Gumbura ndaive member yechurch yake kwemakore ndikazosiya ndawona undyire hwake. Chokwadi ndechekuti he led a cult. In a cult people are psychologicaly brainwashed and even juju or shushuto comes into play. Majority yakaroorera imomo vakadzi vacho vakabviswa umandara naGumbura.Vamwe vaibviswa nhumbu. Iye Queen Bunga aiva musikana wa Obert Marange a former church member asi Gumbura uku aikwenya mukomana ari murima, ndokuzosvunura.

  • Mafirakureva

    ZvaGumbura zvinogumbura. Police should investigate rape of under-age minors at the farm so that the trial can be comprehensive. The wives should be arrested as accomplices to these crimes as they knew what was happening

  • Sinyoro

    ko mhosva ya Gumbura ndeyei ,sei vanhu ava vairamba vachienda kwaari vachitadza kuenda kuno isa report ,vamwe they had the guts and opportunity to discuss about this but could not report ummmmm its fishy,vaizvida ava vanhu ,saka Gumbura haana mhosva

    • Keith

      if you understand psychology u would n=know this some victims can even be kidnapped and kept at a house with no locks but wont escape

      that does not mean they are willing.

    • weAfrica

      hanti hanzi they were bound by the church doctrine, vakanzi vaka reporter vaiita munyama kana kufa kikikiki

  • Uche

    2 Thessalonians 2 vs 11

  • Obey Chiyangwa

    I hope the long arm of the law will catch up with this man if all the allegations levelled against him are true. As a people we should also learn not to be gulluble towards Church leaders. While there is nothing wrong in respecting our Church leaders, we should be careful what we do with them and what we do not do with them. There are people out there with very sinister motives who hide behind Church leadership to commit crimes against the same people they are supposed to lead. There also people out there who are bent on tarnishing the image of certain Churches and their leadership to the extent they would lie. let there be justice.

  • Mudimbu

    It is very important to get Mr. Gumbura tested for HIV. I bet he is HIV positive and has been spreading the disease all along. It is possible that *** he can’t think straight anymore. All women who had sex with him should get tested for HIV because they may be spreading HIV in their families.

  • long overdue

    What you did in secret places is now featuring in all papers, shame on you right on the roof top, you gumbura followers its time to sober up, wake up call , cant you see this is the hand of God, his judgment. warning then comes judgement, run to the a

  • Apostle

    Not sure why people are hooked on to these cults. People please read your bible so that you what is real and what is fake. that is the greatest tragedy of todays church, they are hooked to what the pastor says and they don’t do like the church at Berea Acts 17:11


    Mhombwe iyi ngai gare mutirongo kusvika yafa

  • fonso

    This gumbura anofanirwa kudamburwa chinhu and vakadzi vacho imbwa chaidzo, a true wife shld have chinhu chinonzi shanje, not these silly wives vaitota kuti zidhara rirambe richibharavaza vana, iye achienda kujeri moto rova se zum becoz muchamama

  • tasara

    inonzi ninche market yake. Where no one dares. kikikikiki

  • 25years?

    Ko chitsinde paakatendeuka sei asina kuchinja zita. Chitsinde means bully oppressor. He is the self confessed rapist behind these charges. He is scared to testify. Mukabata Gumbura. Kana chitsinde na chesa hava mufambe muharare. Ngozi yacho haimugone. If anything happens to Gumbura chitsinde and chesa will not sleep peacefully.

    • Truth chaiyo

      Wagumbuka ka Gumbura, uchagumburwa mujere nevarume vanogumbura kudarika iwewe, uchaparidza revelations dzako idzodzo mujere

  • Mimi

    Uyu @truth dzakakwana here or dzakatamba nepwere?????

  • Concerned Informer

    Ndakagara ndazviona kuti Truth ndi Wilson Gumbura , Martin Gumbura’s young brother wekuita fraud as well as spreading HIV in Canada before being deported.

  • truth

    You fake message believers. Followers of top cleric sorry top rapist Chitsinde who said this? Gumbura or the Prophet you claim to follow:
    … I don’t care how much science we have, and whatmore, or education, it’s of the Devil. I’ll prove it to you, the Lord willing, in a few minutes. It’s of the Devil.Civilization is of the Devil. I just got through preaching on that. All culture in the earth, all powers of science, and everything, is of the Devil. It’s his gospel he preached of knowledge in the garden of Eden.