Govt to create 4 new towns

Minister Kasukuwere

Minister Kasukuwere

Innocent Ruwende Municipal Reporter
Government is set to create three new towns near Harare and one near Bulawayo that are expected to usher in more than 150 000 houses as it moves to clear the housing backlog, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has said.

This comes as the Government also introduced the Own-Your-Own-Home Scheme nationwide that seeks to meet targets set under Zim-Asset.

Under the economic blueprint, the Government expects to provide up to 300 000 residential stands by 2018 nationwide.

Harare province is expected to deliver 105 935 houses by 2018, the Midlands (56 760), Matabeleland North (28 772), Mashonaland West (23 819), Manicaland (21 830), Masvingo (20 269), Mashonaland Central (16 607), Bulawayo (15 100), Matabeleland South (12 500) and 11 776 in Mashonaland East.

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Last year, the country developed 17 000 housing units and serviced stands under the economic blue-print.

Zim-Asset targets translate to 25 000 units/stands per annum.

Minister Kasukuwere recently said Government would capacitate and give Urban Development Corporation (Udcorp) State land to develop and beneficiaries would be drawn from the Government and local authorities waiting lists.

Minister Kasukuwere said this while announcing the new Udcorp board.

“We will be tabling the matter in Cabinet. We want Udcorp to work with financial institutions in delivering houses. Housing development is currently one of the most corruption-prone areas of development in Zimbabwe.

“We want Udcorp to be transparent and honourable in its activities. Let the corporation be seen as a reliable investment opportunity for home seekers, financiers, partners, donors and other developers,” he said.

Minister Kasukuwere said the role of housing development was supposed to be the preserve of local authorities, but due to numerous reasons and challenges councils failed to meet demand.

He said Udcorp should form partnerships with local authorities for housing delivery and help build their capacity to deliver housing in the near future.

Housing, he said, should not be seen as Harare housing, but also the provision of housing in rural service centres for new farmers, development of sustainable new towns, expansion of existing small towns and growth points and provision of commercial and factory shells to enhance local economic development for sustained urban growth and local value addition.

“Udcorp needs to be proactive in tapping into the funding available for local governance training in the donor community.

“I expect the new board to be energetic, lead to dynamic injection of housing development activity starting today, yes I am impatient for results. I want existing housing construction records shattered as we decimate the waiting lists with speedy housing delivery,” he said.

Economist and development banker Mr Thomas Zondo Sakala will chair the new Udcorp board which also includes Mr Hashmon Matemera, former group managing director of BancABC; UZ lecturer in planning and development Ms Audrey Kwangwama; ministry director Ms Nyasha Priscilla Mudzinge; Harare Institute of Technology Vice Chancellor Eng Quinton Kanhukamwe; architect and technician Ms Nyarai Gutu; and EMA director general Ms Dorothy Chasi.

Over 1,5 million people are on council housing waiting lists countrywide.

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  • Class War

    There is nothing new or exciting about what Tyson is doing. If anything he will soon find out that corruption is marshaled and fueled by ZANU PF and its leaders including the biggest land baron ****. since independence the ZPF government has always underfunded urban housing and since the mid 1990s, it has not been a priority in terms of funding resulting in the rise of land barons also known as ****. I will bet my bottom dollar that Tyson will fail at this one because he knows little about urban housing and he thinks banks will come flying in to fund housing when there always has been legislation that prevents investment into housing like this thing called Rent Control Board.

  • Tapfumaneyi

    Four new towns, but built by which contractors? New infrastructure is required for extra dams, water, sewerage, roads, electricity, etc etc, possibly financed by new loans from our look East friends who’ll insist on supplying everything including imported labour, payable by exclusive rights to all mineral exploitation for the next 100 years?
    We expect Minister Kasukuwere will prove he’s not greedier than previous Ministers by limiting his cut to the habitual 10% of project contracts under mandatory supervision of Udcorp ……., how about dodgy 99-year leases for 150 000 new houses that’ll collapse after 20 years?

  • RGF

    No need to create new towns when we have lots of underdeveloped growth points or settlements around Harare and Byo. Develop Marondera and Norton. Develop Esigodini and Ntabazinduna period.Why try to re-invent the wheel.Someone somewhere wants to loot.

  • Tafadzwa

    What economic activities will support these new towns?

  • kutototo

    Create new towns to provide housing, looks like someone lacks the basics on town planning and geography fundamentals as this will create towns without economic activities and end up being ghost towns.

  • Mohummed

    This is just another ill-conceived idea by Tyson. He has the body of an elephant and the brain of a rat (Moyo, 2013). Why not expand existing Growthpoints??Dununu chairo